Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Tank

It's kind of ironic that I post this topic almost immediately after posting about trying to be my green. Ah well. With David recent job change where he will no longer have access to a company vehicle we needed to find something afforable for him to go to and from work. You'd think we'd be upset after just getting rid of the Alero and purchasing the scooter, but we're still happy with our choice and getting rid of the Alero and the "negative debt" definitely helped us.

David has wanted an old beater truck as long as I can remember. We were always looking the the perfect truck. Something affordable, that ran well, but nothing amazing. With David's new situation we went on the prowl and found this:

Meet The Tank. He's flippin' huge. I darn near need a step stool to get into him. We got a great deal on it and it's really in great shape with decent mileage considering it's a 1989. The last owner only had it for 5 years and put less than 500miles on it. However, he put a ton of work and money into it. We have the receipts of upgrades/repairs he had performed. The interior has very little marking. The outside needs a bit of a touch up here and there, which David would like to pursue getting repaired. But all in all we're happy with our find. Obviously the rims and tires aren't stock. Those were added by the last owner. This is going to be a to and from work vehicle and not something we plan on riding around all the time. (Remember we're trying to be a green as possible by doing our part. Hey, at least we're "recycling" a vehicle, right?) We think it will also come in handy with hauling anything if need be and barreling through snow in the winter.

Financially, the scooter and truck combined add up to what we were paying total for the Alero. Although we had hoped to lessen our output of money with the scooter at least we're not increasing the output. Good to go. And, even more, David's not really had experience with fixing cars, etc. so he's looking to this truck to get some experience in doing so. Nothing extreme, just oil changes and things like that. Since it's not under warranty or anything it's not like he has to worry about breaking a contract, which will put his mind at ease and allow him to investigate his vehicle more.

David's pumped. He's been waiting awhile for this.


Randy Hammons said...

LOL. How many miles, mountains and riverbeds away is the school David will be working at? :) Pretty cool, nonetheless, and should definitely be fun to work on though!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the dirty old truck club!

Joe Poho said...

AWESOME....I'm so proud!