Saturday, June 20, 2009

Playing 'Possum

Is it sad that I can identify which dog vomited depending on how the vomit looks and where it's located in the house? Meh, maybe. But hey, it's ok, I'm a vet tech ;)

In other gross news. I let Spencer out this morning to do his business, went downstairs to do some laundry, then I heard David yelling, "Spencer! SPENCER!! DROP!!!!" I ran upstairs to find Spencer had dropped what he was holding on to and was coming in the back door. I asked, "What's going on?" only to look outside and see a dead opossum in our yard. Gah! Don't really care that we had a dead animal in the backyard, but my vet tech side went into drive to think, "what things can Spencer acquire from this exposure?" Thankfully he didn't chomp into the opossum. It looks like he was just carrying it, so more than likely if anything, it'd be tapeworms. Fun eh? I can deal with that. Easy diagnosis and easy treatment.

We watched the opussum for a bit, making sure he wasn't playing 'possum, but he wasn't moving. We went about feeding the kids, and 5 minutes later David says. "Well, either he was playing 'possum or a bird got him. He's gone." Ha! Dunno. Either way, he's no longer in our backyard.

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