Monday, August 17, 2009

Twilight Through David

David and I were riding the scooter yesterday. He said, "I have an idea.....We should have someone videotape us on the scooter. You'll hold on tight and I'll move my legs real fast like I'm running. We'll then use software to somehow "remove" the scooter from the scene....and it will look like I'm Edward, running with you on my back." Hilarious. You'll have to have seen Twilight to understand this and like it in order for this to be funny. But it did crack me up. This isn't the first time David has referenced Twilight...not to mention the first time on the scooter. Another time I was told, "You better hold on tight spider monkey....." Oh how I love him so.


Jen said...

That made me laugh out loud! Are you counting down to November 10th?

Heidi said...

Glad I made you laugh =) Most definitely counting down! I have a date with my cousin's wife, cousin, and David.