Monday, April 06, 2009


As time goes on, things change....I guess that's no surprise. I'm not exactly sure, but in the past few weeks I've found my thoughts, lifestyle trends, and general attitude changing. What I wear, how I see myself, how I see others see me, my goals, my priorities, what I feel is important.....they're all changing. I can't explain my thoughts or choices, as I'm still trying to wrap my brain around them. But I do know that I've been told many of times, "You'll go through many life changes." I can only guess this is one of those times. It's okay though. That's what makes life, well, life. We learn, we grow, we adjust as necessary.

I'm sure I can guarantee that I'll never be the calm, laid back, chill person. However, as time goes on I'm leaning that way. Maybe it's just David wearing off on me. It's not that I don't care about what I wear, or how people see me, or that I don't care about life. I think it's that I've found that certain things are overrated and aren't as important as people make them. I just have to find what matters to me, and go with it.

For instance, something so simple as wearing makeup. Yeah, I know simple and stupid. However in the scheme of things this is something I can actually put into words. I'm not a huge makeup fan. Thankfully David's not either. When it comes down to it, he'd prefer no makeup at all. Of course I've always worn something, just for the simple fact that "it's the thing to do." Shoot, it only took how many years to ask, "why the hell do I put something on my face, when A-I don't like it and B-my husband doesn't either?" I'm not going to say I'll never wear makeup but I have to admit, I'm not exactly sure when the last time I did was. And when I did it was eyeshadow. Last time I wore mascara and lipstick.....7 years ago, our wedding. Foundation and blush....well over a year ago. But you know what? I'm happy with that choice, even when the it's not the norm.

Times are changing. Thoughts are changing.

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