Monday, January 08, 2007


I got to side with Jacki on this one. College football can be depressing. Hey, anything can be depressing for that matter. I just look to the brighter side of things and see what we've done to get where we are. Thanks for a memorable season Buckeyes. Thank you for being inspirations to so many individuals. Great job Gators. Very impressive. I will always be a proud Buckeye wherever I go, no matter what happens. And with anything, there is always tomorrow and the future to look forward to. You never know what will happen...exciting isn't it??

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erika said...

Hi Heidi. I haven't commented in awhile, but I do read your blog every day, and since it's International Blog Delurking Week I wanted to check in. Your Disney pictures are great. I had to show Kade your Pirates ones - he's a Jack Sparrow in the making. Keep blogging and I'll talk to you soon!