Sunday, August 27, 2006

I Love Mother Nature's Sense Of Humor

Whew! Finally a moment to sit down. Okay, so this is what's been going on. We went to the sandusky high football game friday, we've been looking at new cars, looking for some sandals for me, packing for florida, getting ready for florida, and watching the hurricane. Let's start at the beginning. We went to the football game on Friday with both sets of 'rents. It was a good time. And they won! Haven't seen that since my sophomore year I think...yeah, when I was in school we didn't have the best team...I know they've won since, but I hadn't witnessed it. It was nice to reminisce, yet glad I'm not in high school anymore. The stands weren't that full...hopefully that will get better with school going into session this week. We've also been looking at cars for me. Something small to get to and from work in...and hopefully more efficient. I love the size of my explorer and I don't want to give it up, but I have to be realistic. We went with the 'rents on saturday (they're looking for a car too), and we worked out some figures. Due to being hungry and wanting to talk things over we left it open ended and have an appointment for monday. It's always good to sleep on things like that. So we'll see tomorrow. Then's time for new sandals. The other week I looked down to find they were coming apart. On Saturday I looked again and they were even worse. Yikes! With our trip right around the corner I need a new pair so I don't blow out my flip flop. Ha ha. And then our trip in December (something tells me I won't be able to find sandals in December....just a feeling) Anyway, I'm looking for something leather...casual yet can be dressed up. No luck. Good thing I kept my old pair from bass. Those should do. It's not good to be looking at this time for sandals...possibly good prices but way over picked. Next...I've been packing for know me I like to be ready way in advance and guess what, this time is no different. I'm getting everything washed and ready to go. That means I'm also trying to clean the house from top to bottom so when I come home it will be put together...hopefully. Dogs have already had their baths, kitchen floor and rugs have been scrubbed, bed sheets have been cleaned and changed, and most of the dog bedding has been washed. On Wednesday I'll change the slipcover on the sofa, dust, dust mop the floor, and change the rest of the dog bedding. Most of the stuff needed done anyway, so it just gives me more incentive to get it done. Which leads me to the next thing...HURRICANE ERNESTO. Alright, so this thing decided to show it's ugly face the other day. And if you look at the projected path it should be hitting landfall on Wednesday evening in Fort Myers, Florida. Ok, yah, so that's where we're supposed to land. I don't have an issue with the hurricane...I just want to get down there, and if that airport is closed that means it's a no go. According to our airline if we decide not to go we lose out on our money...if the airport is closed or the airline refuses to fly then POSSIBLY we could get our money we're going to at least head to the airport and sit and see. I've just known so many people that either have or haven't gone and they come to find out all is ok where they we planning on going. And in all honesty I'm not worried about it. Mother nature will do what she's does best...surprise us. And if I've learned anything from living in new orleans, she's real good at it and we shouldn't depend on the projected path maps. It's just a wait and see. I'm just so set on getting out of here for a few days. That would just suck if it was taken away from you like that. Then I think well, if it is canceled maybe we'd be able to reschedule for a few weeks ahead, but that would run into my school schedule. Not that big of a deal since I don't have to actually attend, and I can work ahead in my school work, but it'd be nice to go down there with nothing to worry about. Also, Justin is flying out of Detroit, on another airline, earlier on you never know...he could be sent down and we could possibly not be sent or vice versa. So any kind prayers would be appreciated our way. Not really sure if they'll help but it's always a thought. Okay, did you get all of that? I'll keep ya'll posted


Anonymous said...

Silly girl you are coming to Florida so why not wait until you get here to find your fabulous new sandals? The old ones will do for your first visit since you don't need to impress family. We all know how grandma loves to shop for shoes so I bet you won't have to twist her arm too hard to go sandal shopping. You're worried about your flights and I'm taking a cruise starting Sunday so let's hope Ernesto comes and goes with no major trouble. Good news the path has changed and seems to be missing Ft. Myers and coming ashore around 2 am Wednesday so I bet your visit should go just fine. Wish I could come over to see you all Camie

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, just saw the new projected path for Ernesto and it is looking good for us. Won't be long now. we come!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi ,
I hope you enjoy your trip.As I've said before you should write a book .You have such a natural talent for writing.
Enjoy yourself.
Linda P.