Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ride 'Em Cowboy

Whew! A little tired this morning. Guess that 4 day rest was definitely what made me go that extra mile (almost literally) yesterday. I still did the same route and amount today but it wasn't as easy as yesterday. Ah well, you'll have those days. Drive, Drive, Drive.

David got burnt yesterday at work. He was changing a valve on a machine and all the sudden his arm was covered in boiling water. He ended up at the ER, but he's fine. He has 2nd degree burns on his wrist and 1st degree up his forearm. Hey, he even got his tetanus shot. Kind of ironic because I was just thinking the other day when his last tetanus was given because of the risks he has with his job. Well, no need to worry because now he's up to date. And just like me, we didn't even have to pay for it because our injuries both happened while on the job. I guess that's something positive that comes out of getting injured while you're at work.

On a different note, we had planned to go to CP last night and David still felt up to going. So we got our passes and headed into the park. I got my first corn dog of the season...yum! We figured we'd check out the line for Maverick because we might as well ride it now while the lines are shorter. The park wasn't empty but it definitely wasn't full either. The Maverick line sign said it was 1 and 1/4 hours wait but we were in and out of the line/ride in 45 minutes. It's definitely a cool ride. The hill's not high but you go real fast up the thing and then the drop over is over a 90 degree fall, making you feel like you're going to turn over. Then the rest of the ride you're flyin' and rollin'. It's a good ride. I definitely want to ride it again. Then we headed over to David's newest favorite, the Skyhawk. If you've never seen it basically envision a gigantic kid's swing that is all you ever wanted as a kid. You keep going higher and faster and it's just great. After that we headed back to the front to try finding the 25 cent cotton candy. FYI they no longer have this "deal". Bummer. So we settled for a donut from Donut Time (where the front arcade used to be next to the ice cream parlor). They were very good and surprisingly not all that expensive considering it's CP. We had the place all to ourselves which I'm figuring will not happen in the near future again. So it was nice to soak up all that was around us. It's a cute little place. Kind of like a coffee shop thing with Starbucks coffee and even internet access. So we had a fun time and it will definitely be nice to go over there here and there and spend a few hours to unwind at the end of a long day.

David's up now. Time to go re-wrap the arm. Have a good day!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Motivational Thought

Believe and Achieve
If you want a thing bad enough
To go out and fight for it,
Work day and night for it,
Give up your time and your peace and your sleep for it,
If only desire of it makes you never tire of it,
And life seems all and empty and useless without it
And all that you scheme and dream is about it,
If gladly you’ll sweat for it,
Fret for it, plan for it,
Lose all your terror of the opposition for it,
If you’ll simply go after that thing that you want,
With all your capacity,
Strength and sagacity,
Faith, hope and confidence and stern pertinacity,
If neither cold poverty, famished and gaunt,
Nor sickness nor pain
Of body and brain
Can turn you away from the thing that you want,
If dogged and grim you besiege and best it,
You’ll get it!
~Berton Braley

Does Running In The Morning Help?

Or is it that I had 4 days "rest" from running? I dunno but I had a personal best today of 1.3 miles. What?! Yep, you read right. I ran my entire route and then a short brisk walk for about 0.1 miles then the route again...which then added up to 1.3 miles. At the end of 2 routes I also speed (AKA nerd) walked another way around the route. Yay! My neighbor up the way, Sue, decided to join me this morning so as I ran past her house she ran out. She's real athletic but is "out of shape" at this time. So for the first time ever I ran with someone that I was "better" than. She still kept up with me though! I'm liking this morning run stuff. Up before the rest of the world and when the sun hasn't come up yet. Perfect! I love the morning. Can you tell I'm siked right now??

Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekend Full O' Projects

Boy, what a weekend. I can't believe how much we got done. I guess that happens when you put your mind to it and when you have help from those around you.

Project# 1-The Kitchen
It's done. Well, almost. All that's left is the floor, which is in the plans, but not anytime soon. We've done some work on it since we moved in, like remove wallpaper and paint but to give you a full effect of what all we've done I've posted pictures from when we moved and now....

Kitchen When We Moved In

Kitchen Now

Project #2-David's Vikings Room
We've been working on this for awhile now. I finally had time to paint all the woodwork including the wall cabinets and window frames that are in the room. There are no pictures for this project, as it is still in the works. We wanted to finish it this weekend, but in order to do so we wanted to get all the framed Sandusky pictures out of there before going any further. Since they've been leaning on the wall they've been leaving marks so we didn't want to freshen them up only to have more problems. So that's what leads us to the next project.

Project #3-Sandusky Pictures
David had the chance to hang what Sandusky pictures that we've framed thus far. Originally we were only going to keep the Sandusky items in our stairway, but with the eye of a friend he suggested we put them in our living room since our stairway isn't open and you wouldn't be able to get the full effect of the pictures. And considering we didn't have much decoration in the living room we thought it was a great idea.

City Of Sandusky Map 1883

The Boeckling

Other Sandusky Pictures

In addition to hanging the Sandusky pictures he hung his Marine Corps pictures that I framed a few weeks back. These are located in our hallway upstairs.

Project #4-Painting The Garage
As with most of our project weekends we had a few unexpected projects and this was one of them. The 'rents gave us a bug and all the sudden we were painting the garage. I won't complain because this is something that was on our list of things to do in the future. Hey, it's just getting done sooner than later. Why not do it now when you have time, beautiful weather, and people to help you? This project isn't totally finished yet but hope to have it done within the next 2 weeks or so. The front and side have their first coat of paint, which leaves 2 sides left to do with a first coat and then a final coat all the way around. It will definitely spruce up our backyard and the general look of everything.

Painting The Garage

What a great feeling to get all of this done. And guess what else? We even made it to the movies to see Pirates 3 (frickin' awesome if I do say so myself...we gotta go see it again!), I mowed and edged the lawn, we hung a pleated fan flag outside, took care our friends dog while they were away, and got some clothes shopping in.

Yep, I went shopping and picked up 2 pairs of capris in record time (Only 1 hour of shopping) using gift certificates from Sita and Alpa from Christmas. Remember I'm a power shopper but I don't always find what I want or that fits. So it's not such a surprise that I got something in that short of time but that I actually found something.

In addition, we ended our weekend with a Memorial Day cookout at our house with all the 'rents. And, my house is all in one piece with all clothes washed and folded. Whew! As you can see we've had a very full weekend. Hope ya'll had weekends that were just as fun and fulfilling wherever you were.

I better get going so I can get geared up for the week. Starting tomorrow I will be rising at 5:30am to start morning runs. It's getting too hot to run after work so it's just a little sacrifice I can make in hopes of bettering myself.

We got our Cedar Point vouchers from Sita and Alpa today too...maybe we'll be able to make it to the park tomorrow night.....

Friday, May 25, 2007

Cabinet Update

We're finishing up our activity of cabinet painting for the night and wanted to show how far we've come. As with all home projects we hit a roadbump here or there...for instance we couldn't use the spray painter because of malfunction, so we just ended up hand painting...But this is what we've got so far...

Lined Up Ready to Be Painted

Cabinets Starting To Be Primed

Cabinet Doors Primed

First Coat Of Black Paint

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Kitchen Cabinets Have Been Started

It's Tuesday night and guess what? Our kitchen cabinets have been started. Yeah, I know this was supposed to be done during the weekend but I just can't wait any longer. Hey, I'm determined to see Pirates 3. I also wouldn't mind getting more things done around the house this weekend with it being an extended weekend and all. But we'll see...whatever. It's midnight. I've worked an entire day, come home and run, and sanded all the cabinets (not the doors) and the paneling in the kitchen. Now I just gotta unwind and go to sleep. Tomorrow's my day off...what shall I do? School work? House work? How about a little bit of both??

Now I know why kitchen cabinets have doors...

Big Paws To Fill

If you can remember back to last month I posted that my coworker, Shelly, had to put her dog down due to Hemangiosarcoma. Her family has recently added an 8 week old puppy and he's such a cutie. His name is Mace and here he is with his friend R2D2....

Monday, May 21, 2007

Check It Out

Our neighborhood got a little blurb on the front page of the Sandusky Register today for our "Third Street Flower Pot." It something that our block has started this year in hopes of making our area more distinctive and charming. As you know from previous posts we've been trying to make the former McKelvey Plat area (which we reside in) an even brighter location to live. We've had some roadblocks and found that it's much easier to start on a smaller scale and branch out. So that's what our block is attempting. What a great feeling to see something positive on the front page, and even better, you have something to do with it!

Monday's Thought For The Day

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Double Espresso

Ha! I thought this was kind of funny and crazily accurate...even though I don't drink coffee....

You Are a Double Espresso

Hey Energizer Bunny Girl! Do you ever slow down?
You're a mix of high energy and ambition, perfectly matched with strong espresso
When you want something you get it - by any means possible
You're driven, determined, and no nonsense. Which is just how you like your java.

A Wonderful Spring Weekend

One more spring weekend past. I worked on Saturday and it ended up being crazy. Walk ins and sick/hurt animals kept our morning occupied. This included a couple from Cleveland that's dog was out in the boat yard and got it's side torn open from a propeller/motor...not a pretty sight. So in addition to working we ended up working about 1.5 hours past practice hours to get everyone taken care of.

Then we headed immediately to our neighborhood cookout. I must've read the invitation wrong because I thought it was from 12-5 but come to find out it ended at 2pm. Whoops. So we ran there and spent awhile with our neighbors. We truly have a great neighborhood with wonderful families. It can't get much better than what we have. And it's great to have others around you who are working towards a common goal of making the area in which you live even better than it is.

After that I felt as though I could crash but we ended up at Home Depot rallying more supplies for our big plans next weekend.....our kitchen! A little here and a little there I say. And as always, it adds up fast. Can't wait to see the final outcome. Thanks to the 'rents we're going to use their spray painter and saw horses. We've finally decided to go with the two-tone look. Originally David wanted just all white and I wanted two tone with the doors being black and the back being white. We compromised and we're doing two-tone but with the doors white and the back black. Thank God for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, that's all I got to say. We're planning on working throughout the week. Taking one down here or there and sanding, then hopefully they'll be finished by the end of the weekend. Keep posted here for pictures when they're finished.

That evening I went to Jen's Arbonne party and we watched The Holiday while the guys went out and did their own thing. It was an enjoyable night and I just love the movie. It's definitely a fav.

This morning we started out with a run. What a gorgeous morning it was. It was so quiet and peaceful with the sun shining. Even better we could hear the Cedar Point train. For the first time ever we could even hear what we think was the Mantis. I know, call us crazy but we swear it's one of the rides. It's a low "wooo" sound of one of the steel coasters. It would come and go, louder and softer, like it was going up and down hills. How amazing is that? It's been a perfect spring with the wind blowing so we can hear it all. I know that it sounds silly but it's one of those things that reminds me of home. It gives you that warm cozy feeling.

The rest of the day was spent getting things done around the house and spending time with the kids outside. I even took a moment to take a small nap outside on a blanket, with an additional blanket covering me. The wind was blowing through my hair and it was a wonderful moment in time.

This evening we went out to eat with the 'rents and then they came over to let all the kids play and now I'm here updating you all. Obviously we've been staying comfortably busy while being able to enjoy everything that spring has to offer.

One last thing....Guess what? Pirates is coming this upcoming weekend! I'm totally siked. Even though we have the whole kitchen thing going on we're pretty determined to get away for a few hours to see it. If we can't, oh well, but I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I've been listening to 1 and 2's soundtracks for the past week. Number 3's is coming out Tuesday. Sweet.

It looks as though it's going be pretty good weather this week with rain going into the weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Ya'll have a wonderful start to the week!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Positive Thoughts And Self Awareness

I've been loving this spring. It's been such a time of renewing and refreshing. It's hard to explain. I thinks it's because I'm able to get outside and do something. Not to mention even though I get off at about 6-7 everynight I still feel like I have a few hours to actually get something done with the extra daylight. With getting out and running I've been able to see what's around us. So often you're in a hurry that you don't notice the normal day to day things around you. Now mind you some of the stuff is depressing...such as worn down houses/property, but I've also been able to see things around me that are positive...such as people outside working on their yards/houses, or walking their dogs. Heck, even the birds chirping bring a smile to my face.

I'm just at a positive time in my life where I am happy where I am. I'm happy that we live in Sandusky even though we never thought we'd come back. I'm happy to be able to enjoy what's around us. I'm happy to have family that's close. I'm happy to have friends around us. I'm happy to be able to enjoy the simple (and free) pleasures that abound here. (Side note: I know it's only Sandusky and it's not the same as it used to be. But what is? If anything, that gives me the drive to get out and attempt to better what is around us. You don't know how important it is to be able to take your dogs for a walk and feel like you're safe or even be in your own house and feel like you're safe. Trust me on this one.) Now, of course there are things that aren't so positive in my life such as stress at work, but whatever.

Obviously this whole running thing has helped me more than I know. I can't say I look forward to running...actually, I guess I do. I don't look forward to it in the way that I know it's still challenging to me. But once I get done the sense of accomplishment makes me feel so good. And believe it or not it's a peaceful time. Even when I'm running with David. We don't talk. All you hear is what's around you including your feet hitting the pavement and mostly you breathing in and out.

Another thing that I hope to help me become and stay postive is that recently a friend brought to my attention the idea of 21 Days Of No Complaining. There's a church somewhere that is doing this. The concept is that you wear a bracelet on your left hand and if you complain you must move the bracelet to your right hand and the 21 days start all over. I'm not sure I believe in the whole "no complaining" bit but I've tweaked the idea into a better one (in my eyes).

With being a human we know that we aren't perfect and we're constantly evolving and I'd like to evolve into a better person, not a negative person. It's come to my attention that I'm a person with extreme facial expressions. I show my feelings quite readily. But the bad thing is not only that, but my facial expressions aren't taken very well because sometimes they don't line up to exactly what I'm thinking in my mind. Hard to explain, hopefully you get it. So instead of 21 Days Of No Complaining I'm starting a 21 Days Of Positive Thoughts and Self Awareness. So here we go...I can't wait to find out what the rest of spring and summer has in store for us.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Okay, So I Was Wrong

I'm not a huge American Idol fan but I end up watching it by default because David likes to catch it once a week. So I guess you can say to a certain extent I do follow it. It was down to last 3 contestants and I do admit that I like all 3 of them and it would be hard to choose 2 finalists. But I thought one of the two would definitely be Melinda Doolittle. Well, she was voted off. Bummer. Yeah, I can hear people saying "but did you vote?" No, I didn't vote. Everytime I have attempted it's a busy signal for hours. So anyway, I think she was definitely the most deserving to be a finalist just due to her consistancy, experience, and amazing voice. I wish her well, and more than likely this is a good thing for her. I don't know all the ins and outs but maybe by not winning she won't be tied so tightly to the whole American Idol name or harsh contract. Dunno.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Can't Believe It

As you know I've been running on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with my friend Jen. Well, our schedules haven't been lining up for last Friday and Monday so David has been so kind to be patient and run with me in addition to doing his normal routine. Since I haven't been going over Jen's we've just been running around our neighborhood with our route being 0.7 miles total. On Friday I made it to running 0.6 miles at a faster pace than I was used to. Previously Jen and I were running approximately 0.45 miles. My goal on Monday was to kick it up another notch and run the entire route that we had established around here, which would be 0.7 miles. I've been fighting a sinus funk and yesterday was not the day. It was one of the hardest runs since starting. Kind of a bummer but I atleast kept at my 0.6 miles and didn't drop down.

So today I still felt like crap and it's technically a "off day" but you know I just can't be defeated so I decided that today was going to be an additional running day, and David was so gracious to run with me again. I had no high expectations because I'm feeling about the same as I was yesterday. But about halfway through when I do my usual "nerd walk" for a block I felt the urge to keep going, so I did. And I made it the entire route of 0.7 miles running! Woot!! Now mind you that last leg I had to keep encouraging myself by actually talking to myself saying "Come on Heidi. You're almost there." (Poor David), but I did it and I'm proud of myself.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sloopy's 3!

Mother's Day Weekend

What a busy weekend that flew by. Friday started with me coming home to a freshly mowed lawn, a brand new flagpole and holder installed, and a flower hanger installed.....Happy Mother's Day to me. Thanks David! Those were 3 things on my list to do this weekend and since they were already done I didn't have to worry about them. In addition, David waited to exercise until I got home. So for the first time ever we actually went running together. And I must say I held my own. He definitely kicked it up a notch for me. We just ran around our area. After some calculation I figured out it was a shorter route than I was running but I ran a heck of a lot faster and a longer distance than the other route. So I was quite pleased with that.

That evening we took a walk on the wild side an ate at Danny Boys. We've been there before but it's been awhile. They have great food but they have the problem that most restaurants all have....kind of expensive but they give you tons of food....I guess that's their way of justifying the price. Why can't you just cut both the amount of food and price in half? I'd be a lot happier. We then did some running around...Kohls, the mall, Lowes, and figured we'd get our grocery shopping out of the way since the rest of our weekend was going to be pretty full.

Saturday morning I woke up and had to work. I ended up being able to leave work early so I could come home and get ready for our friend's wedding that was at 1pm. Our friend from high school, Gabe Preston, got married here at the Chapel in Sandusky. It was such a beautiful ceremony and reception. It had the perfect touch. One of the best I had ever been too. It was elegant while at the same time very simple. Their reception was at Mon Ami. In addition to seeing Gabe and his new wife Brooke we also ran into some other friends including Alison Cebull and Matt Newton. It was a pleasant surprise. It was great to catch up and exchange numbers. And come to find out Matt Newton is engaged to a wonderful girl named Katie. Congrats Matt! As always, we hope to be able to keep communication with our friends, and hope we succeed better than we have in the past.

That evening we had our first Chiminea Night with our 'rents being invited. A few weeks ago we purchased a chiminea. Now mind you I still think they look God awful, but they are always fun anytime we go somewhere that has one. Of course since Mother Nature knew we had something planned outside she dropped the temperature by about 10 degrees. Plus the wind decided to kick up. So it wasn't so pleasant as we had hoped it'd be. Ah well, we had a good laugh and toasted marshmallows are always good even if I'm not patient enough to get them hot enough to melt my Hershey's chocolate.

Sunday we slept in and then went to lunch at Chili's. Well, I should say that we attempted to eat at Fazolis but they totally changed their menu. Normally David and I get a meal and we split it. It's the pizza and pasta meal. Well, all the sudden they no longer have the meal and they no longer have the double slice pizza. It's one slice or an entire pizza. I'm figuring it has something to do with the summer season because they didn't have it last summer. So we'll see if it comes back in the fall. Needless to say we were bummed and decided to head to Chili's. Since we've been watching what we eat and the amount we are eating we split something at Chili's and it worked out great. We then went to mom and dad's and helped set up their new router to get them on wireless Tivo. After a little frustration and a call to Linksys with foreigner trying to help me (which by the way did no good) I finally had success on my own and they were up and running.

Sunday evening we had a cookout with the 'rents for Mother's Day. Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and chips. Sparkling lemonade and strawberry shortcake with ice cream for dessert. Yum!

So obviously a full but fun weekend. Be sure to check out all of our pictures for our festivities.

Monday's Thought Of The Day

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Summer Is Here....Cedar Point Is Open

As I worked outside this past week I heard a comforting summer noise that just brings a smile to my face....When the wind blows just right you can hear the whistle on the Cedar Point train. I remember catching it every so often as I would doze off to sleep while growing up in my parent's house. Now, we are a little closer and the wind's been blowing just right all week. It's the coolest thing.

My dad has already posted about Cedar Point on his blog with it being opening weekend for Cedar Point. Cedar Point was my life growing up. I figured I'd post my reponse that I put on his blog here also.....

Okay, so my good ol' days may not be the same as yours but what about a little walk down memory lane for me.

I remember playing in Kid Arthur’s Court. The stinky ball pit, trying to get through the maze at the end faster than anyone else, playing in those God awful hot “playhouse” things, and being too scared to go up the net ladder thing.

I remember loving the Mill Race and thinking I was so brave when I rode in the front seat. And Riding White Water Landing and trying to push our entire weight to the back of the canoe so when you hit the bottom of the hill you’d try to skip, like skipping a rock on a pond.

I remember riding the spinning ride (I guess it’s now called the Rock, Spin, and Turn) and we could never make it go fast enough. I feel real bad for whoever had to ride and Ande’ and me. I’m sure they walked off feeling quite sick. And for some reason I always thought the wheel was a pizza pan. Why??

What about the notorious “smell of Cedar Point.” Especially by the water rides. Yep, it’s still there.

I remember going to all the shows including Centennial Theater and Lusty Lils and trying to repeat the songs and dance sequences once I got home.

I remember always wanting to be chosen to be in a show so I could get a button. Needless to say I was never chosen.

I remember going on the Pirate Ride every visit and feeling like it was so cool. Too bad it can’t hold a candle to the real Pirates Of The Caribbean at Disney.

I remember when the Troika was my favorite ride and then all the sudden they upped the height limit and I couldn’t ride it. What a bummer.

I remember crying as I got to watch my siblings go on Cedar Downs as I patiently (or not so patiently) waited to grow a ½ inch.

I remember trying to stuff my shoes to make me just “this” much taller.

I remember when Disaster Transport was Avalanche Run. I never rode it due to my size, but I remember when they changed it to DT and I rode it for the first time. It was top of the line and I was scared to death.

I remember the Swabinchen (sp?) Also know as the “lady with big boobs” ride. I never understood why they had that one and another smaller one (can’t remember the name) that was next to the Scrambler. Two of the same ride? Dunno.

I remember riding Ocean Motion and doing the whole wave stand up thing to emphasize the feeling of weightlessness.

I remember the food. I still get the same stuff. Corndog with ketchup, Berardi’s fries with vinegar and ketchup, and a funnel cake to finish the day. And you can’t forget about the salt-water taffy.

I remember the summer when we’d go over so dad could play his game-skee ball, but where you shot the ball out of the cannon. We were saving up all the stuffed animals so we could keep trading up. Then when we went to trade them in for the giant prize it had changed to a not so cool prize. Ah well.

I remember the smell of the Dodgem’s when you’d walk by or ride them. The smell of the gas and sparking metal.

I remember riding the Mine Ride and mom doing her “indian cry” in the last part that goes round and round.

I remember riding the paddlewheel ride and ruining all the “guides” jokes since we had ridden so many times.

I remember having at least one weekend a year when we would have a picnic day. We’d pack our lunch and leave the cooler at the picnic area, then come back later. Can you even still leave your stuff there without having someone steal it?

I remember leaving the park and always keeping my eyes out for toys that were left behind by others. I remember these feather/furry black long things that had stick-on eyes. I have no idea what they were but it totally made my day if I found one. I always wanted one of those walking lizard things on a metal stick. Now I know why I never got one….they have NO point.

Boy, I could go on and on about what I remember…obviously I remember a lot. Even though I could say a lot of negative things about Cedar Point, the bottom line is I can’t deny that it was a huge part of my life growing up and has produced so many fond memories.

I wish we could get passes this year. We went at the end of last year and it was an amazing amount of fun. The only problem is we can't afford to put down $200+ just to have fun. Maybe next year....

Friday, May 11, 2007

Morning Light

I love the light that comes into our dining room in the morning. Perfect for pictures. So I always try to take advantage of it when I have a morning off.....

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Snap, Crackle, Pop

As all of you know David and I have been trying to take steps to better our health in general. Yesterday we took a trip to the chiropractor to start up adjustments. I can already hear the grumbles from some of you that may be reading this. But I can speak from previous experience that I truly believe in chiropractic care. So much that I debated whether to go into the field back when I was deciding what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Back in high school I was going to sleep with headaches and waking up with them too. I would take medication and nothing would stop the constant dull pain. Everyone said go to a neurologist and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Most of you know that I’m a pretty firm believer in natural type of treatments. I prefer to stay away from chemicals and would prefer to deal with pain on my own than try anything extreme or something that would just mask the problem. I’m in no way an organic person but I think you see what I’m saying.

So someone referred me to chiropractic medicine and the change was amazing. After becoming married and moving my care went away but I’ve finally brought myself back to getting back into it. This will be a first for David. He had a few adjustments while in the Marine Corps but nothing for long-term wellness. So anyway, yesterday we went for our preliminary testing and will go next week for our actual first adjustment. I am so ready for it to be here. My pain tends to come and go, whether it be headaches or back pain, but let’s just say I’ve been pretty uncomfortable for the past week or so. More than likely it’s just because I’ve been asking more of my body with exercising and all. I'm just looking at it as one more small step in living our lives so that our bodies are closer to their full potential. We'll see.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Am I Actually Getting The Hang Of It?

After 3 days break and letting my body recoup Jen and I hit the pavement again yesterday. And to be quite honest I was amazed at how well we did. We managed to hit a new goal that wasn’t even planned and I didn’t feel like I was going to die either. Can it be true? Am I actually getting the hang of this? I’m not going to hold my breath. Not that I didn’t already know what gave runners their drive, but after that run I was totally energized and ready to run again. I know, patience…patience. We plan to get on a schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and I’ve started keeping a form of a journal so when I have one of those bad days I can look back and gain confidence in seeing how far I’ve come. Even in 3 runs, it’s truly amazing.

We’ve hit a streak of great weather for the past 3 days. It’s progressively getting more and more gorgeous. Of course the rain is supposed to come down tomorrow, but at the same time it’s supposed to be in the low 80’s. Say what?! I can handle rain with warm weather. I just hope it’s not too bad so that we can’t run. I have faith that we’ll be just fine. It looks like it’s going to be a decent rest of the week and weekend too…in the mid 60’s.

Since it’s my day off tomorrow ya’ll know I have a day planned of getting things done. Tomorrow night is also our night to cook for Dinner Night with friends. We’ve chosen to do brats with green peppers and onions, hotdogs, and finishing up with strawberry shortcake. Yum!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weekend Full O' Fun

This weekend was full as usual. We went to Fridays on Friday and then to Jen and Joe's. We hung out and I got to see the end of Casino Royale. I must say I'm definitely not a fan of those type of movies. It's so up down, up down. One second it's boring, the next you're on edge, then something's graphic. Nah, I'll stick with my chick flicks thanks.

Saturday morning David and I did some running around. Cashed my check, did some mother's day shopping, then went to MC Sports and Dunhams in hopes of accomplishing getting some sort of "workout gear" for me. I'm not in the mindset of trying to look cute and hope that it helps me. I just have to have something that I can wear when I know you can't wear the same thing everyday. It's got to be washed at some point! And everything else I have at home isn't really workout functional. So I did accomplish getting 2 pairs of shorts, a pair of capris, and even broke down and got an Under Armour. In all honesty I don't think David would have let me walk out without getting one. Of course I went the tightest possible in hope of getting some support from it. So I tried on the small and medium and decided to go with the small by the advice of David. Then we noticed there was a youth large so I tried that one on. It fit the exact same as the adult small but was 5$ cheaper. I'm there! It doesn't fit like I would normally wear a shirt so I definitely plan on wearing a shirt over it. Pretty darn tight. We'll see if it helps.

That afternoon we went to Jen and Joe's again and helped them around their house. Since they've been helping around our house (willy wonka door, etc) it was definitely their turn to receive help. And we had fun doing it. Later that evening we ordered some pizza, went to the mall, then to Kalahari for our sweets, then back to our house. It's crazy because I feel like we're in high school again. But I mean that in a good way. Meaning, we have no set plans, we just get in the car and go. It's fun.

Today was a day set aside for all of us to go to Kingwood Center. If you've never been there I highly recommend that you do. It's an amazing place in Mansfield, Ohio with many gardens. They have the different flowers for each season. It's gorgeous and even! So of course we got tons of pictures and had a small picnic. What a beautiful day to get out and enjoy what's around us. Be sure to check out all of our pictures on Flickr. Now it's time to head back into the work week. Jen and I have taken a few days off of running but plan on starting back up tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Poor Mr. J

Oh poor, Mr. J. If it can go wrong, it will go wrong with this guy. Hit by car...check. No owner...check. The one Viking picks on...check.

On Wednesday morning I was doing my usual round of blogs on the computer while eating my breakfast and I kept hearing rustling in the litter box. I didn't think much of it because the cats just ate and they were just doing their business. Well, after the 3rd or 4th time of rustling I decided to take a look at what was going on. Come to find out it was Jax coming and going from the litter box. He'd go take a few drinks of water from the waterer then would head back to the box. So this is when my tech side kicks in and my mind starts going crazy thinking of what could be going on. More than likely one of two things....either he's blocked or has a urinary tract infection. Blocked meaning he can't pass urine due to a stone/crystal that would be blocking the path or urine out of the body. This would not be good...something that requires anesthesia and catheterization, etc.

So I observe him in the box and decide for sure that he is trying to urinate and not defecate. I grab a clean gladware cup and attempt to collect urine. For anyone that's tried this before it's close to impossible to do with cats. But Mr. J being the best cat ever didn't think twice about me attempting the catch. I had success but he only passed about 2 drops. Okay, well at least if he's blocked, he's not totally blocked and has a partial stream. Then I go to palpate (feel) his bladder. Nothing there that I can palpate. Now this is all happening within a 5 minute period. I then decided I have to take him to work that day but have no access to the carrier to take him in. So I patiently wait for David to wake up and ask him to get it down for me. I place Jax in the carrier and off we go....even in time for work.

On Wednesdays we are open all day but only have practice hours in the afternoon. So I waited a bit and decide to call Dr. B to let her know about the situation. Come to find out she was planning to come in early to do something with her dog, so Mr. J's in luck. When she came in she did and exam and we snapped a quick radiograph and found no stones...whew! Upon viewing the radiographs and palpation we found his kidneys to be healthy...normal size and shape. We tried to collect urine via cystocentesis (using a needle and syringe and poking through the body wall into the bladder) but weren't too hopeful since his bladder was only about the size of a walnut. No luck with that. So we placed him on antibiotics in hopes of clearing up whatever type of infection he has going on. He's been on antibiotics for the past 2 days and his visits have become less frequent to the box...hopefully we're moving in the right direction.

But for anyone that has ever had a urinary tract infection, I'm sure you can feel for this guy. And in the midst of all of this he's still the loving cat that he always is and still eating and drinking normally. And he's so tolerant of me picking on him doing the "tech thing" of over analyzing him and always checking on him. Hope you feel better soon Mr. J!

Steps Will Lead To Miles....Eventually

Yesterday was our first attempt at running. And guess what? I definitely didn't learn how to run in my sleep. It was definitely tough...for me at least. Jen did really well, and I'm very happy for her. She has such a smooth gait whereas I feel like I'm moving a lot but not going very far. She was definitely my motivation to keep going. My biggest fear is that she'll give up on me if I don't get any better, mostly because she'll be able to out run me. But her positive thoughts helped me through yesterday while at the same time pushing me to push myself. I think I need to change my mindset. I went into thinking "we can do this..."whereas she went into it scared and our outcomes were totally opposite....she did better than me. Did I set myself up for failure? Nah. I can't say I was upset at the outcome. I think I had a "realistic" mindset. It didn't go entirely as planned but at least it got me off of my butt to get out there and start running. It's amazing what your body goes through when you're exercising. First your butt burns, then your thighs, then your chest (lungs).

One thing that did dishearten me was my actual chest, meaning my boobs. I doubled my bras and didn't seem to have any problems while actually running but when we were cooling down, doing a brisk walk, that's when it started. And then when we got to their house my chest started screaming at me. I couldn't believe how much they hurt. It felt like someone was literally squeezing both of them and trying to rip my nipples off. Sorry to be so graphic, but there's no other way to explain. It was the type of pain that the takes your breath away and your eyes just start to water. But after a few minutes sitting on Jen and Joe's bathroom floor feeling like I was going to die because I didn't know what to focus on...wanting to vomit or my boobs falling off....I was better and started recuperating. I guess it's back to the drawing board for bras....maybe the double bras idea wasn't such a good idea?? I can't see that being an issue though. I definitely don't want them moving but that the same time I can't squeeze the crap out of them either. I dunno, maybe I'll just have to suffer like all the other women out there with fibroids.

Well, another day done and on to the next....the plan is to continue steps, baby steps....I'll get there.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Just Thinking

Do you have thoughts or dreams and just ask yourself "why?"? Man, I've been having something riding on me for the past few months and I finally brought it to David today. This is going to be a difficult thought to post. Not that it's hard emotionally, but hard to put into a logical sense and make into words.

From a previous post back last June you all know that David's friend from high school, Phil, committed suicide. This is something that has stuck with me since it happened. It's something you would kind of expect because it's such a big deal and hard to swallow. But it's something that I would think wouldn't occupy so much of my thoughts, as I have so many other ideas/tasks going on all the time. Of course, many of you know that my mind is constantly moving and it's no surprise that I have tons of dreams and have a good memory of most of them. But I find myself thinking about it usually at least a few times a week and having dreams about at least once a month. Another previous post discusses one of my dreams that I've had about him. And not all of my dreams are serious dreams. They can be back in high school just having a conversation as though nothing has happened.

However, it's just weird to me. I'm not speaking about it actually happening, it's the after thoughts that I have that I find weird. This guy and I weren't friends and our only common bond was David. It's something that I cannot understand. The thoughts I can kind of understand because you go through your day and have reminders....going past the cemetary, or his mom's house, running into his sister, or even hearing about soldiers in Iraq.

In talking with David he understands where I'm coming from and has some of the same thoughts, so that gives me comfort. I guess the thing that I need to remind myself is not to ask the question of why these thoughts/dreams enter my mind but just know that for some reason Phil's just coming to visit me through my dreams, even just to say "hi!"....

My Newest Great Idea

As all of you know I've been attempting a lifestyle change and have so far succeeded. Now, on to the next change. Trying to get more exercise.

Now, David and Joey have been running at least twice a week and have seen some success with that. David's evening getting back into his ol' running shoes and kickin' it just like in the Marine Corps. Ya'll know I've also been using my weighted hula hoop and Jen and I have been doing walks here and there but I want to kick it up a notch. So Jen and I came to the conclusion....we're going to run.

This is a longshot, especially for me. I'm not a runner. I can't make it once around a track...ok, I'll be honest, I can't make it halfway around a track. But I always have dreams of having springs on my shoes and just running so smoothly. I don't think that will ever happen but I just want to break the barrier and actually be able to run. Even if I have to wear 2 sports bras to support myself. Heck, I'm willing to use an ace bandage if need be. I just have this drive in me to get out there and do this. And if I've found something in myself with keeping to my lifestyle change, if I believe in myself, I can do it. In addition, David, Joey, and my cousin's wife Erika....just to name a few.....give me motivation to go out and better myself. And as always, I like to take challenges that I see in my life, and take them head on, one by one to conquer them.

With that being said today was to be our start day for running....and there was a buzzkill. Come to find out the forecast called for rain. So we went into the day saying, "yes, we're going to run, unless the weather hinders us." By the end of the afternoon the rain started and there were severe weather watches/warnings everywhere. It's probably not a good idea to attempt this on a day that calls for tornadoes. So we called off the run and rescheduled to either tomorrow or the next day depending on the weather. David and I ate dinner and I waited for this "severe" weather to hit. Does it hit? Nope. A day of running waisted. It sprinkled here and there and the temperature plummeted but it looks like the rain decided to be severe south of us and we were spared. Ah well, the hula hoop will do for the day.

I'll be straight up though...if I do succeed with this running idea I can possibly see this being a "negative" thing. By negative, I mean it's something I could possibly become obsessive with considering my OCD behavior. But why down the idea before even trying? I'm willing to take the risk...not to mention, I may not succeed. Nah, I'm not leaving any room for failure...I will succeed. Bottom line. I claim it now.