Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh no. Christmas Cards.

So Monday is here and at this point I'm ready for a countdown. I have Wednesday off and I took Friday off to get things in order to leave early Saturday morning. Every site I look at has a different forcast. One has it being sunny with 77 degrees the other 72 with a slight chance of rain. At this point I'll take either considering it's only 21 degrees as we speak and I finally broke out the long johns. Oh yes I did. I'm not crazy. I've also started Zicam and Vitamin C. No big reason...just covering all the bases. I must say for the past 24 hours though my tummy has been swirling about. Not sure what's up with that. I'm figuring it's due to whatever I'm eating but I don't feel as though I have eaten that much. And I definitely know I've eaten enough. I know it will pass. We got some Christmas shopping done this weekend. I think all we have left is the two dad's, Sita, and David. I already know about Sita's gift, it's just getting it together. The dad's are always one of the hardest to buy for. And then you have David who has a million things on his "list" which all start at about $50-$100 a pop. Take that times 5-7 items. Not happening. He's trying to figure out something for me. I must say I'm definitely hard to buy for. The way I feel about gifts is that I'd rather give than receive. And that's truly how I feel. For instance if I'm out shopping. I'm more apt to find something for mom or something. I guess it also says that I'm a picky shopper too. I just don't like to settle on things. I feel as though I have all I need and it's really got to grab me in order for me to get it. Sometimes I just feel so wasteful when I look into my closet or drawers. At the same time I have to hope I don't need to dress up for anything. Because my wardrobe is basically scrubs, t-shirts, and jeans. Anyway, I can't help David in giving him any ideas for me because right now I'm at a loss myself. He'll figure it out. He's always creative. I finally broke down and got Christmas cards yesterday. I always have said I'll never send Christmas cards out. But we've started receiving them from our neighbors. That puts us in an odd position. And considering they were the ones who brough cookies over last year too I figured I'd better step it up. I gotta be honest with all of you though. I just can't send them out to people. I'll probably do a few neighbors and that's it. I think it's kind of pointless especially when you don't even write in them. I feel as though I'm killing a tree and not to mention wasting postage and the postman's time. I love the idea of the "generic" letter. Where you place it in the card. Because that gives everyone an idea of what has happened in your life throughout the year. But at this point I can't say anything that exciting has happened and I definitely can't place that in our neighbor's cards because they'd have no idea what I was talking about (we know them, but not that well.) Anyway, please don't expect a card from us. You know we love you all. But let's face it, I don't have the time, the money, and for me to sum up an entire year in a paragraph or two is impossible, let alone trying to make it interesting for everyone to care about is impossible too. However, I must say we had a good time looking at the cards. They are all so pretty. Very hard to choose. And since we aren't sending that many out I went for the nicer ones. Very elegant. Whatever. Add it to my list of things to do this week. Better get to work now. Hope everyone has a joyous Monday.

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