Thursday, August 17, 2006

How About You Choose The Title

Whew! Finally got the DVD made. The first one I made 2 days ago I had messed up....some of the endings were cut off...I'm not sure what I did. And I assumed chapters were made automatically...not true, you have to make them yourself. So I got all of my stuff I said I was going to get done yesterday and then in the afternoon/evening I tried again. I had to begin by making a menu for the DVD. You can use one of the generic ones (which would be easy) but well, they're generic and I didn't care for them, so I customized one, which turned out to be more work. It took me awhile to figure out how exactly to make each title on the menu to match with the clip, but I figured it out in about 1/2 hour or so and made the video. I think it took longer to burn than anything else. It turned out good. There are things I learned about that I'd like to change on my next one but everything's there with no endings cut off and all the titles link to the correct video. Not too bad I must say so myself. As I said I got everything else done...trimmed our bushes, including one of the neighbor's, and even managed to cut my electric cord...whoops! Good thing mom and dad live so close...I just ran over and borrowed theirs. I edged, watered the plants, registered for classes, ordered my books. Then David got home and we got to spend the afternoon together. I even got a lot of cleaning and organizing done. It was a good day. I get into these kicks where I want to organize. Okay, Okay, those "kicks" happen about everyday but isn't it great when you feel as though you've accomplished something? I got all of the computer stuff organized in a up, organizing the closets in the cat room and putting some of Lily's clothes into storage. Can you believe she doesn't fit in half of her clothes. She's got a little bit more solid after feeling so great. But I don't want to get rid of never know when we may have a little one again! David and I have had a bit of the fall "bug" lately..wanting the weather to cool down, etc. It's hard to believe fall is almost here, but with all the halloween stuff out at TJMaxx and all the school stuff out it's been hard to miss. We both love the fall and love to decorate for halloween. I think we have more halloween stuff than christmas stuff....and that's hard to do considering my hallmark ornament collection. And we've been here for almost a year...that's even crazier. Time definitely flies...but I can't complain because it's been a good year. This is one crazy post...I don't even know how many subjects I have in here. I'm sure you can only imagine what my head does every second of the's flying in and out of thoughts! Have a great day full of many thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Whew, you wore me out on that one. Glad ya got so much done and look forward to seeing the video.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bug,

Do you have any of that energy to spare? I could use a little! I enjoy your blog. Also, kudos to you, for your reward from your boss. I'm very proud of you. See, he really does acknowledge your work. Albeit he has a hard time communicating the fact!

Love you,