Thursday, August 17, 2006

Clean Teeth For Lily? Hopefully!

Mom and dad got to see my DVD so finally someone other than myself got to see it. Cool. Today was a good day. Not much went on and it doesn't look as though much will be going on tomorrow either. I think I'm going to try to take Lily in and clean her teeth. This will be about the 4th time I've tried taking her in. It always starts out being dead but then ends up getting too busy to do her. You have to consider, she's got to be put under anesthesia, scale and polish her teeth, and then possible extractions (hopefully not!), and then woken back up. So it's not really a quickie type of deal. It's crazy but believe it or not that's what you have to do to have them professionally cleaned. So anyone out there with dogs and cats....make sure you have their teeth professionally cleaned or you're going to have a rotten mouth with bad teeth and breath, not to mention it's painful to have a bad mouth (and much cheaper to keep it clean if you take care of it early and keep up with it). But Lily's definitely due. Even with brushing her teeth on a daily basis they get funky. Viking's 4 and has never had his cleaned. He doesn't need it yet. (usually you start about 2-3 years of age) It just goes to show you it depends on the pet's diet, they're habits, how well you take care of their teeth, and the bottom line of just having individual issues. As with everything, Lily has her issues. But you gotta love her. So she needs her teeth cleaned more often. This will be the 2nd time for her and she's only 3. We get to watch sloopy this weekend. It should be fun and I know by sunday they'll all be tuckered out from running like crazy. We don't have anything much else planned. We'd like to use our Soak City tickets, but we'll have to watch the weather on that one. No matter what ya'll know I'll keep busy.

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Anonymous said...

Great job, Heidi. I'm sure everyone will love it.