Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Chicago...I'm There

Something cool happened today. A co-worker and myself were doing our usual thing when our boss came in and said he needed to talk to us. Not thinking anything much of it we went into the conference room and sat down. He had a conference brochure in his hand and I was thinking he was going to say "here's some continuing ed. for you if you're interested, blah blah blah...." But surprisingly he said "this conference is something we think would be good for you two to go to....and we'll pay the cost of the conference and any hotel expenses (Approx $800)...the travel arrangements and food would be up to you." I was thinking cool...but then come to find out it's in Chicago...I'm there! Being in Chicago is awesome (never been there) but then I thought to myself...It's an honor to be chosen since I'm not even a registered tech yet. Mind you there are only a few of us in the practice but they said "the 2 of you are the only ones qualified to go." And they even called the arrangers of it to make sure I could go (since I'm not registered). So I thought that was pretty cool and I must say I was kind of riding on a high the rest of the day. We're even staying at a westin...I hear those are pretty nice....no motel 6's for us! And I must say that I'm kind of spoiled..I haven't been on a vacation in the past 4+ years, but now I have 3 vacations in the next 4 months....sweet. Okay, okay, the seminar isn't a vacation but at least it will be a new experience. And when we go down to see family in florida we're going to be helping grandma and grandpa get settled (even though they've already tried to do everything on their own)...but it's still getting away from the same ol' same ol'...Then December...that's the real vacation. I'm sure you can tell I'm excited. I have tomorrow off and as always I have a full day planned. Not sure what order I'm going to do it in, but it will get done. Got to trim the bushes, possibly edge, finish up making the dvd (burning it right now...hope it works...cross your fingers), got to schedule classes and order books, and hopefully get the nails done. And of course I can't forget the normal day to day cleaning of the house. I'm sure I'll fit a moment to sit down in there somewhere. I know I've already said it, but I'm excited to make more videos. I'm all hooked up now (I think) and got a few more programs to help out (audio editor, etc...so I can mix songs and stuff)...so anybody with any ideas? I know mom will have a few...she's just got to find her tapes and things then I'm sure I'll be busy. I don't understand why I like doing it...I guess because it's fun and enjoyable for me...and it's something I find "easy" and I feel like I've accomplished something. I'm not sure what...but it's something.

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Daleen said...

Congrats on being chosen for the conference, Heidi. Aren't surprises great? (Well, most of the time.)Keep those videos coming. They are very cool.
Aunt Daleen