Monday, August 31, 2009


I've been so into reading the past month and I love it. When I graduated high school reading novels was the furthest thing from my mind. Entering college my nose was always stuck in a book. Unfortunately it was never "fun" stuff. After graduating college and passing my boards I revisited reading fiction and found what I've been missing for several years. Boy, I missed it. Sometimes I go through phases and won't read a book for a month or so, but when I find a nitch, I'm as happy as can be. I'll admit I loved the Twilight series (enough to read them 3 far), but that's not where it's ended. I appreciate some good Chick Lit too. I'm not into too heavy of stories given that reading is my escape. Yes, I like fluff. At the same time I like some historical pieces. I will admit that I don't give books much of a chance though. I give it 50-100 pages and if I'm not "feeling it" it's tabled. This past month I've been reading like it's going out of style. I'll finish a book every few days. Man, if I was young and enrolled in Book-It I'd be eating a lot of pizza! Once again, they're light reads, but I'm plowing through books faster than ever. Thankfully I get some excellent coupons from Borders and purchase a lot of books through, but if I run into a time when I'm bookless, either waiting for a coupon or used book to arrive, I about lose my mind. Yes, I could go to the library. I know the library is an excellent resource, but I often have issues with the books. Don't ask....I'm weird. I'll resell my books online, so it's not a total loss.

My recent book was Shiver. It has some Twilight undertones but it is it's own story. It's simple, but at the same time made me do some thinking after finishing. Thankfully with the Twilight series I was able to read right through them all since I was late to the party. Unfortunately this is a new release and the next book in the series isn't slated to be released until Fall 2010. Gah! Ah well. I'm sure I can find something else to read in the meantime.

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