Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Don't Get It

Recently, in Sandusky, I've noticed several of these trucks around.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the truck, it's the Lincoln Mark LT. I'll be the first to admit I know nothing about cars, let alone trucks, but at first glance I think the truck is gorgeous. It's classy, tight, and just a good looking truck. Then something hit me. Who the heck would buy this nice of a truck when they need a vehicle to do truck things. Now I'm sure most individuals who buy a truck aren't thinking of, "where can I get some cinder blocks to haul?" the moment they purchase a truck. Or that they're just dying to scratch up their new truck to initiate it. I know knicks, scratches, etc. come with time and in the end makes a truck a beater. At the same time my personal feeling are a truck's a truck. There's a reason for it. If you have a truck like the Lincoln Mark LT, who would want to use it in the way you should use a truck, with the chance of marking it up? Not only do I feel this way, but I'm sure those guys driving around in the things have no plans on placing anything in the bed, other than groceries, if that. Just guessing. And at $39,000-$43,000 why would you you want to beat it up? At the same time why would you buy a truck for that kind of money, that runs at 12 MPG, just to drive around and look "cool"?

I'm not just targeting the Lincoln truck, but all of the trucks out there that fit into the same category. They're awesome looking, but I just don't get it.


John said...

You have to remember it is not only what goes IN the truck, but also what goes behind it. RVs, boats, horse trailers, etc can get very heavy. Trucks have much bigger and more adequate suspensions, engines, and transmissions able to pull these and the brakes to do it safely. All of this adds a lot of weight. There is no way to make extremely heavy get good gas mileage. I have cylinder shut down and can get up to 20mpg, but it is still pretty bad. I could easily see a person who would buy a nice car wanting the same quality in their truck, esp since most of the time truck rides are long. I understand your point, but there is a lot to consider.

Heidi said...

I agree with you 100%. At the same time I do not see any of these trucks doing either of the afore mentioned. I'm sure there are people out there that use them for such purposes, but I rarely, if at all, see it. Once again, talking about the "fancy" trucks.

John said...

Along the same lines of my last comment, I have a Dodge Ram (not fancy by any means) but I could see how someone who wanted a nicer truck (more comfortable, etc.) would want one of the fancy trucks. I am pretty sure you would have a strong debate about fancy anything, because really who NEEDS a Lexus, BMW, etc. but some people like having nice vehicles and riding in style. To your point though, something like 80% of SUV owners will not let the tires leave pavement, so vehicles are not always used for their intended purpose.

Jan said...

We Americans love our "big" vehicles. That is just one reason for the dilemma we are now in with the auto industry. That being said, your Dad and I have contributed throughout the years. With 4 kids it was often difficult to find a vehicle that could accommodate all of you comfortably. However, the two big luxury vans and the F-150 were more fun than functional. We did pull the horse trailer occasionally but not enough to rationalize the gas we sucked up on all the other occasions we drove around town. But that is what we wanted and we could afford it because gas was reasonable. Most individuals have no intention of hauling stone, RV, boat etc. when they purchase their big trucks. They get them cause they "want" them and we Americans are use to getting what we want. It is only within recent years that we are beginning to question whether that is a wise way to live.

John said...

Jan, you are absolutely right. I love having Jacki's 42mpg Corolla as my "everyday" car. The combination of the two cover almost anything.