Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Veg Out

Just the other day I realized my 1 year anniversary for becoming a lacto-ovo vegetarian passed. Believe it or not it's not something that I don't think about too often. It's become second nature, and thankfully from the get go I never really had issues with the transition. As always, I do wish I was more adventurous in the kitchen, so that I'd try different things. But given that I wasn't much of a chef before the transition, it most definitely isn't going to happen now. Maybe in time.

Surprisingly when we go out to eat it's not me that worries about what I'm going to eat, but the others in the group. I just remind them that there will always be something to eat. If they are really concerned I make sure to scope out the menu if available on the website. Got to love the Internet. The transition was also easier given that I have a pretty simple palate. Remember, I'm the girl that still loves spaghettios, and I'm just as content with a grilled cheese. Hey, give me a break.

One "downfall" is the small bit of weight gain. Previously I was able to cut out carbs and drop weight like nothing. Now cutting carbs is near impossible. However, I think I can also contribute weight gain to not running as many miles as last year. Meh, it's not a big deal. I'm content with where I am. If weight gain is the one downfall, it's worth it. I'm still thrilled with my choice.

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