Sunday, November 19, 2006

Very Productive Weekend

Good Evening! We've been keeping busy around the Henry household lately, as you can probably guess with me not posting very much. It's crazy for me to think that the holiday season is already here....however, at the same time I'm ready for it to be here. Ready to enjoy family, Christmas lights, holiday movies, and vacation. On Friday we headed to Chet and Matt's then to the mall. On Saturday we slept in a little since we both had the day off and got our indoor Christmas decorating started. We've never started decorating this early, but we feel like it and with us being gone for a week I want to be able to enjoy it while we can. Saturday afternoon was spent at the 'rents house watching The Game. It was a very good game. Some nailbiting moments for me but some fun jumping up and down moments too. I agree with Sita, we should set up a camera with a tripod sometime to videotape ourselves going crazy. Let's just say we're all pretty animated. For instance, Dad flies out of the recliner as Sloopy goes flying off the back. Poor guy. Quite a treat to see though. That evening we went to Friendlys to celebrate with some sundaes and went to Walmart to get even more Christmas lights. I swear we've bought so many lights but when you look at our house we have a ways ago. A little each year, I say. It will be cool. At the same time though, we've bought a lot and returned a lot too. The colors don't match or something. So maybe it just seems as though we're buying a lot. This morning we got up and headed outside to work on Christmas lights and the yard. Of course it rained/drizzled today, but the yard is hopefully cleaned up for the year (probably not but at least I can hope). After that we went on the walk around the neighborhood with our neighbors to count the street signs and such. Remember we've been involved in trying to make our neighborhood more distinguished? We're going to try to have different/nicer street signs installed (with grant money) it's just one of the steps along the way. After that we came in to our warm and cozy house and finished decorating the tree. I must say I really love it this year. Very pretty. And we hardly put any ornaments on. I just didn't feel like it this year. And it looks just as beautiful. While David watched the game mom and I went out know the, lowes, meijer, the mall. We got everything for Thanksgiving and of course picked up even more Christmas lights. We had dinner at Bob Evans and then here we are settling down getting ready for the next week. Enjoying our tree, listening to some Jim Brickman, surrounded by our kids. It can't get any better than this. We send our love to everyone...and hope everyone has a wonderful beginning to their Holiday week.

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