Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just A Good Assortment Of Cards

Today was our 5 Mile Poker Run. This was the first ever Poker Run planned and I must admit there wasn't very well planned and resulted in a poor turnout. It's not that the individuals didnt try, but it's just the lack of knowledge. In addition, there were many other activities going around in the community today. Bummer.....but, I think this is something that has potential. I do hope they plan another one and/or have other activities like this. It was a good time. We met a couple new people and enjoyed the beautiful May morning. Once again, given it wasn't a timed event, we took our time. We didn't win anything as we only had what they would call, "A good assortment of cards." Mom even showed up to be our paparazzi and collected a few pictures....

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