Monday, October 27, 2008

Chee WOW Wa

David and I try to do something each weekend. Something small but sitting on the couch doing nothing doesn't count. So this weekend our thing to do was going to the movies. We go in spurts where we go all the time then don't go for the longest time. In all honesty it's kind of hard to fork out the bucks to go. It's gotten so expensive, not to mention Sandusky's theaters aren't the greatest. But if we can catch the winter prices, plus matinee prices, we don't mind all that much. Yesterday the biggest choice was what movie to see. We decided to go see Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I can hear the moans now. It's got a ton of bad reviews, but I think most of the people won't even stomach sitting through it before they actual write a review, meaning they don't see one moment of it and just pass judgement of something stupid. True, you need to be in the right mood, should like animals, like kids movies, and a not too believable plot line, but we both thought it was quite cute and enjoyed it very much. It was mostly light-hearted and given that it was a kid-type movie you knew it was going to end well. The voices fit the dog's faces right on. I kept finding myself laughing. If only we could hear our pets talking to us. It'd be a hoot.

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