Friday, May 30, 2008

Running Funk

For some unknown reason I've been in a funk. A running funk to be exact. Since the Half I've found it harder to get out there and get moving. In addition, when I do, I feel as though I'm trudging along. What's the deal? I ran 13 miles less than 2 weeks ago and now I'm finding it hard to kick out 3 miles. What gives? Most people say that running is 10% physical and 90% mental. That's definitely true. If you defeat yourself before you even step outside your run is doomed. At least that's true in my case. I have to psych myself up for a run. This has always been the case and now it's no different. Especially those long runs. If I go out knowing that I'll be spending 1-2 hours pounding pavement my mind is at ease. Don't get me wrong, I'm still nervous at the challenge set before me, but it's as though I just give myself to the road and roll with it.

So back to my funk. For instance, this morning I had my alarm set for 6am to get up with David (I don't go in until the afternoon). But instead of getting up I told myself, "Ah, give yourself some more time in bed." I kept telling myself that and by the time I actually got up it was 7:30am. Then I wanted to eat, which means I have to wait an hour before heading out. So needless to say I didn't get my butt outside until after 8:30am. I started out running and just felt weird. I wasn't in a groove. This tends to happen for all of my runs. I never feel "good" when I start out. Actually I don't tend to hit my "comfort zone" until 3 miles in. But today felt abnormally weird. My right thigh was killing me (more than likely due to my 5-miler on Wednesday). Normally I'd just muster my way through it but not today. Which meant I started questioning what the hell I was doing trying to run. Yep, the run was doomed from the moment I woke up. Needless to say my run ended up being a walk. A fast walk, mind you, but still it was a walk. The entire time I was beating myself up. "Why didn't I just get up at 6am and leave right away?" "Why am I sore from a run 2 days ago? A run that shouldn't be bothering me at this point in my running "career"." "Why did I eat that Mexican food last night? And even more, why did I over eat?" "Why can't I just get off my ass everyday and do this and not have that little devil on my shoulder trying to talk me out of it. This is something I need for a multitude of reasons. Something that believe it or not I enjoy. True, it is a love/hate relationship, but the payoff is always worth it." "Why am I beating myself up over having these problems?" "Why am I in a funk??"

I think to a certain extent my mind/body saw the Half as a finality to running. Of course I've always known that it was not the end, only the beginning. I just got to get everything back in line and in focus. This includes my mind, my body, my nutrition, and my general lifestyle. David's succeeding in his endeavor of losing/maintaining weight and exercising. I've seen myself start to slack and it's time to take it back.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

The weekend has come to an end. I must say it was quite enjoyable and very needed. David and I each got off at a decent time on Friday, which made for an even more extended weekend.

On Friday afternoon we went to Cedar Point. It wasn't until after we arrived that I realized I forgot all of our cash at home. I had made a special trip to the bank to make sure we had money for our afternoon/evening out, and forgot it at home. In addition, neither of us even had a credit card. So much for wanting to spend the evening at Cedar Point. Just as well though, we met up with the 'rents at Danny Boys and chilled the rest of the evening. While at CP we rode the Gemini and SkyHawk. We don't tend to ride all that many rides when we go over. We mostly walk and people watch. They were our first rides of the season and I got say that they still make your stomach go into your throat on your first few rides. We always start out easy, but it seems like when the years pass each year gets harder and harder to swallow the first time around. We're getting too old for this =)

On Saturday we started our morning out with an easy run downtown. We checked out the new lighthouse sculptures downtown. Pretty cool. We weren't sure what they were about but it seemed like it was on the same concept as the Guitar Mania in Cleveland or the Mermaids On Parade in Norfolk. I guess they're a fundraiser for the Merri-Go-Round Museum and Red Cross. I was kind of bummed to hear that they'll disappear at the end of the summer when they're auctioned off. The afternoon was spent running errands and washing/waxing the cars. David and his dad went up to Cleveland for the Indians game in the evening while I watched a movie, went to dinner with the 'rents, and got comfy on the couch with a book.

Sunday was a day full of projects. We woke up early to go to Home Depot. I wanted to get some top soil to fill in the back corner "garden" area that I've been working on for awhile now. The dirt had become lowered and it was in need of some filling. After that I started my project of scraping and painting the white trim on our house and the garage. The focus was mostly on the porch pillars, the trim on the windows of the garage, and the windows of the garage. It took me awhile. It also got quite warm and I'm not really sure if it makes that much of a difference, but it needed to be done, especially to protect the exposed wood. David and his dad went up to Cleveland again for the 1pm Indians game. A few weeks ago a game had been rained out that my dad and David had tickets for. They announced that the tickets could be exchanged for any other game, however he had to go to the location where the tickets were purchased. We hadn't actually purchased the tickets, as they were a deal through the Indian's teamstore (if you spent so much money you got tickets), but we got them in Elyria. With the cost of gas we weren't about to make a special 30 minute trip. So David stopped on his way to the game Saturday, only to find that you couldn't exchange them for any ticket. It had to be in the month of May. Given that it's the last week of May he had 2 choices. Sunday's afternoon game or Monday's evening game. He chose Sunday's game. So while he and his dad went to Cleveland I stayed busy at the house getting projects done. They are never ending and if anything, as you finish one you find two others that need to be completed too.

We woke up Monday morning to a loud thunderstorm. We both love thunderstorms so it was great to lay in bed listening to the rain and thunder. Too bad Viking doesn't share the same feelings. He's not a fan of storms. They never seemed to bother him until about a year or two ago. He doesn't get crazy, just real clingy. After the storm passed the sun decided to come out and we went out for a bike ride with dad. Soon after the ride we had a cookout at our place with all the 'rents and then spent the rest of the afternoon at Cedar Point. It ended up being a gorgeous day. The crowd at CP was very light and we got on Millenium and Dragster with very little wait. We didn't ease into the big rides much, eh? It's all fun though. I wasn't so nervous about Millenium. Dragster on the other hand...that always gets me heart going.

Enough of my rambling. That was our weekend in a nutshell. I'm bummed that it had to end, but definitely glad to have had the time and great weather. On with the work week....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Additions To The Skate

New Additions To The Skate
Originally uploaded by heidihvt.

Washed and waxed The Skate today, and added my new additions ....13.1 and Runner Girl magnets. This Runner Girl is proud.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I've been tagged by Erika, the Super Runner.

The Rules:
Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random, facts, habits or goals about yourself. At the end, choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names & why you tagged them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment saying “You’re it!” & to go read your blog. You cannot tag the person that tagged you, so since you’re not allowed to tag me back; let me know when you are done so I can go read YOUR weird/random/odd facts, habits and goals.

Here they are:

1. Sometimes I find pleasure in the grossest things. For instance, cat abscesses at work. It’s kind of like popping a huge pimple. It’s great to see the pus spew out of the hole. The chunkier the better.

2. I’m right handed but when I eat I switch back and forth between hands. I do this out of habit and because I feel I’m “unbalanced” if I only use one hand and not the other.

3. I’m a morning person and always have been. I get up early before work to have plenty of time to prepare my mind for the rest of the day. I’d rather get up and be sitting around rather than be running around. It gives me “me time.” I’ll read a book, finish a school assignment, or clean. Even on my days off I often get up with David so I can have a few hours to myself and not waste it sleeping. I also have an internal clock that tends to go off a few minutes to a few moments before my alarm goes off. And when I get up I’m usually ready and raring to go.

4. I’m obsessed with lint rollers. I have one in the upstairs bathroom, in the kitchen, and carry a mini-roller in my purse. Not only that but I have back stock in my linen closet. If you stop by the house more often than not I’ll either have the lint roller or dustbuster in my hand de-hairing the couch, some other object in the house, or myself. That’s what happens when you have 4 shedding animals and work with animals all day too.

5. I can’t leave home without a zip up hoodie. I always get cold while in buildings so it’s most convenient to have one available at all times. It’s almost like a security blanket. I have an assortment of black and gray ones to choose from that I rotate throughout the week.

6. I don’t have the most beautiful yard, however I absolutely hate dandelions. I have a tool called a Weed Hound. I’ll travel around the yard pulling out the weeds. I’ll drive up, see a dandelion, park my car, go get the Weed Hound, pull the dandelion, throw it away, and then go about whatever I was doing.

7. I’ve been in college for 7 years with a 1-year hiatus. Yet, I still don’t have a degree. Soon enough I’ll have my associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology. I’ll be happy and proud but at the same time I can’t believe this is something that’s taken so long for only a 2-year degree. Quoting from the movie Tommy Boy, “ You know a lot of people go to college for seven years.” “I know, they're called doctors.” Ah well. At least I’ll have a degree. Unfortunately it’s not something that’s easily transferable if I ever want to leave the field.

8. I had braces for 2 years in high school. To this day I still wear both of my retainers every night. I didn’t go through that pain for nothing.

9. Fashion really isn’t important to me. I don’t necessarily like to conform to society norms. It’s not that I want to be different; I just want to be me. If I like it, I’ll wear it. If not, then I don’t. I tend to gravitate to bright colors and like things that are not necessarily the popular thing. With that being said, my lifestyle/location doesn’t really allow me to translate those feelings into what I actually wear. My wardrobe consists of jeans, t-shirts, scrubs, and running clothes. I wish I could pull off wearing trendier/different clothes every so often, but in Sandusky, Ohio I may be looked at like a weirdo. Of course that has never stopped me before, but it would also be pointless for me to have more options to choose from. It’d be a waste of money and closet space having nowhere to wear them. I’m going to get dressed up to go grocery shopping? Don’t think so. In addition, I tend to veto many tops I see just for the simple fact that there’s no way to appropriately support my chest. And this girl ain’t going braless. So instead of thinking too hard about what I wear I’ll slip on some jeans and a t-shirt. T-shirts with quirky/crazy/creative sayings always cheer me up.

10. I wish I could somehow turn my love for animals, photography, computers, cleaning, and other hobbies into a financial resource. Meaning, create a business(es). Not necessarily everything combined. I’m always trying to think of something creative to piece together. Of course I don’t know if I’d ever have the guts to actually act on my thoughts.

Who’s up next:

Dad, I know you’ve been tagged by KD, but I’d really like to see you blogging again.

Mom, even though you don’t technically have a blog, I think you’d enjoy it.

Aunt Therese, because I find it enjoyable to hold a conversation with you but don’t know much about you.

Jen, because it seems so long since I’ve talked to you.

Randy, because I’m sure you’ll play along.

David, because even though we’ve been married for almost 6 years, I’m still learning new things about you everyday. Why stop now?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Never Say Never, Because I Can

Here's my Half Marathon story.....

We drove up to Cleveland Saturday morning to meet up with Erika and KD. After getting my haircut and getting a quick bite to eat at the mall we headed down to the Expo to check things out. As we passed the starting point for the race I could feel my heart begin to race. In less than 24 hours we were going to be lining up and taking off at that exact point. Yikes. The Expo was SO much better than the Honolulu Marathon Expo. More than likely Hawaii isn't as accessible as Cleveland so I'm guessing that's why there weren't many vendors when we went. The Cleveland Expo had a ton of vendors and they were giving out free stuff. I got a couple shirts along with a Bondi Band (see below) to add to my running gear.

Afterwards we went back to their place for awhile before going out to dinner at Grande's Italian restaurant. We all carbo loaded and made a quick stop by Ben and Jerry's before going home to get ready for the race. I couldn't believe how fast time was moving as we got closer and closer to race time. We were all debating what to wear, as the weather was to be unpredictable/questionable. The temperature was to be in the upper 40's to low 50's. Looking at my running journal I could see what I wore, when I wore it, how warm/cold it was, and how I felt (too hot, too cold, just right). I couldn't deviate from my comfort zone. I had settled in a long sleeved top, a polar fleece running top, and my usual Adidas pants. So much for wearing my new bright green shorts with coordinating top. I got everything set out and after 5 tries got my number pinned just right. Before we knew it, it was 11pm. Time for bed.

Surprisingly I slept well. I hadn't slept well all week and the night before the big day I did. I don't get it. Whatever, I was pleased. The alarm went off at 4:30am and soon enough the house was buzzing with everyone getting ready. While sitting on the couch eating my oatmeal Rocco and Lola (the dogs) raced inside from being outside. I went to pet them and found that they were wet. Oh no. It was raining. I just told myself that it'd be okay, maybe it'd stop by race time. By 5:30am we were on the road heading to downtown was still raining but had let up. We walked to the Galleria which was the "headquarters" for the race. Thankfully we were able inside to keep warm and dry, but not for long. After a bit of a whirlwind of a morning consisting of us losing and unable to find David (long story), waiting in a VERY long line for the bathroom, and then coming to find David where I had left Erika it was time to head out for the race. I felt like a deer in headlights, just taking it all in. People were all doing their own thing. Jumping around, stretching, getting warmed up and pumped up. I just wanted to get this thing started. I threw on my garbage bag for protection over my already wet clothes in hopes of protecting myself from further soaking. Thankfully Erika gave us the heads up on bringing and preparing trash bags for each of us. Looking back they helped a great deal. Never could I have imagined running a half marathon, let along a half marathon in the rain, and in a trash bag.

7am arrived and it was time to get the show on the road. There David and I were, standing in the pouring rain asking each other why the heck we were doing this. All we could do was shake our head. Any other day we probably would have said, "Well, we'll just run tomorrow...." or run a shorter route. But no, this was the Big Day. The bell went off, we could hear the rise of cheers and movement around us. It was starting. We knew mom, dad, and Sita were planning on being there for the start. We weren't sure whether they'd make it, but we kept our eyes out. Before crossing the start line I caught a glimpse of my mom's pink coat, we exchange "woo's!", gave high fives, and off we went. I couldn't help but have the feeling before I get on the Dragster at Cedar Point. Total anticipation. As we crossed over the official start line David and I said our goodbyes and off he went. It'd be another 2 hours and 42 minutes before I'd see him again.

To begin, the pack was so tight. You're weaving in and out trying to set your pace without tripping over someone else. As the race moved along we stretched out and became more comfortable. It seemed to take forever to hit the first mile marker. Actually, it seemed to take forever to hit each mile marker. Thankfully as the race went on it seemed to be a shorter and shorter time in my mind....of course not necessarily in reality. At mile 1 I caught mom's coat out of the corner of my eye. She was hooting and hollering, carrying on. I made sure to let her know I was wearing hot pink under my trash bag so she'd know what to look for.

At mile 2.5 I found myself going around the Browns Stadium and heading up the "dreaded hill." It's the hill that has been a beast to me for every Cleveland run. I got a quick glance and holler from KD and continued on my way. Running up the hill I looked over to see runners way ahead of me running up and entrance ramp to Route 2. They were going up and up and up. Oh boy. I knew that mile 3-4 was going to be the toughest elevation. Actually, any elevation was going to be tough considering I had almost no training since Sandusky is flat. I knew it going in and was prepared mentally for it. Of course that didn't mean it didn't give me a challenge.

I couldn't believe I felt the urge to urinate so soon in the race, especially after waiting forever to go to the restroom. I kept seeing people dodge off the course, obviously seeking a place to relieve themselves. At least I wasn't the only one dealing with the urge. Unfortunately I'm a female and a modest one at that so I couldn't just go off into the trees and relieve myself. And of course every porta potty stop had huge lines. At mile 5 I saw people still heading off the course but could see they were heading to a building. I was in luck. It was a public restroom. Even better, there was no wait. I was in and out. I also ditched the trash bag, as it had stopped raining and refilled my water bottle. I couldn't believe that I had already drank 1/2 bottle. Of course when I left the bathroom it had started raining again....after I had thrown away the trash bag. Ah well, continue on.

I absolutely loved miles 5-8. The neighborhoods were so pleasant with gentle rolling inclines and dips along with gorgeous homes. We had many cheering sections too. I couldn't believe the amount of people that came out in the weather to cheer us on. Once I reached mile 8 I found myself with a couple policemen of the torch relay. That was pretty cool to see them as they handed off every 1/4-1/2 mile. Of course they lost me after several handoffs since they kept handing off to fresh individuals.

By mile 9 my legs were tired. I also felt the urge to relieve myself again. I had never had to relieve myself twice on a long run but didn't deny myself the need. I stopped at a porta potty and once again headed off. From mile 10-11 I found myself walking/running/walking. Anytime I walked I'd keep a good pace along with a smile on my face. Instead of beating myself up for walking I just enjoyed my surroundings and took in the experience. Going over the Superior Bridge was awesome. Seeing it from a different angle/view I was in awe.

I had finally reached mile 11. I could taste the finish. At mile 11.5 I saw mom and dad once again. They asked quickly if I was okay. I flashed a smile and said, "Yeah!", gave them high fives and said I'll see you in a few. Mile 12 came. Let's head home! I exchange a quick conversation with another runner, finding out that she had only been running for a year and it was also her 1st Half. We encouraged each other and then I turned the corner and set my sights on the finish. I could hear the cheers. I kept pushing and finally kicked it out with about 1/4 mile left in the race. I could feel my pace and the volume of cheers increase as I got closer. For the last time I caught a glimpse of mom's jacket, could hear them along with Sita yelling, I raised by arms and crossed the finish line. Whew. I did it. I received my medal, placed it around my neck with pride, and grabbed a few pieces of food before leaving the finish area. I quickly found everyone and we headed into the Galleria to stay warm and recover. I was fine for about 10 minutes and then I started feeling ill. I can only determine that it was my sugar getting too low. I've had the problem before so I know that I must force myself to eat but it still doesn't make it easy when all your body wants you to do is vomit. After a time of recovery and some massage from Sita it was time to head home. We recovered the rest of the afternoon, trying to believe that we competed and finished a half marathon.

I'm sure David won't post so I'll give you a quick race report for him. He did awesome. He finished at 2:04. Just amazing. He truly is the hare while I'm the tortoise. That's okay though. I have to admit though, a little frustrating considering I "prepared" more than he did. He was unable to train most of the winter due to the cold/limb numbness, while I still trudged through snow. But that's okay. He served his time in Hell while in the Marine Corps. Running didn't initally come easy to him. It was just pounded into him for so long that his body finally accepted it. I am very proud of him and thankful that we could share in this experience together yet separate.

Erika did awesome as well. It's so unfortunate that she didn't meet her goal, but that's okay, things happen for a reason. KD and her are so great. They put up with us newbies the entire weekend and we totally appreciated it. Sorry guys for being a pain. I can't wait to run another one in the future. Of course that's if you'll allow us. Hopefully the morning will go smoother.

Looking back on the experience I've realized a few things.....
I had hoped to run the whole thing and not walk. But that's okay. I understood my situation and reminded myself that my goal was to finish a half marathon. That which I did.

Looking at pictures I really need to work on my posture. Yikes.

I still don't want to do a marathon but I can see this as the start to many future half marathons. I can't wait to get back out there and start training for the next race.

As expected, there was really nothing to worry about and be anxious about. Of course the mind and body work on 2 totally different wavelengths so I'll have the same problem for future races. Hopefully this will just put it in a better perspective.

I totally enjoyed my atmosphere and experience. Even the anxiety, excitement, the pain, and the nausea. The day turned out absolutely beautiful by the end of the race. The sun was out, I was watching what was going on around me, taking it all in. In talking to David he doesn't really remember people, buildings, or all that was happening around him. He was hooked on adrenaline and was cruising along. I on the other hand am slower and figured I might as well take advantage of it. I'm not really the type to go all out with pushing myself with pace. Actually the only time I looked at my Garmin was to check out my distance. Not once did I look at my pace. I didn't care. Looking at my stats I kept a decent pace in the beginning. Too bad I didn't keep it. But that's okay. I'm happy with my result. I don't see myself wanting to train hardcore to reduce my race time by a lot, but I do see myself wanting to better myself even if it's with baby steps. In addition, my parents now know where I stand in regards to pace. No one realized how slow I was I guess. They kept wondering where the heck I was and were worried that something happened. I guess that explains why they asked, "Are you okay?" at mile 11.5. Mom says that if I continue doing these races I have to get a GPS on my body so that they can follow me. She couldn't believe how draining it was just to keep an eye out for me. Sorry mom. And sorry it took so long to get to you. As my new shirt says, "Remember, the tortoise won the race."

More Pictures From The Race

Friday, May 16, 2008

Just About Here

I'm really too tired to be blogging, but wanted to post something before the big day. Yes, tomorrow morning we'll be heading up to CLE. First stop, another haircut, then we'll head down to the marathon expo. We're staying overnight at Erika and KD's place to hopefully avoid any early morning mishaps. I'm looking forward to the experience but can't help feeling so anxious that I'm nauseous at the same time. I'll be fine and then I'll think about it....a chill goes through my body and my heart starts pumping. I really don't think I was this nervous even before our wedding. Actually, I can't remember the last time I was this nervous. It will be fine. I'll be fine. It will be good. Positive thoughts.....

It's been a week. With the start of school and then the CE conference I've been keeping busy. They also announced the dates for my Fast Track Lab (Texas trip) today. Needless to say I gotta just put that in the back of my mind and address it after Sunday's race. One thing at a time. We'll book flights, hotel, and activities later. Thankfully I'm well on my way with my classes assignments, so that's far from my mind.

Well, that's it. Time to head off to bed. Hopefully I won't find myself wide awake in the middle of the night as I have been having quite often this week. Until Sunday, or later...Happy Running!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dance Your Cares Away! Worry's For Another Day!

Fraggle Rock is back?! No way. Check it out!

It's Coming

I was about to sit down and do some school work. But considering I've been doing it darn near all day I thought it was time to take a moment to blog and update whoever cares what's going on in our lives.

For those that saw my tweet, there may be an issue with my English course for my vet tech program. Yeah, isn't it great that they tell me as I go into my last semester. Right. I called the school to ask about how I need to answer a question on my Co-op form. At that time the registrar asked me about my English course. She said I took English 112 which would be comparable to their 1302. No problem, right? No. I need 1301, not 1302. In other words I need 111 and not the 112 that I took my first semester of college. I guess 112/1302 is the 2nd class and not the 1st in the English series. I explained that I don't know why I took the class other than that's what my advisor had me sign up for. The registrar stated that she'd look into it and see what to do. I did a quick search of BGSU's site to find that I had taken a placement test and was placed higher in 112 instead of 110 or 111. Ah, that rang a bell. I then called the registrar back and notified her of what happened but she was still unsure as to why this was the case. I had to explain it several times. I also asked why this is now just being caught. Every level I progressed in the program I had to have more general education/prerequisite classes finished. I had most of them done before entering the program with the exception of speech and biology. She said, "we just look at it on a case by case basis." So according to what she's saying is I may not get credit for my class even though it was on a harder learning level. Once again, right.....So as of this very moment I'm not sure what my next step will be since she has to "look into it." However, I do have in my hot hands not only all of my transcripts but also my approval, signed by the previous program director, that says my course credits transferred. Date 1/13/ first semester of the program. All I know is this, if need be I will fight it but hope it doesn't come to that. Why must this happen in my last semester? I definitely don't want to go another semester to take a class that I've basically already taken, but one step higher.

The Half Marathon is around the corner. Really, it is. On Sunday I had one of those, "holy crap" feelings. The kind where your heart feels like it's pumping out of your chest and you start to sweat. Of course it wasn't just because of the race but also because I knew it'd be an interesting week with school starting and the seminar too. I feel confident in my school work (other than the English deal stated above). I know the seminar will go fine. Just nervous about going to a weird place by myself, that's all. As for the run, well, I think you can understand my nerves. Actually, maybe not. Even my long training runs cause an anxiety with me. Once I get out there I get into a zone and am fine, but it's just getting to that point. I just question my ability to run it, which I shouldn't do so. I've done it before, why do I worry? I must say though, this past weekend's run didn't boost my confidence and if anything caused positive reinforcement to my having anxiety. I already have my list started for things to take and know what I'm wearing all the way down to my underwear. Yes, I know the race is Sunday, but you can never be too prepared. Having the right underwear can make a big difference. Actually, I can't say for sure what I'll be wearing. I have my bright green shorts planned, so I'll be easier to pick out in the crowd, but looking at the weather that may not be possible. In checking the weather it's calling for rain and high near 57. Considering we'll also be running starting at 7am it will be quite chilly. Shorts may not be in the gameplan. Of course you have to figure in your own increase in body temperature and increase in temperature as time goes on too though. I'll probably take a wide variety and choose the morning of the race. I see wearing layers and stripping down happening.

On the Zoloft front, things are going great. I've been taking it in the morning and haven't had any issues and am sleeping through the night. And as of Saturday I have upped my dose to the recommended dose. I was originally on half the dose to prevent any side effects. So no more side effects and I feel pretty darn good. No complaints from me.

So that's what's the deal here. Time to get back to books.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Something's Not Right

Just got back from my "long" last run before next week's Half. Needless to say, it was shitty and disheartening. Not really the kind of last long run I had hoped for. I have to attribute it to several factors. I haven't run since last Sunday. That had to do with weather, my schedule, and me not feeling too well. Over the past 72 hours I've had some GI issues going on. Not just GI but some unknown source of pain too.

On Wednesday we had shish kabobs on the grill. By Thursday afternoon I had this turning in my chest/abdomen right below my sternum. I can compare it to several when you get a sharp pain in your chest unexpectedly (although not as sharp) or if you were to swallow a hard piece of candy whole and have it sit in your esophagus/stomach and hurt until it dissolves. It comes and goes but as stated it almost feels like a turning or wrenching feeling. I thought it may have been heartburn but I'm not the type to usually have that problem. Not to mention, we were currently out of OTC meds for me to take. I kept on only to wake up and have it during the night too. I found that no matter what I did nothing helped. I thought I'd eat a banana. Nope, didn't help. I tried not to eat. Nope. I tried a ton of water. Nope. I woke up with the same problem along with some additional GI upset on Friday. While at work my coworkers recommended I try some Tums, and after 2 hours a 5 tums later, it didn't help. I took a Zantac. I think it may have helped but the symptoms were back soon after so I can't say whether it was the Zantac or not.

Of course this discomfort has taken me to the Internet in search of possibilities. Now, I'm not trying to diagnose myself by any means, but I figured I'd humor myself. So the Internet, along with other people's suggestions, leads me to a gall bladder issue. Once again, I don't think this is the problem considering I've never had issues before but I dunno.

Looking at my diet I can't really pinpoint anything that could've set this off. I haven't tried anything that I've never tried before and for those that know me I have a pretty set diet. Same thing for breakfast and lunch usually every day. Oatmeal for and yogurt for lunch. My dinner usually has variety, but I still have my staples. The only thing I can think would be the the potatoes or more likely the green peppers from the shish kabobs because I had them Wednesday and Thursday. In addition, I eat green peppers but not that often and not in that abundance.

So, I dunno what's going on. I just want it to end and hopefully well before next weekend. I know I can run 13.1 miles. But how pretty it is depends on many variable factors.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

An Answer To My Problem

So, this is the deal. I found a cheap CE option that's local. Problem is that it's next week....half marathon's next week. I had originally ruled it out because of the marathon. And if it weren't for Doc saying, "You might want to look into it...." I wouldn't have reassessed the situation. Actually, he wanted me to drop out of the Half just to attend the conference. He said, "I think you have to get your priorities straight." priorities are straight. I haven't put my heart, soul, sweat, and pain into this only to come up empty handed. Yeah, so what if "there are a million other races that come around." This ones mine. I claim it and I'm not going to give it up. Not to mention I'm not going to be out our entry fee $ either. So, instead of attending the whole conference I'll attend Thursday and Friday, getting 9.5 hours toward my 16 hour requirement. Then I'll make the rest up with odds and ends here and there that I've found. I already have 3 more hours lined up. Good to go. And as stated in my previous post, the school will work with me in regards to the time I'll be down in Texas and not here working. Meaning, I'll just use my time down there towards my 20 hour requirement for that specific week if need be. Whew. After looking at the situation and moving things around I've saved around $1000. Of course I still need to pay for my trip to Texas, etc. but that was already in my plans.

But the conference along with my first week of school (and getting my first week's assignments done), a doctor's appointment, a hair appointment, going up to Cleveland Saturday, and then the half marathon Sunday it's looking like a hectic week. Not to mention, even though I'm going to taper my running I still have to fit in some running and time to pack. Hopefully I'll fit in more miles than I have so far this week. With the not so nice weather and a pounding heading yesterday (when I say pounding, I mean darn close to a migraine) I haven't run since Sunday. Ouch. Gotta get out there. Tonight's not looking to promising but I got to try.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Trying To Figure It Out

My summer semester for school's just about to get started. Of course, that brings along it's own frustrations. I'm only taking 3 classes, but it looks like it may be a challenging semester. Not necessarily the information in the classes but meshing the classes and my schedule altogether. Let me explain....

Looking ahead I know I'll need to travel down to Texas for approximately a week. This is to fulfill my large animal requirements for the program. I'll be taking what they call a Fast Track Lab. It was either that or ride around an entire semester with a large animal vet. Considering I still need to work and make money and also maintain my current position of employment, this isn't an option. So going down to Texas is the only way. However, I'm not sure how long I'll be down there or when I'll be down there until after the semester starts (May 12th). They have to first see how many people are in the class and what the actual campus schedule is before scheduling the lab. This causes a possible conflict at work considering the summer months are considered our "busy" months, along with another coworker going on maternity leave in the summer. Add on to that the cost of flying down there, paying for a hotel/car, etc. This will get kind of costly. I had dealt with the fact of paying for it, but then here comes another thing....

I will be taking a Cooperative Education class. Basically, a co-op. I think this is kind of uncalled for given that my entire time while in the program I've been "co-oping" or having on the job training. In addition, I need to fulfill 16 hours of continuing education (CE). This is plain ridiculous. I'm in school and I have to have CE? Not only that, but I have to pay for it. Not to mention, my first year of being Registered in Ohio doesn't even require that I have CE considering I'll have been right out of school. Being in Ohio it's not like I have all that easy access to any major conferences (this time of year) and in searching online for days I came to the conclusion that I'll just have to fulfill it by flying to Myrtle Beach and attending a conference. Once again, how am I going to pay for this? Not to mention, with the Texas trip, our cruise in the fall, and then this I'll most likely have no vacation time to use. Okay, so I just figured I'll have to deal with it. So much for a stimulus check.

Then I signed online yesterday to find that information has been posted for this class. Good to go. I started reading to find that my CE can be almost anything I want. I could sit and talk to Doc for an hour a week and have it fulfilled. That's cool, even though I was just warming up to the idea of Myrtle Beach (it's still not out of the question). Then, that's when I got blindsided. As stated above I must fulfill 240 work hours total for the summer. That comes out to 20 hours per week. Piece of cake. I do around 44-47 hours average per week. But wait! What about when I have to go to the fast track lab?? I shot a quick email to my professor and finally received an email back today saying that I must fulfill a minimum of 20 hours per week. I can't use overflow from one week to the next. And if not, I don't pass the class "No exceptions. Sorry, that's the requirement and it's out of my hands" Whoa, whoa, whoa. So what, are you telling me?? I have just called him and left a message. Now, there's a chance that this Fast Track Lab may be just a 4 day weekend type thing that wouldn't interfere with my work hours too horribly, allowing me to fulfill my requirements. However every document I have says that it can be from 4-7 days depending on the amount of students involved. So, it looks like if it's closer to the 7 day type of deal I'm screwed. This truly frustrates me given the fact that I wanted to do the large animal class last semester (as did my employer) but the school advised me not to take my classes in that order and that I should wait for the last semester. Right. Way to advise. I could be (and hope) that this seems like a bigger thing that it actually is, but still, it's frustrating given that I'm so close to the end and this could easily turn into me having to take another semester.

Update: Just got off the phone with my professor. Looks like they're going to work with me in regards to me going down to Texas/Co-op. So no need to worry about that. As for the CE, I'll have to figure something else out.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm A Mango

I'm not big on receiving/sending forwarded emails. However, I got one from a friend that I found quite cute. Since I don't forward emails I thought I'd post it on here.....

Which fruit would you pick if you were handed these?
1. Orange
2. Apple
3. Banana
4. Coconut
5. Pineapple
6. Papaya
7. Mango
8. Cherry
9. Black Grapes
11. Custard Apple
12. Pear

ORANGE - If orange is your favorite fruit, it speaks of a person who has enduring patience and willpower. You like to do things slowly, but very thoroughly and are completely undaunted by hard work. You tend to be shy, but are reliable and trustworthy friend. You have an aesthetic bent of mind. You select your partner withcare and you love with all your heart, and not in for just a fling. You avoid conflict at all costs.

APPLE - If apple is your favorite fruit, you are an extravagant, impulsive and outspoken person, often with a bit of a temper. While you may not be the best organizer yourself, you make a good team leaderand are good at taking things forward. You can take quick action in most situations. You enjoy travel immensely. You ooze with charm when you are withyour partner. You have an enthusiasm for life,unmatched by most.

BANANA - You are a softy! Loving, gentle, warm and sympathetic by nature is the banana lover. You often lack in self-confidence and arequite timid by nature. People often take advantageof your sweet temper, and sheer vulnerability to asituation. You adore your partner in every which way, both for their mental and physical beauty! Because of the way you are, your relationship is always very much in harmony!

COCONUT - The coconutlover is a serious, very thoughtful andcontemplative person. Though you enjoy socializing,you are particular about the company you keep. Youtend to be stubborn but not necessarily foolhardy. Shrewd, quick-witted and alert, you ensure that you are right on top of any given scenario, especially at work. You need a partner with brains, and while passion is important it certainly isn't everything for you.

PINEAPPLE - You are quick to decide andeven quicker to act. You are brave in asking career changes, if that is what is to your advantage. Youhave exceptional organizing abilities and are undaunted by the size of the task at hand. You tend to be self reliant, sincere and honest in your dealings with others. Though you are not given to making friends very quickly, but once you do, it isfor life. Your partner is often impressed with your sterling qualities but disappointed in your abilityto show affection.

PAPAYA - You are truly fearless and take much that happens in life in your stride.You give considerable thought to things you do. You have a sense of humor that, along with your generous nature, keeps you in most people's good books. You are a go-getter in your professional life, and havea knack for being in the right place at the right time. You enjoy meeting new people and seeing newsights whenever you can. Your sense of humor is whatattracts members of the opposite sex to you more than anything else. It is simply charming!

MANGO - Amango lover is a personality to reckoned with; quite often, you are a person who has quite fixed ideas, and influencing you is not an easy task. You tend to be an extremist with strong likes and dislikes, and at times even like to control a situation. You enjoy getting involved in something that presents mental challenge. Strong as you may be, you are like a kitten when you are with your partner. You accommodate the love of your life, and make up for all the strong will elsewhere!

CHERRY - If cherry is your favorite fruit, life isn't always as sweet for you. You often face ups and downs, particularly professionally, and find that you make small sums of $$$, instead of a lump sum. You have a fertile imagination and are often involved in creative pursuits. You are a very sincere and loyal partner,but find that expressing your feelings is not very easy. Your home is your haven, and you love nothing more than being surrounded by close family andyour beloved partner.

BLACK GRAPES - You are apolite person in general, but do have a quickflare-ups of temper that cool down just as quickly.You enjoy beauty in all forms, including beautiful people. You are very popular because of your warm,gregarious nature. You have a zest for life; you enjoy everything you do, right from the way youdress, to your style and your day-to-day life. Yourpartner must share your zeal and zing for life toenjoy all you have to offer!

PEACH - Like a peach, you enjoy the juice of life and all its lush ripeness! You are the friendly sort, and are quite frank and outspoken, which adds to your charm. Youare quick to forgive and forget; and value yourfriendships highly. You have an independent and ambitious streak in you that make you a real go-getter. You are the ideal lover, fiery and passionate but sincere and faithful in love. You don't, however, like to display all that passion inpublic.

CUSTARD APPLE - You are a modest andconservative person who can be quite sensitive attimes. You tend to be thoughtful and contemplative,and therefore are rarely rash in doing things. You are quite ambitious and are good at anything that requires much detailing or working with numbers. You are quick at finding fault with others. While looking for a good old passion. You are quite shy and not very comfortable demonstrating affection.

PEAR - If you put your mind to something you can doit successfully, but by and large you tend to be fickle and have trouble completing a task with theenthusiasm you started it with. You need to know the results of your efforts almost immediately. You enjoy mental stimulation and love to get into a good discussion! You tend to be a restless and high-strung person, and are easily excited. Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect! It means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections!

So, what fruit are you??

Friday, May 02, 2008

Almost There

This week has been quite hectic. David's been in Warren, Ohio for work but having to commute every 2 days due to his schooling here. Long story on why he has to do it. So he's had some long days. For instance, yesterday he woke up in Warren, went to his class there from 7am-3:30pm. Drove home and went straight to his class here from 6pm-9pm, and then came home and we went right to sleep. He then had to wake up at 4am this morning in order to be in Warren by 7am. And that's just one day this week. He's been doing that type of stuff all week long. He'll be glad to be home tonight and sleeping in tomorrow. He'll then be heading up to Cleveland with his dad tomorrow to watch their first Indians game in their tickets series. There's supposed to be morning showers and it's an evening game, so hopefully they'll have decent weather.

As for me, my week hasn't necessarily been so hectic but I've had trouble sleeping for some reason. And I'm not so lucky to have Saturday off. It's my weekend to work at the clinic so I get to get up early one more day this week. In addition, since last week my knee's been giving me some problems, once again. I took Monday off after the long run and then ran a short 3.3 miles on Tuesday which proved to be a bad idea. Looking at the situation I want/need to run but again, I'm trying to be smart and have taken Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off. More than likely I'll take tomorrow off too, due to me having to work in the morning and then will try for slower, long run Sunday. As usual, it's messing with my head not running. It's the same thing as always. I'm not running and feel like I'm eating too much. Plus, I'm not staying on track for the half-marathon. You get the idea.

I go to the doctor once more this morning so we shall see what happens with that. Happy Friday to everyone!