Monday, June 01, 2009

Trade In

When looking at David and myself, I'd consider us in the category of decently healthy. We try our best to try to live healthy lives. We take vitamins, limit toxins if possible, to admit I love some junk food, but still, for the most part I think we do pretty darn well. With that being said, for some reason once David and I hit our 20's and our bodies started to fall apart. What's the deal?

I'd like to believe I'm pretty healthy, physically that is. Mentally, well, we won't go there. But then that kidney stone popped up. I've felt fine since my surgery. I'm also anxiously awaiting my followup appointment this Wednesday. Any insight into the cause will be greatly appreciated. I think what it will come down to is not staying hydrated. But I'm already not too keen on urinating once an hour....add fluids to that and things aren't too pretty. Hopefully (knock on wood) I won't have any health issues in the near future.

As for David, he started falling apart much sooner than me and has a list that goes on and on..... depression, acid reflux, sleep disorder, carpal tunnel, torn ACL, and then some. I'd like to thank the Marine Corps for his accelerated decline. Thankfully after his enlistment things started to get better. In addition, we both started to take better care of ourselves after his enlistment. It is true, no one can force you into a's all up to you.

Adding to this list, he's battled pain for the past years. It's hard for him to describe. It's a generalized constant pain. He's tried many things and finally gave in to allowing his mom to perform a massage on him. During the massage they were talking and a light bulb went off in their heads. David's mom has fibromyalgia, so does his sister.....could David have it too? His mom provided a book on the subject. It put into words what David's trying to describe for so long. He then pursued further information through our family doctor. Before diagnosing he went through a thorough workup. Everything turned up fine. So, according to the doctor, there's no definitive diagnosis for fibromyalgia, however, everything David states lines up with it. Although it's a relief to have an answer, it's still unsettling. This disease can be very frustrating and debilitating. In addition, we can't help but wonder if the Marine Corps misdiagnosed him years ago when he started to have the problems....meaning although he pursued diagnosis and treatment, his symptoms persisted with no relief. He is now on treatment in hopes of curbing the symptoms.

So here we are at the ages of 25 and 27 with health problems. In the scheme of things, it could be much worse. However, never did we think that at these ages would we have these problems. In addition, we never expected to have have bills totalling more than $3000 (in only 4 months) because of them (we're VERY thankful for insurance and also that we no longer have and HSA account....whew!) But it is what it is. Life will go on. And if anything, it will drive us to continue to be active in hopes of preventing future problems. If that doesn't work, we may just have to do what my mom and dad used to say.......we'll trade each other in for new models.

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