Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Hello! I figured I'd post now just in case I don't have time to post later...which is what I'm hoping for. As it stands now, Justin is on his way to the airport and both his airline's website and Fort Myers Airport's website is saying he's running on time...our airline's website doesn't have "on time" or "cancelled" marked yet, but the Fort Myer's website says on time. As we all know many things can happen within a short period of time. And I just had the realization that I should've taken tylenol pm last night....arrgh. I've been sleeping horribly the past week. I wake up exhausted with my neck and jaw just killing me. Obviously my TMJ is acting up because I have to be grinding my teeth at night. It doesn't help that the dogs have to be in "their spot" during the night and they'll push you out of the way just enough to make room for themselves and not any room for you. You try to explain to me how a 14 lb dog and a 5 lb dog can push me out of the way?! Ah well, it happens. Then Viking will jump down and with him having a history of trying to get on the bed and falling he'll whine at the side of the bed until you motion to him that there's enough room on there for him to jump. Nah, my dogs aren't spoiled....not one bit. Then you add the Florida and car situation on top of that and yes, my nerves are just about fried. I'm sick of dreaming about it and having restless sleep. It's not so much that I'm worried but I just constantly think about it trying to make a decision based on what's happening. And with everything at a stand still it's hard to move on something. Basically I feel like we're back in the military....hurry up and wait. Now I know how I got so thin when David first enlisted...stress and anxiety...of course that then changed to chowing down all the time and getting fat. So tonight, yes I will be using tylenol pm and that better work...unless this girl is going to go crazy! Talk to you soon....actually I hope later than sooner!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I Love Mother Nature's Sense Of Humor

Whew! Finally a moment to sit down. Okay, so this is what's been going on. We went to the sandusky high football game friday, we've been looking at new cars, looking for some sandals for me, packing for florida, getting ready for florida, and watching the hurricane. Let's start at the beginning. We went to the football game on Friday with both sets of 'rents. It was a good time. And they won! Haven't seen that since my sophomore year I think...yeah, when I was in school we didn't have the best team...I know they've won since, but I hadn't witnessed it. It was nice to reminisce, yet glad I'm not in high school anymore. The stands weren't that full...hopefully that will get better with school going into session this week. We've also been looking at cars for me. Something small to get to and from work in...and hopefully more efficient. I love the size of my explorer and I don't want to give it up, but I have to be realistic. We went with the 'rents on saturday (they're looking for a car too), and we worked out some figures. Due to being hungry and wanting to talk things over we left it open ended and have an appointment for monday. It's always good to sleep on things like that. So we'll see tomorrow. Then's time for new sandals. The other week I looked down to find they were coming apart. On Saturday I looked again and they were even worse. Yikes! With our trip right around the corner I need a new pair so I don't blow out my flip flop. Ha ha. And then our trip in December (something tells me I won't be able to find sandals in December....just a feeling) Anyway, I'm looking for something leather...casual yet can be dressed up. No luck. Good thing I kept my old pair from bass. Those should do. It's not good to be looking at this time for sandals...possibly good prices but way over picked. Next...I've been packing for know me I like to be ready way in advance and guess what, this time is no different. I'm getting everything washed and ready to go. That means I'm also trying to clean the house from top to bottom so when I come home it will be put together...hopefully. Dogs have already had their baths, kitchen floor and rugs have been scrubbed, bed sheets have been cleaned and changed, and most of the dog bedding has been washed. On Wednesday I'll change the slipcover on the sofa, dust, dust mop the floor, and change the rest of the dog bedding. Most of the stuff needed done anyway, so it just gives me more incentive to get it done. Which leads me to the next thing...HURRICANE ERNESTO. Alright, so this thing decided to show it's ugly face the other day. And if you look at the projected path it should be hitting landfall on Wednesday evening in Fort Myers, Florida. Ok, yah, so that's where we're supposed to land. I don't have an issue with the hurricane...I just want to get down there, and if that airport is closed that means it's a no go. According to our airline if we decide not to go we lose out on our money...if the airport is closed or the airline refuses to fly then POSSIBLY we could get our money we're going to at least head to the airport and sit and see. I've just known so many people that either have or haven't gone and they come to find out all is ok where they we planning on going. And in all honesty I'm not worried about it. Mother nature will do what she's does best...surprise us. And if I've learned anything from living in new orleans, she's real good at it and we shouldn't depend on the projected path maps. It's just a wait and see. I'm just so set on getting out of here for a few days. That would just suck if it was taken away from you like that. Then I think well, if it is canceled maybe we'd be able to reschedule for a few weeks ahead, but that would run into my school schedule. Not that big of a deal since I don't have to actually attend, and I can work ahead in my school work, but it'd be nice to go down there with nothing to worry about. Also, Justin is flying out of Detroit, on another airline, earlier on you never know...he could be sent down and we could possibly not be sent or vice versa. So any kind prayers would be appreciated our way. Not really sure if they'll help but it's always a thought. Okay, did you get all of that? I'll keep ya'll posted

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Yankee or Rebel? Which are you?

Awhile back I received this in an email and I thought it was funny. We were talking at work today about what different people say and it prompted me to post this. Hope you have just as good of a laugh as we did.
Yankee or Rebel Test

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another Mariachi Night

We went out to eat tonight at Casa Real for the Mariachi Night. As always it was fun and this time we also got Sita and Alpa to go. Last time Dad got to dance...this time it was Sita's turn. And this time I had the camera!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Feature

Hello Everyone! I added a new feature to my blog. If you look to the left you'll see "Music To Listen To While Reading" under the "About Me" section. To avoid annoyance the music will not automatically play. You must click on the play symbol on the player (to the left). Depending on your computer you may have to double click. Right now I'm featuring the group Angels and Airwaves-The Adventure (I don't care for the singer's voice much but I really like to lyrics.) Be sure to click on it often. You know me and I like to change things up quite a bit. You never know what you may hear! I just thought it'd be something cool to add. I hope you all enjoy. On a different note I'd like to congratulate KD, Erika, and Kade on the new addition to their family, Little Liv. I'm not sure exactly what happened as Erika was to be induced tonight and Liv is already here. I'm figuring she had enough of her mom's belly and said "let me out!" sooner than they expected. (I'm sure they're not complaining!) Once again congratulations...please give her an extra hug from us.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Games and Waterslides

Just wanted to sit down and jot a few lines before the week started. Lily did have her teeth cleaned and ended up have 5 extractions. Poor girl. But she was a trooper and is on the appropriate medications for comfort and to fight off any infection. The gums on her incisors were so bad that some of her teeth were just hanging there. So by taking them out it probably made her more comfortable. Then I placed implants in her gums. Basically they work like cement and have a slow releasing antibiotic to help reattach the gum and save any further damage to other teeth. Just as with everything we don't know exactly why she has such as bad mouth. We can only assume due to her previous habits and stress. Hopefully as things are now her mouth with stay better for longer. We both worked on Saturday morning and had a laid back afternoon. David's 'rents hadn't been to our new Target so we asked them if they wanted to go out there for a bit. If you know us and Target we could spend hours in there just looking at things. It's one of those things we've always liked doing ever since New Orleans....just go to Target, walk around, "window shop", and pick a few things up here and there. We don't have tons of board games to play and I've been wanting to add to our collection so we decided to pick up a game. Of course that kind of took a bit with 4 of us trying to decide what would be best. We decided on Imaginiff. It's fun. You put people's names around the board. A person rolls the dice, move the marker around the outside of the board as many times on the dice, land on a name, then pick a card and input the name you landed on when reading the card...the cards kind of go like this....."If Heidi was style of dance...what would she be?" And it's all multiple choice. Then each person chooses which number (of the multiple choice) they guess, place their number card face down and then flip them all over together.....Whoever is majority wins....and if you were person to roll and you were on the majority, you get to move 2 spaces and the others in the majority move 1 space. Very simple but entertaining and you get to learn about what people think of you or how you see yourself. So they came over and we ordered fold overs from pizza bros., played the game, and chilled out. Near the end of the night we were kind of tired but not too tired to play charades! That's right....we played charades. Never played before but we had a quick crash course with david's 'rents and got started into that. I can't say I'm the best but it was fun. It's kind of funny because at first you don't really want to do it but once you get going you get all these ideas and you quickly find yourself laughing. And that's what I call cheap fun. We had a blast with David's parents. Thanks Sita and Alpa! Today we finally got to use our Soak City passes. It was quite chilly, especially at first but it ended up being a decent day, and not too many people were there. It had been so long since I had been there that things had changed. Like with the lockerooms, how to get in, and using the lockers...I totally felt like a tourist! To begin, the lockerooms used to have one door on each side and it was connected from one side to the the doors are still there but there's a partition because the opening to the park moved slightly. I was confused. Then we got inside...I go to get a locker and no go. It used to be you put two quarters in each time you lock the locker but now you rent keys. Which I think is better, but we had left the cash in the car. So we got our hand stamped, walked to the car, got the cash, and finally got the key. Pretty eventful for not even getting into the water yet. We decided to start with the lazy river so we could get used to the water. And I must say it's not as fun anymore. They time how many people go at a time and instead of the lifeguards just chillin' on the side of the "river", they walk with the group of people. And with us being the last ones in the group we were stuck with this guy following us. Talk about no privacy. I guess I get the point, but geesh! After that we were used of the water, but when we got out it was freezing since it was "partly cloudy" out. So we ran..okay, we didn't run, but we walked very fast to the family tube ride and that was fun. I must say I got the brunt of the work on that one. I kept being pushed up the side of the chute, having to lean over...whew! My arms hurt. We did the black tubed one then went to the wave action pool. Then was fun as it brought back fond memories of surf's up. The only draw back is that the ground was super rough (we walked out with fully exfoliated feet!) and how shallow it was. With it being so shallow the waves became breakers much faster and knocked you down. That gave us a full work out. Then we headed back to the first half the the park and decided to to do the speed slide. I must say this before telling you the story.....before going to soak city I was debating the wear a 2 piece or a one piece. I was afraid the 2 piece ones I have would hurt with the knots being in the back, and yet my 1 piece no longer fits very nicely. So I decided on the 2 piece with the little hook thing in the back, thinking that would be best. Going back to the speed slide...this one I had always kind of disliked because I always flew so fast on it and thought I was too light because when the slides would dip down instead of dipping, my body would go straight out and fall hitting the slide real hard. So I said, "what the heck, let's try it." Boy was my theory wrong. It's just the slide that sucked and not my weight. Because Lord knows I am bigger than I used to be and I was still flying and slamming on the slide. By the end the water was just flying in the face and I didn't realize when I hit then water....then it happened. I was in the pool, I opened my eyes, and I see my top! Holy crap! My top fell off!! It was still around my neck so I quickly grabbed the strings to go around my chest and hollered to David. He swam over and hooked my back up. One good thing is that I hadn't stood up in the water yet so the water camouflaged my chest a least I can hope. Oh man, but we were laughing so hard. You see, stuff like that doesn't bother me...I feel more sorry for the people around me who may happened to have caught a glimpse. It's one of those things that you would have read back in the day in seventeen know about all the embarassing things that happened to girls that wrote in. Looking back, being younger things were just so embarassing but those stories and my situation today are just stupid things that happen that you can laugh at. And even better, you can look back at on a later date and get an even bigger laugh. I can see you all laughing better be! Ya'll have a great beginning of the week....

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Clean Teeth For Lily? Hopefully!

Mom and dad got to see my DVD so finally someone other than myself got to see it. Cool. Today was a good day. Not much went on and it doesn't look as though much will be going on tomorrow either. I think I'm going to try to take Lily in and clean her teeth. This will be about the 4th time I've tried taking her in. It always starts out being dead but then ends up getting too busy to do her. You have to consider, she's got to be put under anesthesia, scale and polish her teeth, and then possible extractions (hopefully not!), and then woken back up. So it's not really a quickie type of deal. It's crazy but believe it or not that's what you have to do to have them professionally cleaned. So anyone out there with dogs and cats....make sure you have their teeth professionally cleaned or you're going to have a rotten mouth with bad teeth and breath, not to mention it's painful to have a bad mouth (and much cheaper to keep it clean if you take care of it early and keep up with it). But Lily's definitely due. Even with brushing her teeth on a daily basis they get funky. Viking's 4 and has never had his cleaned. He doesn't need it yet. (usually you start about 2-3 years of age) It just goes to show you it depends on the pet's diet, they're habits, how well you take care of their teeth, and the bottom line of just having individual issues. As with everything, Lily has her issues. But you gotta love her. So she needs her teeth cleaned more often. This will be the 2nd time for her and she's only 3. We get to watch sloopy this weekend. It should be fun and I know by sunday they'll all be tuckered out from running like crazy. We don't have anything much else planned. We'd like to use our Soak City tickets, but we'll have to watch the weather on that one. No matter what ya'll know I'll keep busy.

How About You Choose The Title

Whew! Finally got the DVD made. The first one I made 2 days ago I had messed up....some of the endings were cut off...I'm not sure what I did. And I assumed chapters were made automatically...not true, you have to make them yourself. So I got all of my stuff I said I was going to get done yesterday and then in the afternoon/evening I tried again. I had to begin by making a menu for the DVD. You can use one of the generic ones (which would be easy) but well, they're generic and I didn't care for them, so I customized one, which turned out to be more work. It took me awhile to figure out how exactly to make each title on the menu to match with the clip, but I figured it out in about 1/2 hour or so and made the video. I think it took longer to burn than anything else. It turned out good. There are things I learned about that I'd like to change on my next one but everything's there with no endings cut off and all the titles link to the correct video. Not too bad I must say so myself. As I said I got everything else done...trimmed our bushes, including one of the neighbor's, and even managed to cut my electric cord...whoops! Good thing mom and dad live so close...I just ran over and borrowed theirs. I edged, watered the plants, registered for classes, ordered my books. Then David got home and we got to spend the afternoon together. I even got a lot of cleaning and organizing done. It was a good day. I get into these kicks where I want to organize. Okay, Okay, those "kicks" happen about everyday but isn't it great when you feel as though you've accomplished something? I got all of the computer stuff organized in a up, organizing the closets in the cat room and putting some of Lily's clothes into storage. Can you believe she doesn't fit in half of her clothes. She's got a little bit more solid after feeling so great. But I don't want to get rid of never know when we may have a little one again! David and I have had a bit of the fall "bug" lately..wanting the weather to cool down, etc. It's hard to believe fall is almost here, but with all the halloween stuff out at TJMaxx and all the school stuff out it's been hard to miss. We both love the fall and love to decorate for halloween. I think we have more halloween stuff than christmas stuff....and that's hard to do considering my hallmark ornament collection. And we've been here for almost a year...that's even crazier. Time definitely flies...but I can't complain because it's been a good year. This is one crazy post...I don't even know how many subjects I have in here. I'm sure you can only imagine what my head does every second of the's flying in and out of thoughts! Have a great day full of many thoughts!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Chicago...I'm There

Something cool happened today. A co-worker and myself were doing our usual thing when our boss came in and said he needed to talk to us. Not thinking anything much of it we went into the conference room and sat down. He had a conference brochure in his hand and I was thinking he was going to say "here's some continuing ed. for you if you're interested, blah blah blah...." But surprisingly he said "this conference is something we think would be good for you two to go to....and we'll pay the cost of the conference and any hotel expenses (Approx $800)...the travel arrangements and food would be up to you." I was thinking cool...but then come to find out it's in Chicago...I'm there! Being in Chicago is awesome (never been there) but then I thought to myself...It's an honor to be chosen since I'm not even a registered tech yet. Mind you there are only a few of us in the practice but they said "the 2 of you are the only ones qualified to go." And they even called the arrangers of it to make sure I could go (since I'm not registered). So I thought that was pretty cool and I must say I was kind of riding on a high the rest of the day. We're even staying at a westin...I hear those are pretty motel 6's for us! And I must say that I'm kind of spoiled..I haven't been on a vacation in the past 4+ years, but now I have 3 vacations in the next 4 months....sweet. Okay, okay, the seminar isn't a vacation but at least it will be a new experience. And when we go down to see family in florida we're going to be helping grandma and grandpa get settled (even though they've already tried to do everything on their own)...but it's still getting away from the same ol' same ol'...Then December...that's the real vacation. I'm sure you can tell I'm excited. I have tomorrow off and as always I have a full day planned. Not sure what order I'm going to do it in, but it will get done. Got to trim the bushes, possibly edge, finish up making the dvd (burning it right now...hope it works...cross your fingers), got to schedule classes and order books, and hopefully get the nails done. And of course I can't forget the normal day to day cleaning of the house. I'm sure I'll fit a moment to sit down in there somewhere. I know I've already said it, but I'm excited to make more videos. I'm all hooked up now (I think) and got a few more programs to help out (audio editor, I can mix songs and stuff) anybody with any ideas? I know mom will have a few...she's just got to find her tapes and things then I'm sure I'll be busy. I don't understand why I like doing it...I guess because it's fun and enjoyable for me...and it's something I find "easy" and I feel like I've accomplished something. I'm not sure what...but it's something.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Sunday, August 13, 2006

We Had A Blast

Whew! Canoeing was sure hardwork but it was tons of fun at the same time. As I stated in my previous post we did end up getting a raft so technically we weren't canoeing I guess, but it's just as hard of work. Less tendancy to fall over but more tendancy to get stuck on rocks and in shallow water. Which trust me, we did many times. I'd hop out an unlodge us then hop back in. The only problem is where the larger rocks are the current picks up often causing small "rapids" if you want to call them that, then if you get stuck, people behind you get stuck and then there's a pile up. So battling the current along with all the other canoes/rafts can get quite chaotic. We had many laughs while doing it and looking back I keep thinking of moments and it brings a smile to my face and laughter too. We've decided it's got to be a yearly trip. Too fun to pass up. And the scenery is just have to keep the drunken crazy people in huge groups out of your head. End we ended up holding off on soak city for this week. Instead of trying to push everything into one week we thought we'd spread it out. We wouldn't want to do tons of stuff this weekend and then find ourselves picking our noses next weekend. Ya know? So we ended up hanging with the 'rents got some good perennials on sale, then went to David's cousin's birthday party, did the usual grocery shopping, then back home and was outside with the 'rents planting everything we had gotten. We were out there until it was dark....actually after it was dark! But it looks beautimous and if things don't work we can always move them. I'm so excited for next 1-2 years to see how everything fills in. Still have to get some tulip bulbs. We had tons of tulips in the spring that came up that were already here but I've been digging those up as we've been planting. So we can start over with a fresh slate. I'm sure we'll have some come up that I didn't find. But that's what makes it all fun. If you haven't noticed I added some links to the left column. They include my "homepage" for YouTube with all my videos and then also our shutterfly account collection site. All of my albums have been made public but with the "collection" I can only feature a few at a time...sorry. But by having the links people can surf at their leisure instead of having to go through my blog to find one of my postings for picture or videos...basically I hope it's more convenient. Tomorrow's the start to a new week. Are you ready?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Outside Fun

The weekend is what are we going to do?? Well, today we're going down to mohican to go canoeing, except I don't think we're going to get a canoe. I think we're going to get a raft so we can fit more people into it. That way I don't have to work so hard. Then tomorrow our plan is to go to soak city. So it sounds like it's going to be an outside weekend, which I'm so happy about. I've been itching to get outside and do something. That is one thing I loved about being in junior high/high school and the summer. We'd just go to cedar point beach, lay out, go to the hotel pools...and just chill. I miss being outside. Now 98% of my day is spent inside, in the a/c, working. Not too fun. So yesterday I got a dvd burner so sometime in the midst of everything this weekend I'm going to set it up. I'm excited because now I'll be able to burn my videos and hopefully make even more because I know that I have the capabilities to make them, etc. I'm excited and I'm sure it will be a learning experience. I want to get everything set so I can make a DVD to take down to Florida to share. I think they'd enjoy it, especially since it's hard for them to see them online using dial-up. Also, sometime this weekend I'm going to have to get out in the yard. There are a few "plants" I want to dig up. We have a blackberry bush that's more like a twig and it looks dead to me. It probably doesn't help that the previous owners planted it in a 5 gallon bucket and then into the ground. I don't get it. Dad spent a few minutes starting to dig it up earlier this year and said forget about it...but I want that thing out. It most likely will be hard work but well worth it in the end. And then there's this other "thing" Never seen it before and I know it's not a weed but, well I can't even explain what it looks like...but it's a pain. Very thick and so thick that the stalks just fall over. So I've been thinning it out and had no success in helping what it looks like. So that's outta here too. I just got my breck's catalog and I've been trying to figuring out what I want to plant since fall is just around the corner. So I figured I needed to get everything out of there that I wanted gone that way I can visualize a little better what could go where. It looks as though it's going to be a busy but enjoyable weekend. Just waiting for David to get home so we can head out. Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

School's Out For Summer....

Sounds as though everyone has enjoyed the video. That's what I had hoped for and it's great to hear. It's only 9:30 and I definitely should be in bed because I just feel exhausted. But I had to check everyone's blogs and see what's going on. I also wanted to check up on my blackboard website for school. All of my grades have finally posted and my semester is finished! I got a 98% and 99%. Can't complain about that considering I'm working full time and a lot of it was anatomy and physiology...not to mention things that I will probably never use again in my life. I guess they're trying to prepare me for everything but some of the stuff is just too ridiculous...almost in the line of what veterinarians have to learn during their courses. I guess it's a good thing because once I'm finished I'll not only be a registered vet tech but also have a greater knowledge of things if I would ever need to use them. I definitely have to say the distance learning still is a great way to learn for me. Being in the field for 4 years I feel sufficient in what I do on a day to day basis. But having the schooling along with the day to day activities enhances the entire experience. Even though it's sometimes a pain and costly, it gives me a step up and not only will help me in the future but helps me now. Anyway, my subject was "School's Out For Summer" but it's not really, considering I go back in 3-4 weeks. But atleast I'll get a few days off before having to pick my brain again. Guess what? There's only 22 days left until Florida and only 4 months until our Disney trip. I can't wait for both of those dates to arrive. Can you tell I just need to get away. Right now a quickie trip will do but when December arrives I will so be ready for a week off. Yes! I haven't had one of those in 2 years let alone an actual vacation in about....well, I don't know how many years...that's how long it's been. It's going to be David and my first actual vacation together. And we never technically had a honeymoon as our wedding was only a few days before our move to New it will be tons of fun. Tomorrow we're planning on going to the fair for some good fat food. You know if the fair is in town you gotta get a funnel cake or something. Mmm Mmm good!

Monday, August 07, 2006

500 Miles

Hey, I've been working on the 500 Miles video today. And it's kind of been a pain in the butt. Making it wasn't hard at all. But when I went to YouTube my file was too big so then I was trying to figure out how to change the file type and somehow make it smaller without making it look even worse (because you know when you post something on YouTube it gets all funky looking). I'm figuring it's because I'm going from my analog recorder to the computer, etc, that I'm having an issue, but I'm not sure. So making the video into various types of files and then watching them to see what one I wanted took awhile, and now uploading to the site is taking forever too. not sure if it's going to come out or not. But I figured I'd type awhile while I was waiting. Another thing that has been a pain in my rear for the past 24 hours is our router for David's XBox 360. He got a free online subscription when we bought it but he's been waiting to activate it...until football season and when we got a router, etc. So we finally got a router and it's just been a pain. First the modem kept resetting so we ended up calling Bryce over and he fixed it simply by resetting everything (thanks bryce!), which I should have known to do that....I was just so frustrated and in the heat of the moment. And this morning it was fine but when David got home the internet wasn't working. So I tried explaining what to do over the phone. But it didn't work. When I got home I reset everything and it worked. Not sure, but the whole resetting thing is going to get old fast. Ok, that's my ranting for the day. On a positive note, I wasn't planning on doing anything in the yard this weekend but yesterday mom and dad came over and dad helped thin the lilac bush and we did a little landscaping with our back corner garden thingy. Instead of it being square with the bricks we took those out and angled it with garden edging and placed the bricks lining the back (to prevent neighbor's weeds) Now I'll have to get some topsoil to fill it up more and then plant some grass in the fall. I'm not exactly sure if I'm going to plant seed this fall though. More than likely I will, however that garden area was FULL of grape hyacinth. And if anyone knows about that stuff you'll understand....very pretty but it mutiplies like crazy and the bulbs are clumped together and there are millions of them...literally. So I've been trying to spend a few hours here and there (about 4-5 times now) trying to get them outta there. It's crazy because you think you're making progress and then you come back the following week and there a tons more. It seems as though they're multiplying at the same rate as I'm removing them! So basically I don't want to plant grass and then when a grape hyacinth pops up here and there next spring I'd have to dig up my freshly planted grass. Get what I mean? Anyway, with the landscaping and lilac bush thinning it opened the yard up big time. Sweet. Our yard was decent to begin with but it's nice to see it take shape. We had a good dinner at Cedar Villa last night. We got to spend some time with David's 'rents so that was nice. And we even got some Toft's ice cream. Gotta love that cotton candy confetti. Yum. Okay, it's finally done uploading. I must say it's pretty poor quality and you have to turn your volume up, but hey, it's still fun.....Love to you all!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jillian and Brittan's Wedding

Yesterday Jillian and Brittan got married. We both had to work yesterday morning so we could not attend the wedding, but we got to attend all the afternoon and evening festivities including lunch at Fridays and then dancing the night away. As you all guessed I've already posted pictures. You can view them at:
I'm also working on the 500 miles video.....
Congratulations Jill and Britt!! We wish you many years of happiness!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006