Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In Search Of A Truck

Ah well. The Saints lost. What's new? All of "my" teams have been losing lately. However, I am glad the Colts won. It's been a longtime coming for Peyton. And I must say that I will be rooting for the Colts in the Super Bowl. Maybe I shouldn't even say that on here, in hopes that it doesn't jinx them.

David's on a new kick recently. He wants to get rid of his Alero and get an old truck. I think it makes sense. Since he now has a work van all he needs is a back up car that can get him from here to there if need be. It'd be great to get a lower payment by trading his in and getting a less expensive vehicle. The only thing is it needs to be in decent shape so we're not dumping loads on money into it all the time. And at this point I don't think we'd get an even trade-in for his car and the amount we still owe. We'd have to see. We're trying to find an actual dealership that will accept a trade. Because I don't think a dealership would be quite happy to trade something in and not make a sale on a new vehicle. I don't even think they'd allow us to do that. Meaning, it'd be hard for us at this time to sell it to the dealership and go buy an old truck from an individual up the street. I'll keep you posted...

Not much else is going on. Just day to day things. I've begun working ahead in my schoolwork. As of now I'm done through week 4 in my one class and I'm up to date in the other. (we're in week 2). That class will be what I focus on the next few days in hopes of getting ahead. Time to finish getting ready for work. Have a wonderful day!

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