Friday, May 29, 2009

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

This is an absolute joke. I didn't know there was a hub bub going around about the city parks not being mowed. However, just last week David and I continued to notice the lawns getting higher and higher. I even said, "The grass is getting out of hand in these parks. We have out of towners coming in and seeing this? I would donate my time to mow them." Then this goes and happens. I understand that he was wrong for not stopping when told to do so, and that the litter wasn't picked up first, however, getting arrested? Absolutely asinine. And "it's a liability"?? My ass! Yes, it's a motorized lawn mower and it's on city property. But it's his mower. Why wasn't there "liability" a year ago when David and I assisted in the underpass clean up? Same type of situation. I don't get worked up about stuff like this often, but this has got me going. I know this is a trying time in Sandusky. Most don't have much, or are feeling the crunch, but we still need to take pride in what we do have. It's unfortunate that those willing to take that step are prosecuted. I'm pissed.

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