Friday, June 19, 2009

Run For The Young

David and I have recently been making an attempt to be more involved in our nieces' and nephew's lives. David and I do not want to have children of our own (post on that later), however we would like to be a part of the children's' lives that are around us.

One of the ideas we pushed around was seeing if Cassidy would be interested in running a race with us. Of course we weren't expecting her to run a 5K but we were on the lookout for a race that also included a kids fun run. I was glad to find one and decided to see if she'd be interested. I presented the idea to her and she said, "ok." She didn't seem to waiver one way or the other. I didn't forget about the idea but the date of the race came closer and closer. Then this week Nana (my mom) brought her over so she could "ask a question." The first thing she said, "When's the marathon we're running?" Too cute. After explaining that it wasn't a marathon, I said, "You're really interested? It's next weekend. Let's sign up."

So we're all signed up and ready to run the Run For The Young next weekend. I know I'm excited and I'm sure she's too. According to the site she'll even get a shirt and trophy. That along with the sign Nana's making should make for a positive, fun, and entertaining experience. (It's been almost a year since our last official 5K).

We're looking forward to spending time with our nieces and nephew this summer. Hopefully, this is just a start.

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