Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Twilight Experience

Ok, it's my turn to review my "Twilight" experience. As most people, I had no idea what all the fuss was about. I do remember back when "Eclipse" was released in bookstores. I was intrigued, with all the buzz, but never acted on my interest. Thankfully I didn't, since it's book 3 of a saga. I didn't think much of it until all of the recent buzz was surrounding the release of the movie "Twilight." I'll be quite honest, I was so far from interested in the movie. And watching the trailers made me laugh, with Edward aka Robert Pattinson doing the whole "head down, eyes looking out under the eyebrows" thing going on. (For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, think Anakin Skywalker after he went to the dark side. Same exact look.)

Then everyone, including Monica and Erika seemed to absolutely love the book. I gave in and saw the movie. Holy geez. I loved it. I wanted to read the saga, and I wanted to read it right then and there. So I requested the book from my sister. I've found that I absolutely loved the book just as much as the movie. I haven't been as excited about a movie/book in awhile and it comes at such a good time. I've been looking for my nitch and finally have found something to keep my reading habits occupied for awhile.

Now, I don't want to look like some crazed lunatic (although I'm sure I already do). Being so interested by the book/movie lead me to analyze the whys. Give me a break, remember I'm part of the "analyzing family." I can't take things for face value. I've found that it's not the vampire bit that draws me in. Yes, it's intriguing and can come off as "sexy," but that's not it. Some are enthralled by Robert Pattinson. Once again, he's intriguing, he'd be great to meet, but in my eyes it's not like he's the sexiest looking man alive (no offense). For me, it comes down to the general love story and the characters themselves that pulled me in. There's a chemistry there and given that it's a teen book there's a certain innocence about it. I also think if anyone's interested in the series they should read the book and see the movie. Although they are mostly the same, they each have their pros/cons, which helps to bring it all together.

So, am I obsessed? Nah, even though I think my coworkers and David would beg to differ. Do I want more? Oh yes! I've found myself researching the author Stephenie Meyer, to see where she came up with all of her ideas, etc. Thankfully she has a website. She seems so "real" and down to earth, which I appreciate.

I can't wait to dive into the next book. Unfortunately all the area bookstores are sold out, which lead me to the Internet. That also means, it takes longer to get. I have already bought 3 and 4 in the saga (which were available at the store), but am waiting for book number 2, which means I'm chomping at the bit. It's probably a good thing given my boards are rapidly approaching and I should be studying, with my brain circling around medical calculations, volume conversions, medical terminology, animal nursing, laboratory procedures, anatomy and physiology, etc, and not Bella and Edward.


Monica said...

I'm sure David still hates me for turning you on to this. But I embrace it. I am not ashamed! I, like you, had no interest in the whole thing and then I saw the trailer. It's all history from there, lol. I am a 'Twi-hard' and I love it! Can't wait for New Moon to hit theaters in November! :)

Heidi said...

Nah, he doesn't hate you. Promise. Actually he's real cool with whatever I'm into. He's been asking me what's going on in the book and actually watched Twilight with me. (Gasp!) I'm just about finished reading New Moon. I'm a reader, but I must say I'm surprised I pounded through it that fast. Must be good, eh? Can't wait for the next movie, and the next, and next. By the way, I've never said, thanks for encouraging me to read/watch the series. I know you didn't do it directly, but you gave me the nudge. =)