Friday, April 09, 2010

My Husband, A Vegetarian?

On Wednesday David went out to eat for lunch. He had a salad with grilled chicken. Unfortunately the chicken did not sit well in his stomach. This is not anything new for him. However, he tends to go about his life, eating meat, feeling sick, and repeating. But after Wednesday's problem he came up to me, put out his hand, and said, "I'm going to try." I looked at him slightly confused. He then went on to explain, "I want to try to be a vegetarian and want to shake on it." I said, "I'll shake your hand, support you, but it's all on you and the choices you make."

At no point since I've become vegetarian and now vegan have I pressured David to change his lifestyle. I will admit I'd love him to drop the soda habit, but that's the only thing I've brought up. So this is a choice he is making on his own. Of course I fully support his choice and hope he succeeds. At this point his choice is to become lacto-ovo, just like I had been for 2 years. Lacto-ovo, meaning eggs and dairy will be allowed in his diet. With that being said, he's already been limiting his dairy products for over a month due to lactose-intolerance (got to love almond milk). So he's not gorging on egg/dairy products, but by maintaining a lacto-ovo status he can still eat food options with dairy/egg products listed in the ingredients. Obviously his current focus is to eliminate meat products in hopes of feeling better.

Although I'd love to succeed and know he will, my ultimate hope is that this will improve his health for the better, allowing him to feel better all around.

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