Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things

So I was tagged by several people on Facebook to post 25 Random Things about myself. I posted my items on there, but figured I'd post them here too. Here's the deal:

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I like to turn on music and dance around the house for fun.

2. I have strong beliefs but as time goes on I question organized religion more and more.

3. Long ago I wanted to be a physical therapist or teacher when I grew up.

4. It’s weird for me to see people my age getting married, even though I’ve been married for 7 years.

5. I have no desire to have children. When a child walks in the room, no matter how well behaved, my anxiety and blood pressure go through the roof.

6. Every day that passes pushes me farther and farther away from having children. Thankfully David’s on the exact same page. I’ve been researching tubal ligation (having my tubes tied) for a year now. I’m looking forward to speaking to my doctor in a few months, hoping I can go through with the procedure.

7. I clean our bathroom almost every day.

8. I have no issues with commitment/marriage, but when it comes to friends/organizations I have issues. I want to become involved but have a hard time finding a happy medium. I become too involved, too fast, and the rest of my life takes a backseat.

9. I grew up recycling but stopped once we got married. Within the past year I’ve started back up and am absolutely obsessed with making sure I recycle every little thing.

10. 2 years ago I couldn’t run to the corner of my block. I’m not fast or pretty when I run, but I’ve now run a half marathon and am looking forward to training for a marathon.

11. If it weren’t so taboo I’d shave my head in a heartbeat. It’d be much easier.

12. David and I don’t have many individual/couple friends, but we’re content with that.

13. I absolutely love ice cream. I can down it in seconds flat, which catches people off guard.

14. After David went to boot camp I’ve had the desire to go through the experience myself. It’d be a huge challenge for me, and I’d like to see how I deal.

15. I make everything more complicated, no matter how easy it is. I like to know the ins and outs. The hows and whys. For instance, this should be a quick survey, but I’ve been in deep thought over it for the past few days, keeping notes.

16. Speaking of notes. I makes notes/lists of everything. Even when I know I won’t need them, I still make them.

17. I don’t know the last time I turned the tv on. I never watch it. However, I can’t go minutes without being connected to the internet.

18. I’m weird about my silverware. Certain kinds I can’t use, let alone eat with. The shape, the weight, it’s just wrong. It gives me the heebie jeebies. Thankfully regular restaurant silverware is usually ok.

19. I’m all about equality. If I eat with my right hand, I have to give my left hand equal opportunity. Or if I touch something…both hands have to have the same opportunity. This especially flares up when I’m having a bout of OCD.

20. I don’t have premonitions but sometimes I have feelings of discernment. I can’t always place who/what it is/when it will happen, but stuff happens. It doesn’t scare me, and I wish I could tap into it better.

21. I’ve never touched an illegal drug and have no desire to do so.

22. I want to get a tattoo but don’t know if I’ll ever have the guts to get one. It’s so….permanent. If I do, it will be personal and in a place that will not readily be seen.

23. The best decision I ever made was to get married at the age of 18 and get out of Ohio for some time.

24. I don’t think I have any fashion sense. I just wear what feels right and what I like. I do wish I could follow my heart more with what to wear. Sometimes my high school confidence comes back and I doubt myself.

25. I know our pets are not human, but I still hold conversations as if they are.

No Food For You

I happened to hear this commercial in passing about a month ago, while David was watching tv. I couldn't help but giggle as it is so true, especially to David and me. Don't worry, I'm not going to go on diet pills.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Treasure Hunt

David's birthday gift finally arrived in the mail earlier this week. Back in the day mom and dad used to send us kids on treasure hunts for some of our Christmas presents. We used to love it. I figured I'd try the same thing. It's not that exciting, but I still had fun.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

D.R.E.A.M. List

Until 2007, when the movie Bucket List was released, I had never heard of the term "bucket list." Of course now, it makes sense after someone explained it to me. I have yet to see the movie, and can only guess that it's 2 men going through their own buckets lists.

David and I were married when I was 18 years old, and we have been married for almost 7 years. I wouldn't change that for the world. I'm nowhere near a mid-life crisis. I'm far from that. I absolutely love my life and who is in it. At the same time, we have hit that point where we know we do not plan on having children and that more than likely we'll be in our present careers for the long-term. Of course you never know about your career/job situation, but my having been in the same field since the beginning of our marriage, I don't see that changing anytime soon. I know life will always be filled with changes, some unexpected and some planned, but at this point we're looking at our future wondering what is to come having already met many of our goals that we set out to do.

In addition to that thinking, I am no longer a student. Of course I've been studying for boards, but at the same time I'm going through the transition of no longer being a student and going to school. As stated, I've been keeping busy studying or reading, but it still leaves my daily life less full. It's not like I'm sitting, rotting away. Trust me, I still keep busy, but still, I'm worried of getting into a rut.

All of these thoughts combine have got me thinking of my own personal Bucket List. Upon venturing into this idea I couldn't help but think that it's kind of morbid. So instead of a Bucket List, I have made my D.R.E.A.M. List. It stands for Dedicated to Reaching Every Achievable Moment. (I've been working on the name for a week or so now and am not 100% sold on the "moment" aspect of it. But, I couldn't wait any longer to write this post. If anyone has input I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.)

Some of the items are pipe dreams. I may never achieve them, but there's no problem wishing, hoping, and planning. You never know. Some of the items are things I've done before, but would like to re implement them in my life or try them again. Some are childhood dreams. Some things I've already completed, which means I can automatically check them off my list. I see my list as ever changing. I can add to it at any point and at the same time I can work on one or many whenever I'd like.

So, here's what I've come up with in no particular order:

Relearn How To Play Cello~
Back in 5th grade I chose the cello as my string instrument of choice. I absolutely loved playing. Unfortunately when I reached high school, due to my already full schedule, I had to decide on trumpet/band or cello/orchestra. Having already had a trumpet in my possession that's what I chose. If I would have stayed with the orchestra I would have been heavily influenced to buy a cello and take private lessons. Looking back I wish I would have done the opposite and chose cello over trumpet. I miss playing the cello. I'll never be a Yo-Yo Ma, but I'd love to have the opportunity to play again.

Learn To Play The Piano~
This is kind of on the same lines as the cello. Back in the day, after Ande' started taking piano lessons, I followed. Unfortunately I wasn't focused enough and didn't have the desire to learn. Now I do, and would love to be able to play something other than the "Indian Dance" song that I still have memorized from the beginner book.

Relearn French~
In high school I had the most awesome French teacher. A lot of people didn't care for her because she told it how it was and could sometimes be a pushy teacher. I knew that all she wanted was what was best for us. And for some reason I had a connection with her that I appreciate to this day. I would get tongue tied and had a horrible French accent, but it presented itself as a challenge. I would still consider myself a beginner, even after having a few years under my belt, but I remember I had gotten to the point of subconsciously translating English into French as someone talked to me. Unfortunately I never continued on in French and I'd probably have to start from square one. Not to mention, I'd have absolutely no use for French, but it's a desire I have.

Being Able To Run~Accomplished!
I always had the dream of being able to run 1 lap on a track. I never though I could do it, but I now can say I can. It may not be pretty, but I can. And, I can run more than 1 lap around a track.

Finish A Marathon~
Alright, now that I can run I'd like to complete a marathon. I won't even require myself to run the entire distance if unable. I just want to complete a marathon.

Billy Joel~Almost Accomplished
Billy Joel's music means ALOT to David and me. It's been a mainstay from day one back in my freshman year of high school. Many of "our" songs are Billy Joel's. My dream has always been to attend a concert of his. I can no longer say, "I've never been to a concert in my life." I have been. However, not to downplay the experience, it was Shania Twain, and it was a last minute plan since we received the tickets for free due to David being in the military and it was far from being sold out. Once again, a great show, but not one of my top choices for concerts. A couple years back Billy Joel and Elton John were touring together. I wanted to go so bad, but we didn't have the extra cash to supplement an unneeded concert. I always told myself that if they toured again, we'd go. Surprise, surprise, but Dad told me this past Sunday that they were touring and there was a stop in Cleveland this May. Holy shit! I dropped everything and made a beeline for the computer to find tickets, only to find that they were sold out. David scoured the Internet the next day and found tickets. As expected they are higher than face value and in the upper level, but we will be there to witness Billy Joel and Elton John. And, I can mark it off of my list. I'm so freakin' have no idea.

Celine Dion~
Basically the same as Billy Joel, however at this point no tickets have been acquired. She's on tour this year but her stop in Cleveland was during our recent vacation, so we missed her.

Go To College-Earn A Degree~Accomplished!
Mom and Dad always said, "Do what you want, but get a degree." I've held up my part of the deal and am glad I can say that not only did I finish but having to pay everything up front, we're not in a heap of debt. Personally I think college/degrees are oftentimes overrated, and I don't know if I'll use the degree my entire life, but I've earned it and it's mine.

Drive/Ride In A Race car~
Most people may not know, but my dad was the pace car driving at the Sandusky Speedway for several years. I always had dreams of riding with him, but was too young to do so. Even so, we spent many o' Saturday nights at the races. To this day I love taking in a live race and find the smell of Supermodifieds absolutely irresistible. Crazy, I know. Since my childhood I've wanted to either ride in or drive a race car, just to have that rush of adrenaline. I'd probably scream the entire way but the moment would be priceless.

Ski Again~
I've already skied. I've also broken my leg skiing. Yep, biggest bone in the body...the femur. I have since gotten back on my skis, just to face that fear. However, it's been years and I want to do it again. I don't see myself becoming an avid skier, but it's something I want and need to face again.

Take A Photography Course~
I've had this draw to photography as long as I can remember. I remember my first Mickey Mouse camera. I took picture after picture. Needless to say mom wasn't too happy at all of my not so great pictures of absolutely nothing. As time has continued I'd like to think my picture taking has become better. I know photography takes a special eye. Something I may or may not have, but having the knowledge of how to work a camera and using it to it's fullest would definitely help.

Many Travels~
There are so many places I want to travel. I think a European tour would be awesome. I could go on and on about places I'd like to visit, why, and how, but I'll just settle for my present list. Once again, in no particular order.....Italy, Britain, Africa, Scotland, Australia, and Ireland. I want to go out west too....including Arizona, California, Montana, etc. Taking an RV trip across the US would be great. I could definitely see David and I, old, and trekking across the US with the furry kids in tow.

That's my present list...I know there will be more to come.

So what's on your D.R.E.A.M. List?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Local Bar Scene

If you know David, you know that for most of his life he has lived and breathed music. He loves to listen to it, play it, watch it. Anything to do with music, he's there. It's been a few years since he's been part of a "band." However, recently he's joined up with an established group called Mudflower. They play originals along with covers from a variety of genres. At this point we're not sure what the future plans of the band are, given that one of the members may be relocating, but for the time being it's something he enjoys, along with having the ability to make a few extra dollars. Saturday night was their first gig in a neighboring town. Ultimately everything went well, but with taking hours to setup to missing sound cables, falling lights, and a band member hitting David's Tank (just to name a few mishaps) it made for a hectic ending to a very hectic week.

I know I'm not a person that fits into the norm. I know I don't necessarily go with the flow of what others like to do. Once again, it's not that I'm trying to be different, it's just that some things aren't "my thing" and I tend to stick out like a sore thumb when put into those type of situations. Bar scene being one of those situations. I can count on my one hand how many times we've been at a bar on a Saturday night. It's just not our thing. In addition, David and I aren't big alcohol drinkers. We may have a drink at home or I'll have a drink with dinner, but it's VERY rare for us to go out to have a drink. With that being said, I found out one thing. I definitely do not fit into a small town hillbilly local bar scene. I'm sure it may be slightly different if it were a bigger "scene." But even so, I'm sure I wouldn't fit in at a martini bar either (too haughty for me). I should say that our experiences at Bier Markt/Bar Cento are an exception to this. We felt comfortable and welcomed there and didn't feel like we stuck out like we were newbies.

Needless to say, without having much experience on the scene it was an interesting night. I got to see spend the night in a smoke-filled room (yeah, even with the smoking ban in Ohio...guess it's the only bar in town that doesn't enforce the ban), people getting wasted, drinking their money away, and an individual falling out on the dance floor and hitting her head on the stage. While taking pictures and video I had two girls come up to introducing themselves to me (even though they had already done so earlier in the evening), wanting their picture taken. Even after taking one picture they persisted on on wanting more pictures and started hanging on me. It took all of me not to say, "Bitch, I ain't your friend!" and push them away. Thankfully I just ignored them and they finally left me alone. I even got to have the experience of collecting the cover at the entrance, when someone needed to step away. Big surprise, but the first person I encountered gave me a rough time. Obviously I didn't last long at the door. Later in the evening I got pounded on the shoulder by the owner, yelling at me for having the door open. I had not gone through that specific door at any point in the evening and had no idea it was open, but I got yelled at for it. This doesn't even include the ruckus that occurred after the gig, and thankfully after I left. Oh Lord was it an interesting night!

Ultimately I enjoyed seeing Mudflower, especially my husband, doing their thing. I think they did a great job, given it was their first gig, and actually look forward to seeing them again. I have no idea how I'll keep up with this whole bar scene deal, but I plan to continue being the supporting wife that takes the pictures, and that's okay with me.

I'll post some pictures later but here are some videos for your viewing pleasure:

Led Zepplin Rock And Roll:

David's Led Zepplin Rock And Roll Drum Solo-He says it sounds like crap because he was tired, but I enjoy it:

Billy Idol's Rebel Yell:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

State Boards

My state boards for becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) have come and gone. As most of you know, they were held this past Friday (yesterday). I took half a day off on Thursday so mom and I could venture down to Columbus, stay the night, then start out bright and early Friday morning. I knew everyone knew they were coming, but hoped to keep the date a secret given that if I don't pass, I don't have to feel embarrassed. Ah well.

I have been studying for the past 3 months with hardcore studying this past month. I've got a pretty decent memory, so I studied through repetition, which has helped me in the past. I do feel that my studying helped, but as always I tend to study the harder items and overlook the easier aspects. I always think the questions will be more advanced, but they never are. When will I learn? I even memorized an entire chart of metric calculations. I had a plan to write it down immediately upon starting the test. I did as planned, but do you think I needed even one piece of that information? No. Then a basic question in regards to an everyday disease came up and asked, "Is this caused by a virus or bacteria?" I couldn't remember the answer. WTF?

Everyone keeps asking, "Well? What do you think? Do you think you passed?" I have no answer to it. Mostly, I'm just indifferent. I do have a sense of confidence in my answers I chose, but I don't have an overwhelming sense of confidence either. However, I never do, no matter what the circumstances. I did remember approximately 20 questions, that stuck out to me, that I wasn't 100% sure on my answer, and researched them upon arriving home. Thankfully I got most of them right, that I can remember.

I believe using the peppermints with peppermint oil did "open my senses" and helped relieve my mental pressure. That along with keeping my chapstick handy assisted me in keeping a balance that I had hoped for. I also kept my normal morning routine and food/water intake. I know, it sounds crazy, but the more "normal" I feel, the better things go. Unfortunately by the time the test had finished my head was pounding. I don't know if I can attribute that to thinking hard, stress, the warmth in the room (it was almost too warm, but I preferred it being warm and not cold), or sucking on the peppermints. The headache continued through the night. I woke up better this morning, but the headache has reared it's ugly head. Hopefully it will go away soon.

I was hoping to have a sense of relief after taking the test, but that hasn't hit me yet. It probably won't until I find out "yes or no" in 7-8 weeks. I'm hoping for the best, but understand that if I don't pass there's always other chances. The only thing is, I'm not sure how much more preparation I could do if that's the case. Here's to having patience and hoping for the best in the coming 7-8 weeks.

P.S. On an awesome note, I received a text from Sita the morning of my examination saying that she passed her state boards, taken in November, for massage therapy! Woot! So proud of her.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let It Snow

After watching weather reports, we found that we had a winter storm heading our way. We've been keeping up with the shoveling and have even made it out and about with David's tank.

When we returned home, Spencer was dying to get outside to play. With the little bit of snow we've received this year, we've found he actually likes, no LOVES, the snow. Today was no different. He had a blast getting outside, romping around, through the calf deep snow. I caught a few pictures. He started out with his coat on, but he didn't want anything to do with it. I guess he prefers to run free and naked! It's like he can't get deep enough in the snow. He wants to be covered in it. As for Viking, he's never been a fan of the snow. He wouldn't even walk on it before, but seeing Spencer out there running, made him get out there and try it out. I didn't think he'd come out (hence him not having a coat on), but he scooted out the door. He's still a southern boy at heart, and didn't stay out long, but we all had a good time. As for Lily Bean? She was quite content laying in her heated bed. Yep, she's our princess.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Rock Me Amadeus

I have some classical music on my iPod and happened on it today while on my run. I never expected to be running to classical musical, let alone consider it my powersong for the day. But, I don't choose the powersongs, they choose me.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Twilight Experience

Ok, it's my turn to review my "Twilight" experience. As most people, I had no idea what all the fuss was about. I do remember back when "Eclipse" was released in bookstores. I was intrigued, with all the buzz, but never acted on my interest. Thankfully I didn't, since it's book 3 of a saga. I didn't think much of it until all of the recent buzz was surrounding the release of the movie "Twilight." I'll be quite honest, I was so far from interested in the movie. And watching the trailers made me laugh, with Edward aka Robert Pattinson doing the whole "head down, eyes looking out under the eyebrows" thing going on. (For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, think Anakin Skywalker after he went to the dark side. Same exact look.)

Then everyone, including Monica and Erika seemed to absolutely love the book. I gave in and saw the movie. Holy geez. I loved it. I wanted to read the saga, and I wanted to read it right then and there. So I requested the book from my sister. I've found that I absolutely loved the book just as much as the movie. I haven't been as excited about a movie/book in awhile and it comes at such a good time. I've been looking for my nitch and finally have found something to keep my reading habits occupied for awhile.

Now, I don't want to look like some crazed lunatic (although I'm sure I already do). Being so interested by the book/movie lead me to analyze the whys. Give me a break, remember I'm part of the "analyzing family." I can't take things for face value. I've found that it's not the vampire bit that draws me in. Yes, it's intriguing and can come off as "sexy," but that's not it. Some are enthralled by Robert Pattinson. Once again, he's intriguing, he'd be great to meet, but in my eyes it's not like he's the sexiest looking man alive (no offense). For me, it comes down to the general love story and the characters themselves that pulled me in. There's a chemistry there and given that it's a teen book there's a certain innocence about it. I also think if anyone's interested in the series they should read the book and see the movie. Although they are mostly the same, they each have their pros/cons, which helps to bring it all together.

So, am I obsessed? Nah, even though I think my coworkers and David would beg to differ. Do I want more? Oh yes! I've found myself researching the author Stephenie Meyer, to see where she came up with all of her ideas, etc. Thankfully she has a website. She seems so "real" and down to earth, which I appreciate.

I can't wait to dive into the next book. Unfortunately all the area bookstores are sold out, which lead me to the Internet. That also means, it takes longer to get. I have already bought 3 and 4 in the saga (which were available at the store), but am waiting for book number 2, which means I'm chomping at the bit. It's probably a good thing given my boards are rapidly approaching and I should be studying, with my brain circling around medical calculations, volume conversions, medical terminology, animal nursing, laboratory procedures, anatomy and physiology, etc, and not Bella and Edward.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr J!

As with most of our pets, Jax came to us unexpectedly. I was working at Causeway Animal Hospital back in 2003. A coworker found him on the side of the road, injured, more than likely hit by a car. She brought him in to the hospital and surprisingly, with the exception of some flesh wounds and road, burn he bounced back into being a normal cat. However, no one claimed him. He was gentle and loving and everyone found he was a "hugging cat." For those of you who don't know what that means, he literally hugs you....wraps his paws around your neck and holds on, hugging you. Not too many cats do that. It didn't take long for him to wrap us around his little paw. He was soon neutered but was still left at the hospital with the name "Bug" due to his wide-eyed look. I argued, "He can't have that name. That's horrible." That's when I was told that we should adopt him. I explained that we already had 1 cat and 1 dog and that our house was full. Looking back I laugh at that statement now. Needless to say I took him home with me the next week, and we named him Whodat Jax. Whodat, for his "Who's that?!" eyes. In New Orleans when the Saints beat another team they say "Whodat?! Whodat?! Whodat say they gonna beat dem Saints?!" And then Jax after a former New Orleans Brewery called Jax Brewery. Over time he has also acquired the nickname "Mr. J"

We had absolutely no idea when his birthday was, just an approximate age. I was always told that if you didn't know an animal's birthday to celebrate on the first of the year, hence Jax's birthday on January 1st. Unfortunately with all of the holidays we tend to overlook his birthday and remember weeks later. That wasn't going to happen this year!

As I write, Mr. J is sitting on my lap. We have been blessed in so many ways, but having happy, loving animals, with amazing personalities is an area we are truly blessed. It doesn't matter who you are, within a 1/2 hour of being in our house your lap will be filled with atleast one of the animals, and most likely it will be either Natchez or Jax. That in itself is a surprise since most cats would hide for days. What can I say? They're well socialized.

Happy Birthday Mr. J!