Friday, December 29, 2006

Trying To Get In My Head

Anyone else been reading about Saddam Hussein? I don't now why but ever since they announced the ruling has been upheld I've been drawn to anything that pops up on the yahoo/msn sites. Then I just pulled up the internet to find that about 7 minutes ago it will be within hours. It's just weird to me. Something I can't put into words very well. Does he deserve it? Yeah. But it's just weird. My mind goes round and round. At times I think he should have to wait and rot and think of all the things he's done. But he's one of those that just doesn't get it. And would never come around to those types of thoughts. Not to mention he'd be a huge security threat at all times. And also I think to myself that the world is answering his barabaric behavior with barbaric behavior almost as though it's ok. But then I think he should have to go through it since he put so many others through it. Then I think, "what is going to go wrong." I know it's so stupid to think about stuff like that but that's what I'm thinking. Originally he was to pass from US hands to Iraqi hands. Supposedly that has happened. But I still think, what if someone on the other side wants to help him and lets him lose. Then I think, "there's going to be an attack." or "something bad is going to happen." Now I know there are many theories about 9/11 and if he was or wasn't involved and in all honestly I don't feel one way or the other, but the thought of "what if" enters my mind. I know there are people out there that say that the US helped him become the dictator he was. I dunno. I think he would've gotten there without our help. That's just a guess though. I could be wrong about this but my understanding is that he hasn't even been tried for everything he's been accused of. I guess if you think about it, going through all of the ins and outs would be pointless as everyone knows he's guilty and it would be a waste of time. Haven't you ever wanted to get into someone's head? He'd be interesting. And definitely scary at the same time. Maybe too scary. Speaking of scary....this post is crazy. As you can see my head is going round and round and round and......sometimes I'd just like my mind to stop.

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