Saturday, June 27, 2009

Post Race Update

Run For The Young at Crocker Park was a great run. I highly recommend it for any local runners. It was a flat course through Crocker Park and the surrounding residential area. David and I did well. David's time has slipped since last year, but considering he hasn't run in awhile, not to mention run on a regular basis, he'll take it. As for me, let's just say I'm consistent. =) We had a cheering section with us today....Mom, Dad, and Ande' was in town, so she joined in.

Cassidy was pumped for her race. Unfortunately she had a mishap. She's perfectly fine but with all of the kids at the beginning of the race she ended up taking a tumble. She was a real trooper. We were able to get her to the finish line tent, get all cleaned and bandaged up, and get her medal. Hopefully this won't be her last (and only) race experience. We've already offered to find another one to participate in if she's interested, and left that decision up to her. And even if she's decided this wasn't her thing, that's okay, we can always choose another fun activity.

I have more pictures/video on our Flickr account but here are a few. And as you can see in the video below, Cassidy's in good spirits!

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