Sunday, August 20, 2006

Games and Waterslides

Just wanted to sit down and jot a few lines before the week started. Lily did have her teeth cleaned and ended up have 5 extractions. Poor girl. But she was a trooper and is on the appropriate medications for comfort and to fight off any infection. The gums on her incisors were so bad that some of her teeth were just hanging there. So by taking them out it probably made her more comfortable. Then I placed implants in her gums. Basically they work like cement and have a slow releasing antibiotic to help reattach the gum and save any further damage to other teeth. Just as with everything we don't know exactly why she has such as bad mouth. We can only assume due to her previous habits and stress. Hopefully as things are now her mouth with stay better for longer. We both worked on Saturday morning and had a laid back afternoon. David's 'rents hadn't been to our new Target so we asked them if they wanted to go out there for a bit. If you know us and Target we could spend hours in there just looking at things. It's one of those things we've always liked doing ever since New Orleans....just go to Target, walk around, "window shop", and pick a few things up here and there. We don't have tons of board games to play and I've been wanting to add to our collection so we decided to pick up a game. Of course that kind of took a bit with 4 of us trying to decide what would be best. We decided on Imaginiff. It's fun. You put people's names around the board. A person rolls the dice, move the marker around the outside of the board as many times on the dice, land on a name, then pick a card and input the name you landed on when reading the card...the cards kind of go like this....."If Heidi was style of dance...what would she be?" And it's all multiple choice. Then each person chooses which number (of the multiple choice) they guess, place their number card face down and then flip them all over together.....Whoever is majority wins....and if you were person to roll and you were on the majority, you get to move 2 spaces and the others in the majority move 1 space. Very simple but entertaining and you get to learn about what people think of you or how you see yourself. So they came over and we ordered fold overs from pizza bros., played the game, and chilled out. Near the end of the night we were kind of tired but not too tired to play charades! That's right....we played charades. Never played before but we had a quick crash course with david's 'rents and got started into that. I can't say I'm the best but it was fun. It's kind of funny because at first you don't really want to do it but once you get going you get all these ideas and you quickly find yourself laughing. And that's what I call cheap fun. We had a blast with David's parents. Thanks Sita and Alpa! Today we finally got to use our Soak City passes. It was quite chilly, especially at first but it ended up being a decent day, and not too many people were there. It had been so long since I had been there that things had changed. Like with the lockerooms, how to get in, and using the lockers...I totally felt like a tourist! To begin, the lockerooms used to have one door on each side and it was connected from one side to the the doors are still there but there's a partition because the opening to the park moved slightly. I was confused. Then we got inside...I go to get a locker and no go. It used to be you put two quarters in each time you lock the locker but now you rent keys. Which I think is better, but we had left the cash in the car. So we got our hand stamped, walked to the car, got the cash, and finally got the key. Pretty eventful for not even getting into the water yet. We decided to start with the lazy river so we could get used to the water. And I must say it's not as fun anymore. They time how many people go at a time and instead of the lifeguards just chillin' on the side of the "river", they walk with the group of people. And with us being the last ones in the group we were stuck with this guy following us. Talk about no privacy. I guess I get the point, but geesh! After that we were used of the water, but when we got out it was freezing since it was "partly cloudy" out. So we ran..okay, we didn't run, but we walked very fast to the family tube ride and that was fun. I must say I got the brunt of the work on that one. I kept being pushed up the side of the chute, having to lean over...whew! My arms hurt. We did the black tubed one then went to the wave action pool. Then was fun as it brought back fond memories of surf's up. The only draw back is that the ground was super rough (we walked out with fully exfoliated feet!) and how shallow it was. With it being so shallow the waves became breakers much faster and knocked you down. That gave us a full work out. Then we headed back to the first half the the park and decided to to do the speed slide. I must say this before telling you the story.....before going to soak city I was debating the wear a 2 piece or a one piece. I was afraid the 2 piece ones I have would hurt with the knots being in the back, and yet my 1 piece no longer fits very nicely. So I decided on the 2 piece with the little hook thing in the back, thinking that would be best. Going back to the speed slide...this one I had always kind of disliked because I always flew so fast on it and thought I was too light because when the slides would dip down instead of dipping, my body would go straight out and fall hitting the slide real hard. So I said, "what the heck, let's try it." Boy was my theory wrong. It's just the slide that sucked and not my weight. Because Lord knows I am bigger than I used to be and I was still flying and slamming on the slide. By the end the water was just flying in the face and I didn't realize when I hit then water....then it happened. I was in the pool, I opened my eyes, and I see my top! Holy crap! My top fell off!! It was still around my neck so I quickly grabbed the strings to go around my chest and hollered to David. He swam over and hooked my back up. One good thing is that I hadn't stood up in the water yet so the water camouflaged my chest a least I can hope. Oh man, but we were laughing so hard. You see, stuff like that doesn't bother me...I feel more sorry for the people around me who may happened to have caught a glimpse. It's one of those things that you would have read back in the day in seventeen know about all the embarassing things that happened to girls that wrote in. Looking back, being younger things were just so embarassing but those stories and my situation today are just stupid things that happen that you can laugh at. And even better, you can look back at on a later date and get an even bigger laugh. I can see you all laughing better be! Ya'll have a great beginning of the week....

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