Friday, June 19, 2009

My Motivator

I got up this morning and must admit I wanted to turn around, hop back into bed, bypass running today, and sleep for another hour. But thanks to Viking I didn't. I looked over to him, he stood on his back legs and gave me a "high five," as if saying, "Ready to run mama? Let's go!" He put a smile on my face and gave me enough motivation to run out the door. Morning runs are always so's dark out and no one around. But today was even more special, we had a lightning and rumbling thunder storm going on around us, but no rain. I love it. Viking usually gets anxious with thunder but he didn't seem to be bothered and we went on our way.. Everyone got their run and walk in before it started to sprinkle, which lead to rain. I'm thankful I ran and even more thankful for Viking.

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Mark Roth said...

He's my buddy too. Viking is a wonderful dog.