Sunday, May 24, 2009

Billy Joel And Elton John.....Simply Amazing

One word for our Billy Joel/Elton John concert experience......AMAZING. I went in with no expectations......just excited. We arrived with plenty of time to get to our seats. When purchasing our tickets we didn't have too many options in our price range. The only ones were behind the stage. However, after encouragement from mom (they had that experience years ago when they went to see Phil Collins and they were excellent seats) and a blog that said the seats behind the stage are just as good, we went ahead with the purchase. When we arrived we were not disappointed one bit. Actually we couldn't have asked for better seats. (Please excuse the quality of pictures. I chose not to take a camera so that I'd focus on the concert and not taking pictures. However I couldn't resist taking just a few with my camera phone.)

We were smack dab behind the stage above everything. No visual obstructions (we actually had short cement divider in front of one of our seats, meaning no seats and no heads in the way), we could see everything, including the percussion and other band members, and we had a huge screen in front of us. We didn't even need the screen, but that added to the experience. True, we couldn't see the accent lighting behind the band or the huge light up keyboard above the stage, but eh, who needs that? We didn't care. I was pumped. The crowd kept coming and yes, it was most definitely sold out. And no offense to individuals in our generation but I have to say that I was relieved when we found that we were surrounded by an older crowd. We were most definitely in the minority of the crowd. All the same, we had a great time.

(FYI, for those that are looking to go to this concert and are looking save a few bucks, get the seats behind the stage. You can see it all and they play to the entire audience (the band members turn around and Billy's piano even rotates). The seats on the side of the arena were more expensive and in my opinion not as good. Just my 2 cents.)

The time came, the stage to the floor opened and the grand pianos rose. My oh my, my heart was pounding. This is what I've been waiting for! Billy came out, then Elton. I couldn't clap enough. Then they started with Elton's "Your Song." Oh, the tears just started flowing. I couldn't contain myself any longer. Could this actually be happening? I've made it to my first concert? I'm seeing Billy Joel and Elton John, in person, with my own eyes? If this is a dream, don't wake me up. They continued with duets, going back and forth between their songs...."Just The Way You Are" and "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me." I'm not even going to list all the songs they performed.

Awhile later Billy, along with his band members, left the stage. Their instruments sunk back into the stage and left Elton and his band members to do their thing. They started with "Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding." We couldn't believe they played this. This is one of our favs and never expected it. I continued to find myself in awe as the night continued on. Just amazing.

After Elton's long set it was Billy's turn. He came out on fire, playing "Angry Young Man." Elton John and Billy Joel are both so many ways they are alike and others different. Both equally enjoyable and inspiring. Billy talked more between songs than Elton. He played all of my favorites and I had to work hard to contain my dancing feet. One bad thing about sitting up can't get up and move around. Well, I guess I could, but I may just fall and I'd totally piss off the people around us. But it was still a ton of fun as he kept pounding out songs.

The final "set" included both Billy and Elton, along with their bands, on the stage. It was non-stop action. The evening finished 3.5 hours from the start, by toning it down with "Candle In The Wind" followed by "Piano Man." Of course I didn't ever want to see it end, but if it could end in any way, this was the way it should have.

A perfect experience. Well worth the 25 year wait. Well worth the $250. Thank you Billy, Elton, and Your Crew for an amazing experience.

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