Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another Adventure

Yesterday David and I started out real early and got our motorcycle permits. I hate those stupid tests. Heck, I hate tests in general. So much anxiety. But we passed and all that matters. We're waiting for our helmets to get started and then we'll start our training. This should be fun.

We headed up to CLE for the afternoon. We stopped to get my hair cut by Anna at Dino Palmieri. It's my 3rd cut from her and she never disappoints. Totally worth the drive and worth the money. At $4.09/gallon you know she's worth it. She's totally awesome. Easy to talk to and she does wonders with the scissors. I'm so excited to get my hair colored by her come time for the cruise. Having not colored my hair in years, and even then having only colored it a handful of times, I have nearly "virgin" hair and I know she's chomping at the bit to get ahold of it. Needless to say, I am now too and can't wait for September to roll around.

After that we stopped by Whole Foods to load up on some vegetarian options for me. Of course I have things here in Sandusky, but if you've ever been to Whole Foods, you can appreciate all the options. I got tons of different things to try out and loaded them into the ice-filled cooler. Now our freezer is full to the brim. I don't expect to always ship at Whole Foods, but it helps with the jumping off point and it's always an enjoyable shopping experience checking everything out. David totally surprised me by saying today, "You know, meat hasn't been sounding all that appetizing lately." You could've knocked me off of my chair. I don't see him going vegetarian anytime soon but I do see him deleting certain items from his diet. To a certain extent I feel bad, as I don't want to be pushy and I have made sure not to be. I figure let him choose the place to eat and I'll find something, which has worked out quite well. However, his issue doesn't have much to do with the humane side of things as much as it does with chomping down into grissel or fat. It gives him the heebie jeebies and can totally turn him off to the point of not wanting to eat it. Also, if he even thinks about where the meat comes from (having worked at Routh packing) he sort of loses his appetite. As like my previous diet, his isn't all that full with meat, but he does like to have a good steak every once in awhile. We shall see where this takes him.

Following our trip to Whole Foods we decided to head down to the city for the Ohio City Run and Crawl 5K. After almost reaching the city and getting misguided (by ourselves) into the ghetto, KD called to let us know we could follow them down. We turned around, made a quick change at their place for the race, then headed down to the city again. Of course, just in time for the rain. And we're not talking sprinkles. We're talking full out pouring, gusting rain. Fun. When we arrived it was still pouring and upon getting out of the cars we found it to be 10 degrees less. We sprinted to the check-in location. It was so cold and wet that I was even able to keep up with Erika, Jen, KD, and David. I was moving. I couldn't believe how drenched we were. Our shoes were soggy and my shorts we sticking to me. Not knowing what was going to happen I kept my cotton t-shirt on from earlier in the day. It was my Haliewa shirt from Hawaii. I should've known....Hawaii, the dreaded vacation with the worst luck. Lightning was in the area so we thought the race would be canceled but they said they wouldn't call it until race time. At 7pm it was still raining and we found ourselves lining up outside. The race organizers must have been watching the weather as they postponed the race for 10-15 minutes, and at the start the weather was clear and started to warm back up. It ended up being a great race. David surprised us all by bookin' it and coming in 75th with a time of 23:14 (7:31min/mile). He's flippin' awesome. Of course I'm the slow poke and didn't get a personal best, but I'm consistent with my times, which pleases me. The rest of the night was spent at the Bier Markt/Bar Cento and the Garage Bar...both awesome places, and had great company. I wish we were able to stay later but having had a long day and another hour drive home we headed back home at 10pm. It was a ton of fun, even with the rain, and definitely a race I'd like to repeat. We're eyeing the Winking Lizard 4 Mile Race in downtown CLE next month. Anyone up for that??

I'm almost all packed and ready to go for Texas. As usual I'm nervous but I know everything will be fine, and more than likely be a hoot! Keep an eye on my Twitter for updates.

I'll leave with you with some pictures from last night, compliments of KD....

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