Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's Officially Here

Yep, that's right. My hairstyle has entered the awkward stage. I can't seem to do anything with it and it just wants to be in whatever way it wants to be. Very frustrating. However, I continue to tell myself, "I really want long hair. I want to donate this for a good cause. No matter what I have to go through this stage." I just wish I could wear a hat everyday. It'd put less stress on my hair (no blowdrying, curling) and less stress on me. And I love hats, especially when they fit. Yeah, I have this issue with finding hats that fit me. Just as with jeans and everything else. I always find hats I love but they are way to huge. I've even started looking at kids hats. Anyway, before we left on our trip it was my mission to find a hat. Within 12 hours of leaving I finally found something. Sweet. Then another one. Then when we were in Disney I found another one. Say what? What did I do to deserve this?! I've been looking for one of those "military" style hats, but every one I find is huge or the adjuster thing has to be made super tight in order to fit, making the hat look ridiculous. One I found here was a military style and was slightly large, and the one from Disney is almost perfect. It does have an adjuster, but doesn't look crazy. And then my 3rd hat is from PacSun and has a Star Wars/gangster/bonnet feel to it. But anyway, I was excited. So right now that's all I want to do. Wear my hats and just be free. Today was my day off and I wore a hat. But tomorrow I must work which means the hair will be "done". Bummer. I think I may start taking some vitamins in hopes that the hair grows faster. At least to get me out of this stage. Just you wait, soon enough I'll be complaining that it takes too long to do my hair. Hey, I say let's just buzz it and be done with it. Sound good to you? I don't think my boss would be very thrilled with that. Being a female, isn't it fun???

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