Monday, April 07, 2008

My Next Car

I have found my next car. The Smart Car. I was never a huge fan of the small cars until I got my Aveo. Now, I love 'em. I'm sure people think they are God awful ugly and aren't too safe. I hear you, but it still doesn't stop me from liking them. They've been in Europe for years and they've made their way to America and even to our town. Back to the Aveo, I do wish I waited one more year to get my Aveo as I think they're a much better looking car now, but ah well. I call my car "The Skate." If I were to get the Smart Car, it'd be even smaller than a skate, it'd be a Heely! Not enough room to parallel park, just do a little turn. How cool is that?

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Syd said...

Put your $99 where your mouth is. There's a waiting list now. I put mine down in March 2007 and have been driving my Smart for two months.

It's amazing. I go on and on at

The Smart is a rolling party.