Saturday, June 20, 2009

Meet Elwood

With Father's Day right around the corner David and I have been wracking our brains to figure out what to give my dad. No offense to him, but he's the hardest guy to buy for. I think I'll have an excellent idea, get all pumped to give it to him, and then it's a buzzkill. It's not like he doesn't like the item, it's just that he's not over flamboyant with his reactions and most times it's hard to surprise him.

We thought we had it narrowed down to an idea until David walked in and said, "I got an idea for your dad. Let's get him a frog." I have no idea why, but as long as I can remember my dad has had a fascination with frogs. He has statues, figurines, and even now his Twitter name, "Froggy." David wasn't even finished saying it when I forced a, "NO! No way!" That was until David worked on me for a bit. I kid you not, David needs to go on Survivor. Not only does he get along with EVERYONE, but he can get anyone to believe anything. No joke. I knew my mom would absolutely kill me, but I went ahead with David's plan. We made several trips to multiple stores (yeah, like 3 times to each store) and got it all planned out. We purchased everything, set up the little guy (or girl ??), and then headed to the 'rents. I think they were quite surprised, eh?

My mom says to dad, "Honey, I bet you're the only dad that got a frog for Father's Day." And dad replied, "You never know....." then sheepishly added, "I bet you're right." We won't leave them high and dry....we're planning on assisting with the care of the frog. If it's as exciting as trying to place him in the terrarium, it should be fun (He darn near hopped out, thankfully I had the lid as closed as possible for that reason.) So without further ado, I give you "Elwood" =)

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