Thursday, June 18, 2009


I got home from work today and wanted to make something for dinner, so I went with the simple spaghetti bit. I had everything ready on our gas stove, tried to get the burner to light, but no go. I could hear the gas and the clicking but it didn't light. Sometimes this will happen and I just use a torch flame thingy to light it. However, this time it wasn't working. I was thinking, "What the hell?" until a flame caught my eye and another burner was flaming. Most definitely, I had been trying the wrong knob. Not a big deal, eh? Well, it is when one of your kitchen towels is resting on the burner that's lit. Yeah, that flame I saw wasn't just the burner, but a towel going up in flame. Thankfully I didn't react like I did years ago when I put foil in the microwave.....just stared at the flame and said, "Fire....Fire!....FIRE!!!!" until mom came a comin'. This time I started with, "Shit....Shit!....SHIT!!!" along with grabbing the towel and throwing it into the sink soaking it with water. At the same time I could hear David saying, "I'm coming! I'm coming!" Now what the hell was he going to do?? Maybe grab our fire extinguisher or something? (yes, we have one of those) All is fine now. Dinner was made and served, and the house is aired out. But this just gave me another reason to stay out of the kitchen. For real. It definitely gave us a laugh.

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Jan said...

Reminds me of years ago, back in the day when you had to sterilize all of the baby bottles and nipples. I set the pot on the stove and walked away so the water had time to boil. Unfortunately I forgot the water part. Soon I could smell the rubber burning. We didn't have a fire but sure stunk the place up. It took weeks to get rid of the smell. Also had to get new bottles and nipples. Funny now but not so much back then.