Friday, June 26, 2009

Pre-Race Festivities

We picked Cass up today for some pre-race festivities. We started by hanging out at the 'rents house ti make sure we got to see Ande' while she was in town. Then headed back to our place for some carbo loading. We fixed spaghetti and garlic bread. Yum! While eating we jammed out to some Miley Cyrus.

After we let our tummies settle David took Cass out on her first scooter ride. David took her downtown for a bit and cruised around. Sounds like she really enjoyed the ride.

Then Cass wanted to make a dancing video, so she chose a couple songs while I videotaped them. She's a hoot. We have plans to choreograph a music video sometime this summer. I have a feeling she's going to dance me into the ground!

We took her back to the 'rents to settle in for the night. David surprised us with Cotton Candy Confetti ice cream (both Cass and my favorite!) and we watched some of the Princess Protection Program movie for a bit before calling it a night. We'll be starting out early tomorrow. Hopefully we'll all have a good time and get a few pics of the experience.

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Jillian said...

What adorable videos! That looks like something Jacki and I did when we were little. Nice work, Cass! :)