Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not A Fan

I'm not a fan of 1-800-Petmeds. There are a multitude of reasons why. I'm not going to go into it....too long and not worth it.

With that being said, they've been told multiple times that all communication with our office must be performed via fax. Even so, they sometimes call to authorize a prescription. I feel like a broken record, "All communication must be performed via fax...." Not a big deal, just annoying. However I do get a kick when they say, "I'm (insert name) a pharmacy technician with 1-800-Petmeds." Ha! I could be way wrong, but I'm guessing they surely are not pharmacy technicians. Basically they are customer service representatives at a call center, and have little, if any, contact with prescriptions. Once again, nothing big, just something that cracks me up.

Simple minds, simple pleasures? Eh, whatever.

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