Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stood Up

You know how I said that I would never have to worry about Viking standing me up for a run? Boy, was I wrong. This morning it took him forever to come to me to get his harness on. Then once I got it on I felt like I was trying to drag him out the door. He was too cute. He just wasn't up for it today. He must have known it was already 80 degrees outside and I'd be sweating the moment I walked outside. He's no dumb dog. I unhooked him and let him go about his morning nap and went on my run alone.

After my run I came back to the house to grab Lily and Spencer for their short jaunt. Viking was ready to go then. So all 4 of us took a nice quiet stroll down to the Sandusky Bay, got a good look at Cedar Point, then headed home.

So even though I started my morning out alone I was still able to spend a few moments with all of my puppers together. What an excellent way to start my day.

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