Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Feature

Hello Everyone! I added a new feature to my blog. If you look to the left you'll see "Music To Listen To While Reading" under the "About Me" section. To avoid annoyance the music will not automatically play. You must click on the play symbol on the player (to the left). Depending on your computer you may have to double click. Right now I'm featuring the group Angels and Airwaves-The Adventure (I don't care for the singer's voice much but I really like to lyrics.) Be sure to click on it often. You know me and I like to change things up quite a bit. You never know what you may hear! I just thought it'd be something cool to add. I hope you all enjoy. On a different note I'd like to congratulate KD, Erika, and Kade on the new addition to their family, Little Liv. I'm not sure exactly what happened as Erika was to be induced tonight and Liv is already here. I'm figuring she had enough of her mom's belly and said "let me out!" sooner than they expected. (I'm sure they're not complaining!) Once again congratulations...please give her an extra hug from us.

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Kyle Roth said...

That is sort of what happened, stay tuned to erika's blog for the full story.