Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dreams Do Come True

All right. It’s Sunday afternoon and I have a few moments to jot down some stuff. Disney’s definitely a magical place. And I had many of those moments where my eyes filled with tears and had to ask myself, “Am I really here?” It’s just amazing. And I must say I was in my most relaxed state I’ve been in a LONG time. Couldn’t find the Magical Express booth at the airport and when we did the line was huge. That’s fine. It went real fast. We didn’t get the room we wanted with a king bed. No problem. Have crying kids on the bus. Whatever. Our cards got inactivated and we couldn’t get into the park. We’re not in a hurry. And that was only within the first hour of us arriving. Ah it’s nice to be relaxed and going with the flow. Why can’t I always be like that? We headed immediately over to the Magic Kingdom and right onto Pirates. It was awesome. Now mind you, I loved the ride before. But it’s definitely cool with the new additions. We were lucky multiple times by either getting right on and/or getting the front seats on rides. Space Mountain was definitely fun. Hearing David scream in the dark was hilarious. Then I got my turn up front and totally understood why he was screaming like a girl. Needless to say we rode Pirates and Space Mountain 3 times each during our stay. During the first day we caught the “Dreams Come True” Parade. It was my first teary-eyed experience of our trip. That was awesome and we ended up catching that a couple more times during our stay also. Afterwards we wanted to go to Downtown Disney. In order to do so we had to go back to a resort to catch a bus (there isn’t one from the Magic Kingdom). So we hopped on the first one that arrived and ended up heading the Old Key West Resort. Then come to find out we would have to take a boat ride instead of a bus ride to Downtown. We ended up being the only people on the boat and that was a very nice, unexpected experience. Those were a few highlights of our first day. The rest of our trip had many highlights too. Including having perfect timing for the opening of Epcot and not even trying to. Having wonderful meals with our Dining Plan. We ate at Mexico, China, Italy, and the ESPN Club just to name a few. It’s a great plan that I would highly recommend for anyone. You each get one counter service meal (includes drink, entrée, and dessert), 1 snack (many choices to choose from), and then 1 table service meal (includes drink, appetizer, entrée, and dessert) per day. Considering we never get dessert and we hardly ever get an appetizer, let alone our own. And oftentimes we even share meals. At times I felt that all we were doing was eating and felt full all the time. We got to each of the parks and got on all the attractions that we wanted to and saw everything we wanted to. We got to see all of the night attractions at each of the parks from parades to fireworks, etc. Not having to wake up to an alarm each day. Not having a set schedule. Even trying to go out to eat and getting caught in a downpour was fun. We ended up going back to the hotel room and ordered a pizza. It was a nice night in. They had a channel that had all the old cartoons from when we were young. That was fun and great to reminisce. I can’t believe how many cartoons I remember. Something that was definitely made clear was that we still do not want to have children. Having just 2 people was Heaven compared to what we were seeing around us. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I must say I missed my kids in Ohio though. Thanks Mom and Dad for taking care of them. I feel as though this post is so unorganized, but at this time that’s how my mind is with everything that has happened within the past week. It’s as though it’s going a mile a minute remembering what happened that it’s so hard to put into words. All I know is that I’m smiling and our first vacation was well worth the wait. I’m ready to plan the next one!

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Sounds like you guys had fun!