Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back In The Swing Of Things

Yes, I believe the ol' running Heidi is back. The one that can't let a day without running pass, or atleast without feeling real guilty. Today I got everything together so I could go running after work, but the end of the work day came and I just felt so tired....I decided to take the day off. As I drove home I kept fighting with myself....saying, "I should go run..." but "I'm exhausted, I need a night off..." It kept going and going and as I sit here, I'm thinking to myself, "Why didn't you go running?"

Ever since getting back into running I haven't had a night, after work, off of running. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love being back in the swing of things, but when you rise at 6am, get to work before 8am, work until 7pm, then go to the gym for a run, get home close to 9pm, that makes a long day. Not to mention, I still have to take care of the kids, the house, and feeding myself. Obviously that's not my schedule everyday, but it is for 2 days of the week, and the other days are pretty darn close.

So although I'm sitting here feeling guilty I'll keep reminding myself that although I love running and consider it time for myself, I also have to make other time for myself by taking a "chill" night. Maybe I can get some reading in.

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