Saturday, March 13, 2010


After 3 weeks of going raw I was surprised that I wasn't going through the "detox" that everyone spoke about. I figured that maybe I had switched over gradually (already being vegetarian) that my body wasn't in shock. Then, this past Wednesday I noticed some signs that lined up with what others call detox. However, Thursday evening came around and I started to feel sick....allergy-type sick. As the night went on I felt worse and on Friday, even worse. I was able to function regularly, I just didn't feel right. This morning I woke up still feeling yucky. Once again, not deathly sick, but congested, headache, GI upset sick.

So, what is this about? I can't chalk it up to being only detox. My guess is that it's a cold that started Wednesday and has continued on. Not exactly sure. Otherwise, I'm still doing great. No problems on the food front.


Anonymous said...

I went through a little detox when I went gluten-free. Felt really, really hungry, grouchy, and anxious, though it's different for everyone.

Sounds like you have a bug. Garlic! :-) Feel better soon!

Jeanne said...


I'm sorry you're sick. I can truly sympathize right now.