Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ah, the new luggage smell

Okay, it's not really new luggage but give me a break. It was mighty nice cutting the tags off of the luggage we received almost 5 years ago. Yes, believe it or not we have never used the luggage we received for our wedding since we've never gone on vacation. And now that it's been through 4 moves (without being used) the time has come and the tags are off! The personalized Disney tags are attached and ready to go. Can you tell I'm already packed? Just waiting for David....of course I've got tons of other stuff to do around the house. You know I can't come home to a dirty home. Spic and Span, that's the way it must be.


Anonymous said...

I am getting excited along with you. The weather is going to start warming up on Sunday and I know you will have a WONDERFUL time.
Grandma Q

Jan said...

Just remember to take tons of pictures so we can all see how much fun you had. Are you going to try to get on stage??