Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Final Count

I just added all of my miles up for the year. The grand total is (drumroll please)........557.62 miles! (unless I have some sudden urge to get a few more in later today.) As I sat here looking at the number I first got disappointed in myself. I thought, "Man, why couldn't I have done even more?" But that I kicked myself in the ass and said, "Heidi, what are you thinking?! You didn't even think you could make it past 100 miles, let alone 500. Be proud of yourself for doing what you did." So I shall be proud in myself.

The next question to myself, "What will my goal be for next year?" That's going to be a tough one to decide. I have a hard time just saying "500" again. I've already done that and even surpassed it. I personally feel I need a higher number. At the same time, at the rate I've been going the past month or so, I'm scared to set a higher number. These winter months, it's harder to get out there and run, even if it is inside. I also think to myself, "if we're truly planning on running a marathon, then I'll kick out some miles."

So what's my mileage goal for this next year? I have no flippin' idea. It does help, if you have a number being held over your head, to get out there and pound some pavement. But maybe I'll just run and see where it takes me.

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