Friday, September 04, 2009

No Answers....Yet

My day in a nutshell....woke up after sleeping about 1/2 hour, went to work, called doctor for IVP results, left message, nurse called back, IVP results were negative, left work, went to ER, in ER all day having tests performed, LOTS of waiting, ruled out more options, doctor wanted to send me home without definitive diagnosis and for me to "call the doctor Tuesday," I said no and wanted something further done, that I've been patient enough for 2 months, I've gone through 4 doctors searching for a diagnosis, requested transfer or anything that can help the situation, gynecological doctor on call came down, actually listened to my history, gave me options, going with a laparoscopy on the 29th, basically an exploratory surgery using scopes through my belly button. Will still have to wait for answers, but that's due to pre-certification, etc. I've waited this long, I know I can be patient a bit more. Just thankful to have someone once again listening and being proactive. I have a gameplan and something to work towards.

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Jeanne said...


I read your twitter message with your lap results. If you are looking for information on endometriosis, my blog has a great deal of information about it and my blogroll has many other endometriosis blogs you may find helpful.

Not knowing the background that led up to them giving you the IVP that was negative but having had one myself (nothing to do with my endo), it's also worth note that there are a number of conditions that co-exist with endo for some patients.

In other words, some endo patients (like me) have multiple chronic illnesses that are correlated to endo.

I wish you a smooth recovery from your lap. Having had 7 of them, I know how important it is not to rush the recovery period. It's tempting to jump back into things quickly but your body will thank you for getting the rest needed to recover from surgery.

Best wishes,