Thursday, November 30, 2006

Welcome To Ohio

We've been having unusually warm weather in Ohio this week. We're talking low to mid 60's. That's just crazy. However, it looks as though the bottom is going to start to drop out. By 4pm today the temperature will be down to 50 degrees and then it looks as though it will just drop from there. High near 45 tomorrow. Then 34 Sat and Sun. Then a cold 25 on Monday! That's crazy talk. But it's Ohio for you. I've also been looking at Orlando's weather. Of course it's a week ahead of time, but it looks like it will be high of 71 and scattered showers on next Saturday. You can bet that I'll be keeping an eye on that. Maybe I should invest in some ponchos before we leave...instead of paying high dollar down there. That's a thought. I'm sure most of you were already on the email list but to fill you in. Mom was supposed to retire this week from Ford/Visteon/whatever name you want. Basically it was a buyout type of deal. But at the last minute has decided to change her mind. At this time she's going to ride it out and see what happens. Not that it matters, but I think it's a good decision. As she stated, she wouldn't actually be retiring....she still would need to make money. And why not continue to make the money while she can, in addition to keeping benefits and earning more money towards retirement. They don't know what to expect in a variety of ways, including the next contract. There may not be good health insurance coverage or any at all. But I'm sure if they'd pull active workers benefits the retirees benefits wouldn't be far off from being diminished either. I'm proud of you mom. I think you just wanted to have some cake...wink, wink. It kind of reminds me of the time we had to celebrate Lily's Birthday twice since I messed up the month. That's why she's aging so fast! Dumb me. Last night we started working on our luminaries. We've decided to try something else.....aluminum/tin can types instead of milk jugs. I think they're going to be cool. Our neighbor Sue works for Serving Our Seniors and has access to the big cans, so she's been having them collect them. After taking about 45 minutes and ruining 2-3 cans we figured out the easiest way to drill holes in them. It's definitely not good to pound them! Drilling is the best. They look cool. I hope they show up enough. I like the idea because it's different and doesn't look like we're copying from anyone. With that being said I don't think we're in the Christmas decorating mood much anymore. We're still digging the music, but I must say it's awful hard to listen to it while it's 60 frickin' degrees outside. Soon enough. I'm sure I've already posted this. But it kind of freaks me out that Christmas is right around the corner. It's like I'm going through the motions, but it still should only be spring or something. And then to even think that 2007 is peaking around the corner. Yikes. I must comes to terms with all of this and enjoy it. Have a good day everyone!


Jan said...

Don't you worry, while you two are enjoying that nice warm sunshine in Florida, we will be getting into the Christmas spirit by freezing our tooshes off.

Anonymous said...

I remember our first christmas in florida walking in the mall in shorts listening to christmas music. - weird. Now it just seems natural.
Grandma Q