Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Hello! I figured I'd post now just in case I don't have time to post later...which is what I'm hoping for. As it stands now, Justin is on his way to the airport and both his airline's website and Fort Myers Airport's website is saying he's running on time...our airline's website doesn't have "on time" or "cancelled" marked yet, but the Fort Myer's website says on time. As we all know many things can happen within a short period of time. And I just had the realization that I should've taken tylenol pm last night....arrgh. I've been sleeping horribly the past week. I wake up exhausted with my neck and jaw just killing me. Obviously my TMJ is acting up because I have to be grinding my teeth at night. It doesn't help that the dogs have to be in "their spot" during the night and they'll push you out of the way just enough to make room for themselves and not any room for you. You try to explain to me how a 14 lb dog and a 5 lb dog can push me out of the way?! Ah well, it happens. Then Viking will jump down and with him having a history of trying to get on the bed and falling he'll whine at the side of the bed until you motion to him that there's enough room on there for him to jump. Nah, my dogs aren't spoiled....not one bit. Then you add the Florida and car situation on top of that and yes, my nerves are just about fried. I'm sick of dreaming about it and having restless sleep. It's not so much that I'm worried but I just constantly think about it trying to make a decision based on what's happening. And with everything at a stand still it's hard to move on something. Basically I feel like we're back in the military....hurry up and wait. Now I know how I got so thin when David first enlisted...stress and anxiety...of course that then changed to chowing down all the time and getting fat. So tonight, yes I will be using tylenol pm and that better work...unless this girl is going to go crazy! Talk to you soon....actually I hope later than sooner!

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Anonymous said...

Just chill. We will be down in sunny (?) Florida in a few hours. You will be sipping pina coladas by the pool. Oh, yeah, right!!