Sunday, August 02, 2009

Not Just Another Day

As I get older I find holidays aren't as "special" as before. It's not that they don't mean anything, it's just like you wake up and think, "meh, it's another day." Friday was my (and mom's) was just another day.....or so I thought. The day didn't get exciting until nighttime. We went out to dinner to Marconi's and mom said, "Don't have dessert...I already have something at home." Being a smart ass, I said, "Well, what if I don't want that?" I didn't think it'd be anything special since Sita said she was going to make a cake for Saturday. When we got home, did I get some surprises. First, David had made me a cardboard card. Over the past year we decided not to buy any cards anymore. Cards are nice, but for $4 and a waste of tree, not that nice. Sorry Hallmark, but there will be no more official cards in our home. It was the sweetest card and probably one of the best I've ever received in my life. In addition I had a single pink rose. We are also not flower people....they tend to die within days of purchase so it's just not something we do. So a flower totally caught me off guard. And lastly from David, a juicer. We had been debating the purchase of a juicer and David happened across an excellent and unexpected deal that he couldn't pass up.

I was giddy from excitement. That's when Mom, Dad, Sita, and Alpa arrived......with an Aunt Tonya Cake? WHAT?! OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY! I was jumping for joy. People know from previous posts that I love me some Aunt Tonya Cake. Aunt Tonya isn't really an Aunt, but our family has been friends for years and she has been known as my Aunt Tonya for years. I used to go over her house and eat spoonfuls or her frosting. I even had "my spoon" over her house. It's not really a spoon, more like a flat ladle. I have been unable to get a cake from her for a couple of years given she is totally booked in the summer months for weddings. Yes, she is that amazing. This year was no different. My mom had decided to not even attempt to call and ask. But she did call and attempt to get a cup of her frosting for me. That's when she found out that Aunt Tonya had already penciled me in last year, for a cake this year. Of course my mom didn't tell me this. So I was surprised when the sweet smell of Aunt Tonya cake entered my house Friday night. I couldn't wait to dig in.
Mom and Dad also surprised me with a new Weedeater. Yes! I've been hand edging my lawn all summer with hedge shears. Needless to say it takes forever and by the time I'm done my hand is cramping. I'm truly thankful for this gift.

We finished the night by heading to Fridays for a Sangria.

Ahhh, what an unexpected excellent day. Thank you Dad, Sita, Alpa, David, and the kids for sharing it with me. And Mom, as always thank you for sharing your birthday with me. Love you.

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