Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 31st

Happy Birthday Mom!
24 years ago today my mom had me on her birthday. It's always been so awesome to be able to share my birthday with my mom. Not everyone can say that.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

On Call

Well, it was a pretty uneventful weekend.

To start off ran the 5K at Osborn Park. Let's just say Humidity + Packed Gravel = poor running conditions. It was one of the worst runs to date. The only thing that makes me feel better is that it was also a bad run for David. He ended up running with an older guy while I trudged on with a few of the other elders. It was so humid that by the end of the run we were soaked from head to toe and it wasn't even raining. Nasty, Nasty. Can we say, Welcome to New Orleans? A little bit warmer and that's what it would've been like. I'm crossing my fingers for better conditions for OROC.

David was on call this weekend. He didn't sit down for but a minute and the pager would go off. As I write he's on a call right now. Should be heading home soon though. We just think to ourselves, cha ching, money in the bank. But it's hard to have an enjoyable weekend with a pager constantly going off. I also feel very guilty that I had Friday off and he has had to continue working through the weekend. That leads me to my next topic.

Mom and I booked a flight for Florida tonight. Talk about feeling guilty...but David was okay with it. Not to mention within the past week he's purchased several sporting event tickets. It all washes out in the wash. And thank God for overtime. It gives me anxiety spending money, knowing that in just a few months we have to finalize our trip to Hawaii, but I continue to tell myself, "you only live once." and just to keep saving. That's why you save money, so you can use it. Back to the flight. Just like last year, we're going to Florida to visit family over Labor Day weekend. A short trip but my mind and body appreciate it. Just a short moment to get away. Enough of a break to know that I can make it 'til our big trip at the beginning of December.

As usual, time flies by and I can't believe that Labor Day is just around the corner. Shoot, my birthday's just around the corner. How old am I going to be? I guess you know when you start to get older when you have to actually think about how old you are when someone asks your age. Scary.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Unexpected Day Off

Today was my late day to go into work. Fridays are also rest days in the training schedule. Those two things combined mean that I get to "sleep in" and get things done around the house. I set my alarm for 7:30am. I set my alarm this early because for some reason my body wants to sleep past my alarm time. This is something new for me, because I'm one of those people that hops up immediately when my alarm goes off. Fridays I set it as a warning alarm. It wakes me and then I lightly sleep for another 1/2 to 1 hour. Well, today my body must have really needed sleep because I slept until 9am. Yes, this is late for me, and it felt good. Bubba cuddled up with me, with the fan blowing cool air on my face. Ahh, heaven.

After awaking, I cleaned the bathrooms and started to get ready for work. As I was about to head out the door to get to the post office before going to work, I got a call from work saying, "we don't have anything going on until 4, so you don't need to come in until later." Sweet. Fine with me. Off to my final exam I go. I got that finished, which means I'm done with my summer semester. Yay!

I then made something small for lunch and the phone rang. Again, it was work, "come to think of it we really don't need you today at all....pretty easy appointments and nothing much going on." I'll take it. An early birthday present for me. And considering how the dates/next paycheck fall I'll have a butt load of overtime, I'm not worried about missing a few hours.

I finally headed to the post office and got John's packages mailed out. And for the first time ever I had a good experience at the post office. Not that I've ever had a bad experience, but it's not fun either. You know...you stand there, holding all your items, as the line moves so slowly. Well, there I am, standing in the line and I hear someone holler down to me and say, "Are your boxes heavy? Would you live to switch me places in line?" I look over to see an older woman. She was willing not to let me in front of her but to totally switch places in line. I politely said that I was fine and thanked her for offering. She then replied, "well, I know how it is when you're standing with a heavy box and no one offers you any help." Awwww, it just touched my heart. I felt like I was in that commercial where someone does something kind for someone else and a person walking down the street notices it and passes it on...basically the concept of paying it forward. Then when I got to the desk I explained that this was my first time sending a package to Iraq and I wasn't sure if I had everything correct. The clerk, who's been there for years, says, "Oh, you've done more than enough. Don't worry, that's what I'm here for, it's my job." with a smile on his face. He then asked where I had gotten the supplies and I explained. I guess he had never heard of the care kit package and thought it was something through the USO and said, "yeah, if you need anything we can give it to you, just let us know." With the lady and the clerk it was one moment of kindness after another. Something so simple, but means more than they know.

I then got home and finished the lawn. I edged and weed whacked yesterday then mowed today. I figured since I had the day off I'd get it all done so David didn't have to do anything upon arriving home. Not to mention it gets me outside, enjoying the sunshine, and getting a workout. I don't mind doing the lawn, it's just trying to find the time. Luckily enough it's been a dry summer so we basically haven't had to cut the grass. I guess that's not lucky or good, but last year I swear I was cutting the grass sometimes twice a week. A happy medium would be good.

Tomorrow we're planning on helping out with the Serving Our Seniors 5k Fun Run. It should be fun. I hope the weather holds off and my leg doesn't give me any problems. Once again my right leg is giving me issues. Over a month ago I had a hamstring issue. Then Wednesday my front/inner thigh started up. I should've taken Thursday off, but being stupid I didn't. Thank God for the rest day today. Knock on wood, but it's always my right leg. My only guess is that it has more problems since it's the leg I broke in 6th grade. I have a limited range of motion versus my left leg, and weather definitely affects it. We shall see.

Other than that we don't have anything set in stone for the weekend. Being that it's mom and my birthday this next Tuesday maybe we'll do something fun. Heck, we're always doing fun stuff, what am I talking about? =)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Go Boy Go

David and I had a "night out" tonight. Nothing big. It's my early day for work so I get off at 5 pm, meaning there's actually time to do something after work. So, as usual we took advantage of it. This week we decided to venture out and go over the CP Fridays for something different. Of course after we were sat we ended up seeing Cassie's sister who's commuting weekly between Columbus and here for the summer. She was quite busy so we quickly said hello as we were leaving. Come to find out we wouldn't have been able to have her as our waitress anyway since she was doing all large parties. Ah well, next time we'll have to check before being seated.

After that we had a little treat at Cold Stone and then stopped by Target just to be Target bums. Hey, I know we're not the only ones that go to Target just to walk around and look at things. Since Old Navy is right next door we took a jaunt over there. I must say that I'm no longer a huge fan of Old Navy. I know I've already blogged about it in the past, so I won't go into a rant or anything, but David is still a fan of their jeans. Remember how we got him jean shorts, what was it, last month? Well, they're already too big. Geez. They're still usable, but it's not the time to be looking for jean shorts at Old Navy. Yes, they have end of the season sales but their jeans/shorts are always way overpicked by this point. So what can we do? Dunno at this point. He may just be living in running shorts during our time in Hawaii. So instead of focusing on the shorts we decided to look at the jeans.

He's got this stigma about the size 36. The last time he was a 36 was after boot camp. Actually, right out of boot camp I think he was a 34 but he was still pretty emaciated at that point. Going back to the 36....he keeps saying, "No, they'll be too tight...." but he says this as his 38's are falling down. By the way he has no butt to hold anything up. I know, TMI, but I had to throw that in there. Tonight I finally convinced him to try on 36's. And voila! They fit. Surprise, surprise. He still has enough give to lose a few more pounds if they are lost....meaning hopefully we won't have to change his jean wardrobe again in the near future. But for the time being we just purchased one pair. Hey, if he keeps losing, this could be an expensive endeavor. I know he'll settle at a weight at some point, but let's just wait to see when that happens. Something cool too is that he went with a different style. They're still loose fit but no more "painter type". I never thought there'd be a day when I'd see that happen.

In all seriousness though I'm very proud of him. He's down to 210 lbs which is something big considering at his biggest he was 270 and he averages around 240. It's something that he deserves and was definitely worth a high-five. Yes, a high-five in the middle of Old Navy. Geeks, we know we are, but we're healthier geeks that are feeling good about ourselves. As we've been running we've been watching what we're been eating. However, I know that we could better our nutrition even more. I can only imagine if we kicked it up a notch in the nutrition area what our results would be. Hmmm, something to think about.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Just checked out my school site. Looks as though I'm on my way to officially ending this semester. My video grade was posted. I got a 91%. Not too bad considering the class average is 83%. But you know me...I'd be a heck of a lot happier if that was a 98%. I hate being a perfectionist. I must repeat to myself....."it's done and over with....be happy with that." 2 of 3 final exams are posted. As I read that I could feel my anxiety kick in. There's not anything to be anxious about though other than just getting them done. Luckily my program allows for multiple retakes of exams. They are not open book exams but if you retake them you get most of the same questions repeated. And considering I print out every exam that I take, so that I can study for the future.....well, you put two and two together. Hey, they recommend printing them out...that wasn't even my idea. I'm not exactly sure of what to expect with the exams. Considering 2 of 3 were short answer/essay form for midterms, I'm not really looking forward to the finals. Thinking about next semester, I think I've decided on General Hospital and Clinic Information, Animal Nursing, and Laboratory Procedures. We'll just have to see.

It's 8 pm. I sit here looking at the screen not really knowing what to do. In my opinion it's too late to start an exam. Ah, what the heck, I'll take one......

Monday's Thought For The Day

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gorgeous Weekend

Sunday night. Time to catch up with the blog. David got home at a good time on Friday. I came home to find him playing the new NCAA game for his XBox. Not a big surprise. It was his anniversary gift, but he had to patiently wait for it to come out, which was after our anniversary. In addition, he was out of town on business again so he waited until he got home to pick it up. So after he finished a mini-game we went to dinner and then to Walmart. Why is Walmart so popular of Friday nights? Of all places that'd be busy, I'd choose Walmart last. They're starting to take after New Orleans. I swear it was THE hangout down there. And don't expect to get through the checkout lines in less than a half hour. I'm not kidding. This among other things actually helped me with my anxiety. It helps you slow down and enjoy what was around you. Trust me, you had nothing else to do, and it was pointless to get worked up. Just chill and observe. Okay, so we were at Walmart getting groceries and I started to pick things up for a care package for John.

After that we stopped at Woody and Bo's. This is a newer store in one the Hoty plazas. This one being the one across from the Outback plaza. We didn't know what to expect but were actually pretty impressed by what they carried and also their prices. Not too bad. The main point was to find something Michigan for John's care package. Yes, I can hear my fellow Buckeye fans calling us sacrilegious. Give me a break. It's for a good cause. And we still got something Ohio State. Trust me, I was kind of scared to walk in and ask for something Michigan. I was waiting for God to strike down or something. But, it didn't happen. Whew!

As you know Saturdays are our long run days. This week was a 5 miler, the longest distance thus far. We woke up at a decent time and tried to do the eating before running thing. Our food of choice was plain oatmeal with a small bit of strawberry syrup. We waited an hour then took off. Neither of us had problems stomaching the oatmeal. No cramps, no nothing. Sweet. And I have hit a new running milestone. Recently I've found that I can make it to 2 miles with no problem. Say what? Yep. Kind of like the not having to think about breathing thing I had over a month ago, this is a new experience for me. But I think it's cool. As you can read we are experimenting with eating before running, etc, so my body is still adjusting and I'm learning to read my body better, and figuring out what is best, which means runs aren't always "easy", but they arestarting to be more often than not. Cool. After 5 miles I felt good but my body was kind sore for most of the day. I just wanted to keep trying to stretch out in hopes of making it feel better. Our schedule goes easy week, hard week, easy week. This upcoming week is 2 miles, 3 miles, 2.5 miles, and 3 miles. We're also planning on helping out at the local Senior 5K Fun Run out at Osborn Park this upcoming Saturday.

After finishing up I headed down to the Sandusky Yacht Club to participate as one of the judges for the Regatta Kennel Show. It's a fun thing that the members get to participate in. It was cute to see all the dogs dressed up and doing their tricks. It was also a gorgeous morning, so I couldn't complain. Spending time outside with dogs. Not bad at all.

I then came home and our July block party was underway. More and more people are coming out for our get togethers, so that makes it more fun. It's nice to actually know who your neighbors are. Next month there's another block party for an adjacent street that more than likely we'll be involved in. Just one more reason to get together and hang out, to get to know each other. Before you know it our area of involvement will expand to what we had once hoped it would be. Ideas for upcoming events were talked about including something for Halloween and the football season....I'm excited....this should be fun.

Later that evening both sets of 'rents came over for a fire. We were getting worried that our chiminea wasn't getting any usage this summer, but no need to worry, we're just warming up. Tara, Joe, and Kara even joined the party for a bit. A nice evening around the fire, and we had perfect weather for it. It will even be more enjoyable once it's a little cooler and you can bundle up with a blanket. But not too soon.

Sunday was a lazy day. Nothing much happened but every so often that's a good thing. Tomorrow starts the work week. Why do weekends go so fast?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

TP Bandit

For the past month we're had a toilet paper bandit present in our house. It never fails. After coming home from a run I walk upstairs to take a shower and find toilet paper pulled off the roll and shreaded to pieces. I always think, "I should take a picture of this." or "I gotta post this on the blog." but am always too tired to walk downstairs to get the camera or totally forget about it. Well, today was a good run and when I came home to find the toilet paper strewn about again, I had to take a picture....
This isn't even bad to what I've seen before. Sometimes it goes all the way into the hallway. Now, I think I have it figured out who's doing it. Actually, I knew from the start who was doing it. Considering the fact that Viking has loved eating paper since he was a pup doesn't surprise me that he's taken to getting into the toilet paper. His white poop (yah, I know...gross) also rats him out. I'd just like to know what's going through his mind. Like I said, he has a history of eating toilet paper (that's why we have all covered trash cans), but this is only happening when we go out for runs. I'm thinking he's throwing a doggie temper tantrum and in his head saying, "Mom, you suck. Why don't you take me?" I know, I know. He's probably not thinking this at all and just wants to get some kicks by throwing some toilet paper around. If only I could rig a camera.....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Reputation And Character

The circumstances amid which you live determines your reputation.
The truth you believe determines your character.

Reputation is what you’re supposed to be.
Character is what you are.

Reputation is the photograph.
Character is the face.

Reputation comes over one from without.
Character grows from within.

Reputation is what you have when you come to a new community.
Character is what you have when you go away.

Your reputation is learned in an hour.
Your character may not come to light for a year.

Reputation is made in a moment.
Character us built in a lifetime.

Reputation grows like a mushroom.
Character grows like the oak.

A single newspaper report gives you your reputation.
A life of toil gives you your character.

Reputation makes you rich or makes you poor.
Character makes you happy or makes you miserable.

Reputation is what others say about you after you are gone.
Character is what the angels say about you before the throne of God.
~William H. Davis

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Room's Spinning

Ahh..nice to sit down and chill. It was just a rough day in general. Running went well this morning but I had another dizzy spell. The weird thing is it happens after I'm done running, after my shower, and it's not on a daily basis. I'm trying to piece it all together and am documenting it with my running log. What I'm eating the night before, the weather, etc. I'm just wondering if it's too hot in the bathroom. I can't make it any cooler though. My water is on the cold side, not warm at all, and I have the fan on. With no central air, that's all I can do. And I'm even giving myself time to chill before taking a shower. I get home, grab some gatorade, and allow the dogs to run around the backyard while I take it easy. I drink in moderation so it's not like I'm chugging anything down. The feeling is hard to explain. I get real hot, dizzy where I just want to lay on the ground, nauseous to the point of wanting to vomit, and also feeling like I need to defecate. All at the same time. I give myself time to recoup which takes 10-15 minutes. I then am able to make it downstairs and once I drink a slimfast shake I'm back to normal.

Another issue I've been having recently is feeling nauseous anytime I eat. Mom thinks it's heartburn, but I gotta say I disagree, because it doesn't feel like heartburn. I just think it's another way of my body telling me, "you can't eat junk anymore." Garbage in, garbage out. But I'm not eating junk for every meal. I guess the only thing that gives me reassurance is that David is having the same problem, so once again it makes me think that our bodies are just trying to re-align themselves.

And lastly, I've been so hot the past week and a half. If you know me, this is so unlike me. I'm always cold. But I find that I'm just burning up. I know what people are thinking now..."you're pregnant." Sorry guys, that's not the answer to my issues. Just another one of many body changes I'll go through throughout my life....maybe?

As for the rest of my rough day, all I gotta say is work. My boss isn't the easiest to get along with and often times seems like Jekyll and Hyde. Needless to say we tend to butt heads, which tends to increase tension. I just tend to dish back whatever I get....not always a good thing, but if you were in my situation I think you'd understand. Positive thoughts and self awareness....

Tonight I've just been catching up with blogs and listening to some Angra (neo-classical metal). Something that you wouldn't think I'd listen to, but it rocks. Just wish I could run to it...yeah, download Spread Your Fire and see if you could run to that! (think flashdance "maniac" with the girl running, but contstantly and 2-3 times the speed). Time for bed.

Oh No, Not Another Dog

At the end of June our elderly neighbors moved out of the house next door that they had been renting for 10+ years. We knew it was coming but didn't want to think about it, because it'd give us something to worry about. You just never know who your next neighbor is going to be and what they'll bring with them. Like I said, the previous renters were older and didn't cause any problems. In addition, they were very pleasant anytime we would see them. We were sad to see them go. The "For Rent" sign went up right after they moved and almost immediately came down. Within the past week we've noticed someone's been coming and going and looks like they're living there. There's a wall unit A/C and I could hear the tv while mowing the weeds. We were thinking, "Whew, no animals and no kids...looks like a good neighbor." Then this morning came.

Before going any further let me explain.....I know you're all going to think that we're selfish, and I guess when it comes to this, we are. But for good reason and past experiences. For instance, when we lived in Michigan the house next door was always up for sale, then all the sudden a family moved in to rent the place. They were very pleasant and the kids were great....all 4 of them. Then they also had a dog. As a puppy she was also nice. But as time went on she became quite annoying. Anytime you'd come and go, here she'd come barking and running out the back door and not leave you be until you were inside. It got to the point where she was becoming aggressive. I never understood how she got outside. I know there was no doggie door. They must have left the back door open constantly. So basically what it came down to was us unable to use our backyard. Straight up our dogs don't do well with dogs on the other side of the fence and Viking doesn't do well with kids. Kids want to run, Viking wants to run after them, kid screams, Viking barks....you get the picture. He's not mean it's just not a fun situation to be around. So us having the ability to have a backyard that we can use has been great and has meant the world of difference to our dogs. You wouldn't be able tell that Viking had never had an area to run for the first 3 years of his life. Trust me, if you meet him, you'll understand why a yard is needed. And remember with Lily, after moving we still believe the ability for her to get outside was the changing point in her inflammatory bowel disease.

Back to my story. I go running this morning and there's an SUV and a moving van next door. Guess the rest of the family has now arrived. Not thinking much of it I go on my way and when I've finished my route I come home and let the dogs out to play in the backyard. It's all part of our routine. Well, we're doing our usual thing then all of a sudden (better mom?) Lily starts woofing and doing her little chihuahua hop. I thought she had saw a rabbit, since she's been able to spot them next door for the past week or so. Then I take a closer look and see, no, there's now a dog in the backyard....doghouse and all. Oh boy. The dog seems pretty nice and quiet (for now). It only let out one woof as Lily was doing her little dance. Viking continued to play and didn't take much notice. I think as long as someone's throwing the ball for him he's happy at this point in his life. So we'll just have to see how it all goes. I'm trying to think positive but you know the vet tech side of me comes out....is the dog up to date on vaccines...how about heartworm and flea preventative? I guess that's why I definitely keep my kids up to date on things...at least I can protect them on our end. As I said I also hope that things remain quiet...he could've just been quiet considering it's a new area for him or that it was too early for him to want to bark. And seeing the doghouse and him tied up it's just a guess, but it looks as though he'll probably spending most of his time, if not all his time, outside. Cross your fingers that everything goes well.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Well-Needed Weekend

This was a great weekend. A well-needed weekend. David and I not only got to spend some time with each other but also with both sets of 'rents. On Saturday we went for a run in the early morning then went to Beachwood with my 'rents. Of course we ate lunch at PF Changs. Yum. Then went to Nordstroms at Beachwood Place. My lady that I've had fit me was working (yay!) The process for being fit went a lot faster than the previous time. I guess that's what happens when they only have one bra in your size. No folks, they have a HUGE selection, it's just that I have the weirdest size...basically non-existent. But I walked out with 2 bras and I was a happy camper. David wasn't so thrilled since I spent so much, but considering I don't have any other options, he's good to go. And he knows if he wants a happy wife, he's got no other option than to let me purchase them. But you know him. Easy going. "Whatever you want..." I wish I was more like him.

After that we went over to Legacy Village. We had hoped to get Dad's cellphone fixed but found that they didn't do repairs. Bummer. I get more and more disappointed with Sprint. The thing is we've never been able to reach the end of our contract...phones always break or something goes wrong, meaning you have to sign a new contract, also meaning you cannot switch providers. I would LOVE to get a new phone since no one can hear me on mine, but I'm trying my hardest to keep it and try to make it another year. David's contract ends in January, mine ends in June. I'd like to switch providers at that time, but I think that's wishful thinking. And I think to myself, "The grass is always greener on the other side..." Anyone have another provider that they like and would recommend? I think they probably all have their flaws but like I said, I've just become so disappointed with Sprint. I feel their phones are cheap and are only made to last 1 year (but you have a 2 year contract...you figure it out!) And their customer service SUCKS. And I'm not the only one that feels this way. Just recently a report came out of the top companies with the worst service and Sprint was number one. And they also recently announced that Sprint "fired" a certain amount of customers due to their amount of complaining. Too bad I wasn't one of those customers...they even waived the cancellation fee. Dang. And get this.....when we were at the North Olmstead store to get Dad's phone repaired one of the reps came out to a guy and said, "It's been noted that your phone has third-party ringers in it. Considering this, this voids out your warranty on the phone. And if you want us to do further service on the phone you have to default your phone back to it's original settings." Now that's just crazy. So basically they're saying that you have to buy ringers from them and only them. That wouldn't be so bad but since they charge an arm and a leg for the ringers and they only last 3 months, who wouldn't get ringers elsewhere. Just another way to stick it to the man. Ok, done with the rant.

After stopping at the Sprint store we went to Dick's to check out some cold weather gear for us. I got a few things and feel at this point when a cold weather spell arrives I'll be ok. As for the rest of winter, I'll worry about that later.

On our way home we stopped in Great Northern and had dad's phone fixed and ate at Brown Bag Burgers...the same place we ate last weekend. Hey, what did I tell you? It's good. It was Dad's first experience. I think he was satisfied as we all were full when we left.

That evening we had a fire with all the 'rents. It was a beautiful night and then all the sudden it started pouring without much warner. Ah well, it made it fun. Before the downpour David and Sita gave us a show. I wanted to get a picture of them and this is what happened....

When going in for the picture, David pinches Sita
(look at that mischievous smile)

Then Sita attacks David

Finally, a good picture
I guess you had to be there, but it was pretty funny. We spent the rest of the night inside watching the Indians lose.

This morning we got up and went to the movies. Originally we were going to see Harry Potter but didn't want to fight the crowds so we went to see Pirates 3 again (yes, if you're counting, that's the 3rd time we've seen it...I guess you can call us fans). After the movie we went to Cedar Point. We didn't ride any rides but we used it as our cross-training day, booking it around the park...front to back, then back to front. Whew! It got warm. Next time we'll be sure to wear the appropriate gear. People were probably wondering what the big hurry was, but that's what makes it fun. Act weird and make them wonder =)

We had dinner at Cedar Villa, David packed for his business trip this week, and now we're chilling the night away. Hope everyone had a good weekend and has a beautiful start to their weeks.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ooh-Rah Devil Dog

Just received noticed from my cousin Jacki that her husband John headed to Iraq on Thursday. We knew this was coming, but as with all deployments, it's never an easy time. Please be sure to keep them in your thoughts and prayers during this time. For updates on what's going on, check out their blog....John and Jacki.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Five Fabulous Years

It has arrived. Our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary. I guess we're no longer newlyweds anymore. Just an old married couple. That's alright with us though. I received a card from David this morning. He wrote in it, "That was a fast 5 years. Sign me up for the rest of my life =)." Too cute.

I know it's "just" 5 years, but in today's society that can be considered a long time. As with anyone we're constantly learning new things about eachother and ourselves In addition, our lives are ever-changing. However, if I were to write a book as to how we've made it this far, and continue to make it another 100+ years, I'd have to say this. Love and respect each other. When you wake up, greet one another with a hug and a "Good morning." Before leaving for work say, "Have a good day, I love you." When you arrive home from work, rise to meet each other, give a hug and ask the genuine question of, "How was your day?" and listen intently as you partner goes on, whether it's a complaint or they want you to share in their excitement. Every evening before going to bed pray together. Even if it's just a , "Thank you Jesus for today." It's amazing how those few moments can draw you closer to one another. Do not go to bed angry, even if it calls for a long night. And be sure the last words out of your mouth are, "Good night, I love you."

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Something To Write About

I don't know what I'm going to write about tonight, but I feel like writing, so here I am. I'm sure I'll have something.

Today was a crazy day at work with non routine things coming in. "So you're here for vaccines..." And the client says, "Well, my dog's been vomiting and having diarrhea for the past week." "Okay, so that changes everything." I can't say that we were busy, but we were steady doing things.

After work we went over the 'rents to have BLT's and sweet corn. Yum! A good way to finish the day. Of course they needed their coffee so we went to the mall after dinner. And you know how I've been looking for sports bras? How come when mom enters the situation they all the sudden appear? Since they've been home from their trip we've been able to find 3, with 2 being racerback. And 2 my mom found at TJMaxx, after I had looked their multiple times. I tell myself they were from a new shipment, but I think I'm just denying the fact that she's a maniac when it comes to shopping and finding something. Now, I can find almost anything on the internet, but if you need something from an actual store, just ask my mom. Amazing. Next on the list, something to wear to my cousin Drew's wedding. Wish us luck. We'll be looking while out shopping at Nordstroms this weekend. Just a guess that we won't be getting a dress there though. Does shopping ever end? Never. Not when you're constantly changing sizes. I guess that's a good thing though.

I had some weird dreams last night. I know, that's no big surprise. But right before I woke up I had a Harry Potter dream. It was as though I was in the last book and was seeing everything happen, but the characters were totally different people and the story line didn't compare to the others in the series. I wish I could tell you what happens in the book, considering some of my dreams almost come as premonitions...my mother-in-law calls it discernment. But considering I'm not a huge fan (I watch the movies, but don't read the books), I don't think my dream is accurate. I guess that's what happens when you're bombarded by the media coverage of all that's going on.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Done Sir Done

I've just completed my video assignment for my class this semester. Yes! I'm entirely done. Videotaped, transferred, reviewed. (All 90 minutes of it! You try to listen to yourself talk for 90 minutes straight and see if you're sane.) All I have to do is stop by UPS and send it on it's way. Not only will I make my deadline, but it will be early. That's the way to do it....Heidi style. By the end of tomorrow I'll hopefully have everything signed for the rest of my workbook too. Meaning all I need to do it scan and email it. Then all that's left is taking my finals. Hey, not too bad considering it's only week 8 out of 12. Good to go.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Finally, Something That Will Work

This weekend we did make it up to Crocker Park. We even made it to the Great Northern mall since we were out that way. No Cedar Point though. It was just hot. It would have been uncomfortably hot. At Crocker Park we made our way from Borders to Barnes and Noble. Picked up a couple books then headed over to Dick's. It was the first official time of us looking at their clothes. Let's just say we were a bit overwhelmed. It's awesome that they have so much.. There are certain areas for tennis, running, cardio, etc. At this point, to me, it's all the same. I know there's technical differences, but if you can wear it, work out in it, and be comfortable, then it's fine. But it's almost like you're a kid in a candy store. You want this, then your eye's caught by something else, but then there's this too. You get what I mean. You know me though, I'm all about deals, and hate paying full price for anything unless I need it or really, really want it. There was a sale going on, but didn't find anything on those racks. As for the rest of the clothes, even though there was a lot of cool things I'm already looking for winter/cold gear. It's not that I want the warm weather to go away though. At this point I think I have enough warm weather items, that I'm good to go. I'm just trying to find something here or there so it's not a big whammy to get it all at once. But at this point there's not much cold weather gear to be found. My trek also continued in finding a sports bra. Nadah. Tried a few on but they were so so...not enough to spend $30 on at least.

When we were at the Great Northern Mall I figured I'd stop at Dillards to see if I'd have any luck there. They had a big sale going on for "normal" bras. I grabbed a few and figured I'd let someone fit me. Yeah, that was a hoot. Needless to say it's not like going to Nordstrom. Basically she told me everything I already know....I actually need a size 30, not 32 but you can't find those...and that I'm either a C or D at this point. Yah. I continued on by myself and had no luck. I was patient instead of losing it with myself, but have decided, a trip to Beachwood is needed ASAP.

For dinner I took David to Brown Bag Burgers. I had already been there with my mom, but thought he'd like it. Considering he'd been craving a good hamburger he thought it was a good idea. I think it pleased him because when he was done he said, "that's seriously one of the best sandwiches I've ever had." So I did good.

We headed back home and stopped at Target and Walmart to check one more time for sports bras. No luck. Most sports bras are no longer fitted like Small, Medium, Large. They are now actual sizes, which is probably a good thing. But the smallest I could find was a size 34. Not happening. I gave up looking for the day.

Late that evening David had to do a service call on the Turnpike so I rode along. Going down all the country rodes to get to the back entrance made it a peaceful drive and better yet we got to see a few fireworks shows in the distance as we drove. Pretty cool.

The next morning David slept in and then later on we went grocery shopping. I had given up with the whole sports bra thing but David was adamant. We ended up back at Kohls and I finally found some that worked. Being there were 2 that worked, one at $34 and the other at $25 I settled with the $25 one and said, "I'm done with it. I got something." Only after a week of working. It's kind of funny though. With me doing all my looking I'm now finding David wandering through the lingerie aisles trying to find my size. Oh, what a husband will do for a wife to keep her happy.

The rest of the day was a rest day. Chill and try not to move too much because all that does is cause more heat.

Monday's Throught For The Day

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Holy Snickers

Aunt Tonya shared these pictures with me and I just had to share them with you all. She made a Snickers Groom's Cake. I LOVE Snickers and couldn't imagine having a Snickers bar this big, but it wouldn't matter because it is ALL Aunt Tonya cake, and that beats a Snickers any day. She is amazing and never ceases to amaze me. I'm tellin' ya. If you've never tried her cakes you're missing out. Not only are they awesome and beautiful they are the best tasting things ever. Heaven on Earth.

I've Lost Hope

Ya'll know from a previous post that I've been wearing a wristband for my whole positive thoughts and self awareness thing. The wristband was nothing special. As with many people I have a stash of the rubber band-like wristband and I chose one that wasn't all that bright and went from there. It had "Hope" on it and I believe it was from Relay For Life a few years back or something. Dunno, my mom gave it to me. Well, I've lost it. On Friday night I went to take off my watch and bracelet and it was gone. Then I started to do the, "Ok, when was the last time I saw it?" thing. I couldn't remember other than at work. I checked around the house, in my car, in the arm of my hoodie sweatshirt. No where to be found. So I've lost Hope. =( I actually became quite attached to the wristband. I'm not so "hardcore" into my self awareness bit so much but it is something that I feel I am constantly working on and that wristband was my constant reminder. I'm figuring when I took some exam gloves off at work it got rolled up into the glove. It's happened in the past but I noticed it before anything would happen. So I went back to my stash. I was surprised that I really don't have all that many to choose from. And nothing is really "clicking" with me. I have a few such as "adopt a pet" or "support animal rescue" But I dunno, I really liked the whole simplistic idea of just "hope" I know I'm weird. Who would put this much thought into this?? So as of now I've settled on my "Music = Life" I got at Hot Topic awhile back. The cool thing about it is that it is smaller than my previous one. Maybe it will stay put more. Some of the wristbands are just so big for my wrist. I've also done some research and found one for ovarian cancer. Being that it will be our first 5K I thought that it would have a meaning for me. The only thing is I don't want to pay more for shipping than I do for the actual product. Anyone have cool wristbands out there? What do they say? Where'd you get them? What do they mean to you? It's amazing how one little wristband can mean so much to you.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Woo Woo!

Holy crap! 4.5 miles. Can I get a woo woo?!

Side note 10:15am: Just checked the gmap site, and it looks like we mistakenly messed up our route. Whoops! So we didn't do the full 4.5, only 4. Son of a.....Okay, I think this definitely is a sign that we need a Garmin. You try mapping out a route, then remember it while your calves and thighs are killing ya. Add onto that a side cramp. Ah well, we still did 4 which is a personal best for me and I'm still proud.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Shopping Woes

If you've read any of my previous posts you know that I have issues with shopping. I know what I want it's just trying to find it and finding that it fits right. So my latest issue is trying to find sports bras. Now I know most of you are saying, "TMI..." but I think the ladies will understand me on this one. I feel that I've been quite successful in finding appropriate running gear that also fits me well. However I do have several tops that are racerback. Now ya'll know you can't wear a normal-shaped bra with a racerback top. And some even have the bra built in, but trust me, there's not enough support. So here I am looking for sports bras that are not only racerback but that also fit me and are affordable in price. Do you think I can find any? Nah, of course not. So when did department stores stop carrying sports bras? And the ones I find at Kohl's, Target, etc. I feel are ridiculously priced or they don't have what I need. Then a new dilemma arises....I'm not entirely sure what size I am anymore.

Follow me on this one. I'm always had problems having bras fit me so David was so gracious as to take me to Nordstrom last year so I could be fitted properly. No wonder why I couldn't find bras to fit....they fit me as a 32D or DD. Yeah, you could've fooled me. And try to find that size on a rack in Victoria's Secret...not happening. So I had to splurge and spent $60+ each on 2 bras and then ended up picking up another 2 at a later date. Now according to the people at Nordstrom you should replace your bras every few to 6 months. Yeah, at $60+ a pop, that's going to happen. So I still have the ones I got last year but I've been noticing that they're not fitting me as well as they were before? Could it be? I'm shrinking? Can I get a Hallelujah?! Well, they say that's one of the first things to go when you start exercising. But once again, that sends me into a tailspin. Now, not only do I need to find sports bras but also regular ones too. Geez. And in just another month I'll need to find cold weather running gear. Thank God I don't mind shopping, but trust me, I'd rather shop for others and not myself.

So tomorrow, after our 4.5 mile run (yikes) and working in the morning I think we may head up to Crocker Park and check out Dick's Sporting Goods. It sounds like a good idea to get out of town and Dick's is always a fun place to go (can't wait for ours to open). And to be quite honest I'm sick of going to MC Sports and Dunhams. Any other stores that anyone would recommend? We can also spend some time at Borders and Barnes and Noble on our little jaunt. Sounds good to me. Now, hopefully David will be able to get away from work tomorrow....

Friday Has Arrived

It's Friday! Too bad I have to work tomorrow. Ah well. I was lucky enough to have 1-2 months off of not having to work any weekends. Now they're changing the schedule again. But instead of working every other weekend, like I used to, now I'll only have to work 1 weekend a month. I guess I can handle that. Still, it's nice to know that you have every weekend off. And with David not knowing when he's on call or not it was just easier. I'm sure as with every weekend we'll find something to do with the rest of our time to make it enjoyable.

Having the holiday in the middle of the week totally messed me up. I swear it felt like Sunday night on Wednesday. I guess the good thing about that was that going into work on Thursday felt like Monday, but it was a short week. Get what I'm sayin'?

I got a call about an hour ago saying that I didn't need to come into work untial 1:00pm. Usual I am scheduled at 12noon but I'm there by 11:30am. It's nice to have the morning off but when I get there I tend to just sit around since the middle of our day is catch up time whether it be for callbacks or medical procedures. So I can't complain that they're trying to limit my time that I just sit and look at a computer screen. (Hey, you can only clean so much) They were going to have me come in even later but they decided I probably didn't want to do that because of $. They're right, but on the other hand I wouldn't have minded just taking the entire day off and using sick time.

Anyone have any big plans for the weekend? Nothing here as of yet, but you never know with us. We haven't been to CP for the past week or so, but we've also been trying to avoid it due to the possibility of running into a big crowd. We'll have to see....

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Overture Of 1812

I kind of had one of those depressing, "God, I'm really an adult now" moments last night. Yesterday was just a bum day. As stated in my previous post the 4th of July just isn't that same as it used to be. The weird thing is that I believe my patriotism as a person is at one of the highest levels it's ever been...of course it was probably higher when David was in the Marine Corps. Anyway, we did the normal go downtown thing but that was done in about 5 minutes for us and then it was like "what do we do now?" Having everyone out of town it's not like we could have a cook out. Now mind you, we could, but that wouldn't be very fun for just two people.

And then the evening came and we debated whether to go to the fireworks. We went last year and it was kind of ho-hum to us. Nothing grandiose. After seeing shows like Red, White, and Boom in Columbus or the Battle Of The Barges in New Orleans, it's hard to follow. And we're not the type of people to fight our way through big crowds, so last year we went to the end of our street to lay low, and the view wasn't that great. Considering that experience and knowing that we had to get up bright and early today we decided to opt out of fireworks and figured we'd catch them on tv. I thought, "at least we'll be able to catch the Overture of 1812." I had a buzzkill. The New York Macy's Fireworks started. I thought they were great and this year they had a twist on them being that it was all music from America, but not all American music. No Overture of 1812. "What?! Crap. Quick, change it to channel 12 and we'll watch the Washington DC fireworks. Man, they're already done." I was bummed.

Then David had the idea that maybe if we look out our window we could see them. Not so. If trees weren't present then maybe, but we could hear them if that counted for anything. We were about to head to bed when I noticed the Washington DC Capitol Building show was replaying and noticed it was already nearing the end (having seen bits and pieces previously in the night). So I figured, "They have to have the Overture....they ALWAYS do it." So I kept watching while David was about to fall asleep. And I said, "Just turn it off. We have to get up early tomorrow." David, being the wonderful husband he is said, "No, we'll watch it." And quickly sat up and seemed interested (of course he was just doing this to make me feel better). After a few more minutes Tony Danza comes on and says, "The National Symphony Orchestra will now play the Overture of 1812...." And there it went, cannons and all. Hot damn. I about rose out of bed. I was so excited. Am I an idiot or what but it made my 4th of July. Now that's what it's all about. Note to self: watch the Capitol Building fireworks next year.

I still feel old though. The 4th of July will never be the same as it used to be....heck, "summer vacation" will never be the same. I can't believe it's already July. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were celebrating Memorial Day in May?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma Maria!

Today is Grandma Maria's birthday. To spend a little time with her and to celebrate her birthday we took her out to dinner. We attempted to go to Casa Real but they were closed....guess they wanted a vacation too. So we headed out to Chili's. It was an enjoyable dinner and it was nice to catch up with her.

Days Gone By

For the first time in a few weeks I had a good night's sleep. I was beginning to wonder if it'd ever happen again. It's a great idea to try to stay hydrated, but not when you have to get up 2-3 times a night. Not fun. And I knew we were going to "sleep in" today. It was a good feeling to sleep until 7am. I never thought I'd say that. We ran our 3 miles this morning. David kicked me into gear as he always does. I should be proud of what I did, and I am, but I did have to take a few walk breaks here and there. I know they're acceptable, but still.....I just remind myself it's a step in the right direction.

It's kind of a gloomy day and I'm not sure if the weather's going to hold off for fireworks. Having the 4th of July in the middle of the week is so weird to me. I was reminiscing the other day about this time of year. It was tradition for our family to go on vacation the first week of July every year due to my mom being on shutdown from Ford. Some of the best memories come from those vacations. I remember spending the entire day in the pool because it was so hot out, and every year we'd search out where to go for local fireworks. I'm definitely jealous of everyone going on their vacations even if they are a little weekend getaway, but I just keep telling myself that the wait is worth it and December is right around the corner. We probably will never go on a summer vacation again because that's the busiest time for each of our work schedules and believe it or not I'm actually blocked out from taking vacation during the summer months. But it's nice to have something to look forward during those dull gloomy winter months.

To update you on my schoolwork situation...I sent my radiology project out yesterday (yay!) and all the videos that I've taken are now transferred onto the computer. Next, I have to take one final video and get that onto the computer, burn a cd, and send it. Too bad I can't just say, "Voila!" and it be done. I'll get there. Now, what classes should I take for next semester?

Happy 4th Of July

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Drunken Kitties

Yes, you read the title correctly. Our house is full of drunken kitties. Let me explain. Recently Jax has taken to a behavior I'm not too fond of. He'll come up to you and lay on your lap. He starts making biscuits (kneading) which is fine. In the process he has also decided to make little love bites, which is not fine. They don't hurt so much but a little pinch isn't always welcome. So I talked to Dr. B and she said maybe it's because he's not being stimulated enough and he needs more playtime. I explained that toys are always available and you have to work to get him to play. She then recommended cat nip. Aha! Every so often we'll get them some but I've decided to try and keep our house fully stocked with the goodies to see if this helps. So the cats loved the afternoon, what they can remember of it of course =)

Nothing was planned today. We made a few stops here and there, including MC Sports and Dunhams. I swear I've spent more time in these stores over the past 2 weeks than I've spent there in my lifetime. Just pricing things, cross referencing prices, or we'll forget something. The workers probably think we're nuts. We each got another pair of shorts this weekend. It's amazing how fast you go through your clothing items when you're exercising everyday. I'm diggin' my new shorts. They even have the liner inside, kind of like underwear. Weird, but cool. Sooner than we know it we'll be looking for cold weather gear. Oooh, not looking forward to that. Let's stay focused on the summer.

In speaking with Erika at the wedding I got some helpful hints that were well needed. She recommended Hal Higdon's, site so I checked it out. It has a wealth of information and David and I have decided to start a new "training schedule". It's a marathon training schedule. Now, I can hear ya'll now, "Why the he** would you do something like that?" "You're setting yourself up for failure." I hear ya and let me explain.

The bottom line is that it's now a dream of mine to run and finish a marathon. It may be a pipe dream, but it's a dream. Also, let me explain a little more....running is something that I see as a challenge. In my life I've never had a huge challenge to conquer. I've never had issues with schoolwork, riding horses, etc. Now, that's not to say that completing the tasks doesn't take time, energy, and patience....they all have. And I'm not trying to sound conceited or say that I'm the best at everything by any means. Running is something that I see as a bigger obstacle. I do believe I can attain my goal, but in the same token it's something that will take take an immeasurable amount of time, knowing that it's not something that comes as second nature.

Okay, so back to the marathon, in all honesty I don't expect it to be anytime soon and I do expect setbacks in the process. In reading on Hal's site it does say that ideally you should be running a year before training for a marathon. In the same sentence it also says that people do vary greatly in ability and it is possible to do this with less of a training base. In addition, in speaking with Erika she has given me the confidence to know that this is a possible goal, whether it be in 6 months, a year, or 2 years. As for the training schedule, we'll have Monday and Fridays off. We'll run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Then cross-train on Sunday. Saturdays are your longest run. Our first Saturday is 4.5 miles (Yikes! Say what?!) I can do it. One more thing I've learned through this site....you can walk! Yes, you don't have to run the entire amount. Of course run as much as you can, but you can walk. And they want you to run easy. You should be able to talk when you're running. Things are starting to make sense to me now.

Drunken kitties? Ha! I think David's thinking "drunken wife...." Ah, he's always along for the ride. This should be fun....

Kennedy Wedding

Yesterday afternoon we took a nice drive down to the Mansfield area for my cousin Gabe's wedding. It couldn't have been a more gorgeous day. It was also great to catch up with the rest of the my extended family. Be sure to check out our Flickr account for pictures of all the day's festivities. Congratulations Gabe and Tera! May you have many more wonderful years together.